Less than 24 hours until Ragefire! (Maybe)

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Tomorrow is the big day! Ragefire, the newest EverQuest progression server, will launch and usher in a new era of EverQuest excitement. Okay, so maybe it isn’t that big of a deal. I’m still really excited.

I have the whole day planned out. I’ll come home early from work, sit at my computer, realize the servers aren’t up and probably won’t be up for hours, sit there refreshing like crazy, then finally get in and realize even though the newbie zones are instanced the mobs are still being blown up the second they spawn. Just lost old times…

All joking seriousness aside, I’m excited to be playing a MMORPG again; even if it’s just an EverQuest progression server. This feels like a new MMO to me. I haven’t played an MMO since the launch of WildStar, and I already know this one won’t let me down.

I’m rolling a Wood Elf Bard. I plan to play in Gfay from 1-8’ish, maybe hit up some Crushbone, then meet up with guildies in Butcher Block for some goblins. Where we go from there I haven’t a clue. I will definitely be posting some detailed adventure logs and screenshots of the adventure. If nothing else, I want to catalog these memories. I don’t have any of my old EQ screenshots — Not making that mistake again.

The Keen and Graev Community is coming back in full force after a hiatus from MMOs. We’ll be forming a guild with one goal in mind: Have fun. We’re not raiders or looking for hardcore people intending on six boxing. We aren’t for the people looking for a super structured environment.  We’re resurrecting the “family guild” approach and introducing a whole new way to get involved in our community. Want a group of like-minded fun people to play with? Join us.

Will you be playing on Ragefire?

  • Part of me REALLY wants to play ragefire, but the other part of me realizes; It is vital that I give up MMOs for the time being.

    But that is so hard…. Life would just be so simpler if I could just shake the urge to play MMOs…

  • @Table: I’ll be honest… this past year with no MMO was really great. I feel like I’ve gone through a cleanse. I’m all about what I want now, and I have a better understanding. I’ve also been able to come to terms with the idea that I don’t have to try and be the best or play the way I’m told I have to. I know it’ll be a life-long challenge to maintain this mindset, but man it’s liberating. I think this will be a nice way to ease back in for me.

  • I’ll def be starting off. Excited to see how the server plays out. I consider myself a hardcore casual player, hehe. I like to accomplish the most I’m capable of, but never take things too seriously or stress out.

    I’ll be rolling a troll shaman, and likely leveling in oasis thru the teens.

    Wish there was some more information on the exact server launch. But, this would not feel like a really MMO launch without chaos and uncertainty surrounding it!

  • After a close to 4 decade video game obsession I haven’t played one in about a year and it’s odd how right that feels. Kinda good really.

    I could relapse at any time but probably not to an instanced, xp selling, “classic” EQ.

    I hope…

  • Really, really tempted to hop in on this. There isn’t anything current in terms of MMOs that I’m really in the mood for right now, so a revisit here could be quite nice. Might grab some friends and have a go. Just gotta figure out what class to play as now.

  • Should I give this game a chance? I’m 19 but the graphics look “ugh” to me, but if the game is as deep as ya say should I play it? I’m willing to overlook any a flaws an MMO has as long as it’s actually fun.

  • I say at least give it a try. The game is very deep. You have lots of freedom in the game as well. Even if you end up not liking it, which is totally fine, it will give you a valuable look into where your games today came from.

  • I am really tempted to jump in. I do not have much time lately to play a lof of games so I am not sure I want to replay an old game rather then try something new.

    That being said, I have an SOE account already so it would not hurt to try it out for a few days. No idea what class I would like to try. I played mostly a ranger and pali back in the day.

  • @XMS1997: You were 4 when the game came out. I personally think it’s awesome. I actually like the graphics over much of the new stuff. Games have improved visually but declined mechanically. The small increase to graphical prowess was not worth the steep decline in gameplay depth. If you can afford $14.99, give it a go!

  • I agree with Keen. Although one problem I think younger folks might have with EQ is the pacing, particularly of combat. If you grew up on on WoW/GW2, etc., you’ll be wanting a lot more buttons to push. I was just out of high school when EQ released and even I have been kind of trained into expecting that and have to remind myself of it. However despite this, or maybe even partly because of it, there is a great deal of depth and strategy to it that other games lack.

  • When I was young, we didn’t have glowing bits of punctuation to tell us where to go! We didn’t have an omniscient mini-map showing us where everyone was! We barely even had context clues as to what to do and where to go. You know what!? we LIKED it! We made due with what we had! I can remember walking to the dungeons in the sand, uphill, BOTH WAYS, just so we could exp and sell loot. You kids these days with your localized storylines, class tailored game experiences, bah! You’re weak! But you should be grateful! People would have come from all over just to see a race specific idle animation.

    Now git!

  • This is a perfect representation of how the MMO gaming world has fallen over the last twenty years.

    You have a game that has been out for 15+ years.
    You have a company that is currently running multiple servers of said game.
    You have a company that specifically allowed a beta testing phase with players in order to get ready for the new server launch.

    And they still manage to fuck it up. MMOs simply cannot be launched properly and it blows my mind.

    If anyone, anywhere, ever…. was going to be able to flawlessly launch an MMO server it would have been Daybreak with Ragefire. Oh well.

  • Server came up and slowly started letting people in (to test) at 8:25PM PDT.

    Server shut down again once level 50s started appearing at around 9:15PM PDT.

  • And server is offline for the night! An almost successful server launch. Hehe.

    See everyone tomorrow, maybe it will launch by then.

    P.S. I did manage to get both Keen and Damage reserved…. but not sure if they are planning on wiping for a SECOND time now or not.

    We shall see!