Prime Day Deals

Prime Day

Last year’s Prime Day sucked. It was  mostly a digital garage sale of things no one really wanted anyway. This year, there’s always the hope things will be different.

I’m watching Prime Day for a few items. I haven’t see any video game deals that I’ll jump at yet, but there are quite a few board games. My short list:

Lost Cities
Sheriff of Nottingham
The Castles of Burgundy
Escape: The Curse of the Temple

While watching the list, I did notice something that always bothers me. Lost Cities was $27 last night. Today’s deal showed it 50% off. WoW, what a deal! Except it was really only $6 off. The 50% off was off the list price that Amazon hasn’t been charging in a long time. Amazon is making the deals look deceptively bigger. That’s not cool.

I picked up Lost Cities anyway. $6 off is still $6 saved on a game I was going to buy anyway.  I’m watching the other games on my list as well as video games. If you see any great deals, definitely share.