Keen the Bard of Ragefire


EverQuest Ragefire server actually launched yesterday! I was wearing my lucky EverQuest shirt so it was a sure thing. Servers came up a little later than expected (4 hours) but after that I was able to get in right away and experience no issues for the next 3 hours until I had to get to bed.

I successfully rolled my Wood Elf Bard named Keen! I normally fuss a lot over stats, but since I wanted my name and wanted to get in the game I just tossed points equally in DEX and CHA. DEX and CHA both influence note misses, and CHA influences the charm and mez success rates or something like that. Honestly, if you’re currently worried about stats — don’t. In most cases they make only a slight difference in classic, and much less later on.

Starting off in Greater Faydark was rough. The zone I started in was packed, so I decided to test out the /pickzone command to find an instance of GFay with less people. It worked for about 10 minutes until all available zones were at 70+ people, which means it was packed anywhere you go. Felt nice playing with so many people, but fighting over skeletons was a struggle.

I managed to reach level 3 rather quickly. The push to level 4 was a little more difficult since mob density was low and I was having to kill mostly blue and whites with the occasional yellow. I emphasized skeletons for the bone chips and when I hit level 4 and 60 bone chips I ran to Kaladim where I turned them all in for some armor and another 1.5 levels. Level 5.5 wasn’t bad for 3 hours of work!

Our Gaming Community is really active in EQ! I was really happy to meet a few new faces and get to chat with new people on ventrilo. We’re all planning to meet up today and gain some levels camping mobs. I think we can manage to get several more levels today and then hopefully be hitting dungeons by the weekend.

I’m getting questions about what classes we need most. Right now we do not have any particular class needs. I recommend playing what you enjoy because you never know who is going to stick around. Today we might have a lot of Shamans, but in a month there may be none.  If you’re interested in joining us for EQ, stop by our forums or hop on Ventrilo.

  • Apparently there isn’t an AFK time out condition. As a result, players aren’t logging out and the server is not allowing new connections.

  • I tried logging in at 8 AM this morning Mountain time. It was maxed out and not accepting logins. If I couldn’t get in at 8 AM on a weekday, I am thinking there will no such luck getting in at all this whole weekend. Maybe longer. Such a shame.

  • There is a probelm with AFKers not getting timed out. They claim there is solution coming.

    These issues will get smoothed out and the server will be fine in a couple of days. I am surprised Daybreak did not realize AFKing would be an issue.

  • God is that game ugly…

    No offense meant, but I tried to get into EQ a couple of years ago once, and just couldn’t stand it.

  • Well yeah but it was good in 1997 or whatever. Only nostalgia can make us overlook it really. But then again there were MUDs that had no graphics at all and were fun.

  • Happy to be eating my words. Once they started kicking afkers and implemented the queue system I was able to get on a few times this weekend without having to wait too long. Almost 8 now on my pally and having fun!