So long, Ads!

You may (or may not) have noticed something is a little different around here…

I removed all of the advertising from the blog last week. When I first introduced ads, I decided that they would only exist for as long as their value outweighed their inherent annoyances.

This blog was never about making money. I can make plenty on my other sites. A gaming blog is not an efficient place to do it. My goal with running ads here was always to simply pay server expenses. Since I can do that simply with affiliate links, I don’t need the ads. I use affiliate links to Amazon whenever it makes sense. You may notice sometimes my reviews contain an affiliate link. For example, I really liked Uncharted 4, so in my review at the bottom is a link to Amazon.

Don’t assume every link is an affiliate link, though. Many things are not available on Amazon. I’ve decided as of this moment the only affiliate links will be to Amazon. Sometimes I may put a little flag next to the link if I feel it’s justified. For example: “I’m pretty much exclusively spending my time playing Legion (aff link) these days.”

Refresher on how affiliate links work: When you click on them, we get a percentage of what you end up buying within a 24 hour window. It’s pretty much that simple. So if you click on our links and shop on Amazon (which I do for most things these days) then you support the blog and don’t have to spend anything extra to do so.

Thanks for continuing to support us by being a reader! Hard to believe in just a few months we’ll hit our 10 year anniversary.