#PrimeDay Gaming Deals

Prime Day Gaming Deals

This is what we live for, right? Deals on games we didn’t really want to buy, but as soon as they go on sale we buy them up to store them on our shelves or hard drives and stare at them contently knowing we have them should we ever want to play them. Don’t even try to deny it.

Prime Day started off slow and I wasn’t sure we would see anything worth writing about, but then the Lightning Deals started happening and now I’m staring at Amazon compulsively waiting for the deals to roll in.

So far here’s what we’ve found.

The Order 1866 Collector’s Edition – $19.99 (Normally $60)

Destiny Limited Edition -$39.99 (Normally $99.99)

Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited (Xbox One) - $34.99 (Normally $60)

Update @ 4:15pm PT

StarCraft Collector’s Edition Risk goes on sale at 6:00pm PT

500GB PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle + Final Fantasy Type 0 + PlayStation Plus – Lightning Sale at 5:00pm PT

Continual Updates coming throughout the day. Please share any deals you find on gaming, entertainment or tech related products!

  • I heard a lot of people were disappointed with Prime Day. I think they just need to play more video games!

    There were some unreal expectations. People wanted deals to always be available rather than lightning deals but then they wanted those deals to always be in stock despite having millions of people potentially buying those items. Logistically impossible. People wanted the entire site to be like 75% off which obviously would never happen.

    I didn’t and won’t get anything since I have no money to spare on things I don’t need. I think there were some good deals, especially on those games but I also think they may have hyped this up a bit too much.

  • I’d have to say that the deals were pretty awful. They had a great opportunity for people to build out their Prime libraries, but instead focused on clearing their excess inventory and all of the crap they have taking up way to much room in their warehouse.

    It is so hard to browse their goods in that carousel format also. Take a page from Walmart/Bestbuy or Print media and display your goods in an interesting manner. I’ve seen “sales” that are a dollar off. Why not give me a 10% coupon to use that day on any item that has been on my wishlist for two weeks? Up to X dollars. They have so much potential to make that a better sale that is more personalized to their customers, but instead its just a junk dump.

    I don’t care about waterproof iphone 3s cases that you’re selling for 5 bucks, or Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro, 4-Blade that is 40% off. You have my selling buying history and viewing data. Give me a board game or something!

    I feel that Amazon just damaged their brand by advertising something that they didn’t deliver. I was expecting a “Thank You” for being a Prime member. Instead I got a garage sale, that is going to be touted as a reason why they are increasing the cost next year. I can see the tagline now, “We’ve had to raise prices so that we can continue to bring you such great deals like Prime Day!”

    I guess what leaves such a bad taste in my mouth is that, I wasn’t expecting it, then they did this huge media blitz that blew it way out of proportion. Which gave me unrealistic expectations and now I’m disappointed, where as if I didn’t even know about this day then I wouldn’t even care.

  • There were a few great deals. I think the Destiny and Order 1866 deals were great. They had a few great deals on some board games (Some still coming up like the Star Craft collectors Risk and other neat stuff) and headphones my wife wants, as well as a few bigger ticket items for non-enthusiast pc/gamers.

    Overall though? Yeah, it was like Amazon’s garage sale. I haven’t spent a dime yet. Was wait-listed on everything and didn’t get a copy.

  • I read many books from Amazon each year, most on the kindle, and I’ve completely dodged this whole prime thing so far. I guess I just figured it would start as a basic subscription and the next thing I knew it would be rivaling my 200 bucks a month cable bill. And I only watch about 6 channels!

  • Utilized sale for a few good opportunities:
    – “Free” gift cards on various opportunities for buying house hold items through them.
    – Also $45 worth of gift cards for $30.
    – Had been looking into the Kindle Unlimited subscription, and it was 40% off for 2 years yesterday.
    – Finally own the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended + all bonus features) $30.
    – Decent deals on gaming mice and bluetooth headsets.
    – Crucial SSDs – Been using one for a year, works great. So bought another.

    As for the subscription prices:
    – Kindle Unlimited includes many college text books.
    – Amazon Prime includes a lot of bonuses if you are willing to forgo the 2 day shipping. Currently, I think I have $20 in entertainment I can spend, and $30 for home improvement/whatever else they list for this category. So figure I if I find good deals I need from them, I’ve saved a good portion on the prime membership itself. 🙂