ESO: Tamriel Unlimited with Character Copy


Last week Graev and I received emails from the ESO team offering us a promotional package to essentially take our characters from the PC version of ESO and move them to the upcoming console version. Included in this promotional offering was a copy of the game for the console of our choice (PS4/Xbox One).

Graev and I were already planning to revisit the now buy-to-play (B2P) ESO. We enjoyed ourselves a fair bit back when we played for a month of so after launch. ESO PvE wasn’t terrible — pretty fun, actually. The PVP sorta sucked, though.

The console version, being a full price game, isn’t worth it. Getting the game for $20 and being able to play it how it was originally meant to be played (with a controller) while sitting on the couch? Yeah, I’ll take it. The characters transfer doesn’t even appeal to me since neither Graev nor I care to pick up where we left off. We’re rolling a different faction, different characters, etc.

We’re going to play the PS4 version. I think the consoles and PC are separate servers, but I’m not sure if the PS4 and Xbox One are separated or play together. Should be a bit of fun.

  • I plan on transferring and playing on the ps4 as well. I’m hoping the game plays better on the console using a controller. The combat never felt right to me on the PC. I’m willing to spend $20 to find out.

  • @Idunaz: I believe it will play much better. ESO always felt like a port to the PC despite coming out first. LIke you, $20 is worth it to me to find out. I know I’ll get a minimum of 20 hours from it. $1/hr of enjoyment is worth it to me.

  • I wish we could see ESO pc and console on the same servers.

    Final fantasy 14 the ps4 and pc play together.. Why can’t eso do this?

  • @Kamuka: I have one, tried it, etc. Something about using a controller on my PC and playing with PC people using a controller… dunno. It’ll be nice if there are fresh start servers. I hope there are!

    @Bartillo: Yeah, I wish that too. I don’t get why they separate them these days, but at the same time if it means I can have a fresh start server then I’m on board with that.

  • Fresh start seems unlikely since everyone is on one mega server right? I didn’t even thing the game had seperste ones

  • I got the free weekend email and downloaded the installer to play. It kept crashing after starting and never actually patched the game. I wasn’t invested enough to look into a solution. Sorry, ESO.

  • Wont be a “fresh” server cus people’s characters will come over. But I see what you mean.

    Each platform will be on their own megaserver so its not even like all console players will be together

    Which is dumb. Your friend has a PS4 and you have an XBO? Better both get the game on PC cus thats the only way you’ll be able to play together. I suppose its the same way for all console games but that’s part of the reason I don’t think I’ll ever buy a console again. There’s no technical reason why they can’t. Sony and MS just refuse to allow it.

    It is thought that MS made an exception for FFXI on the 360 in order to get FF13 distributed on xbox as well. Otherwise, what other console MMOs are there? FFXIV has shared servers for PC and PS3/4 but I think Square can basically force Sony to do whatever they want.

  • I downloaded and patched up the client for the free weekend. It took like a day because it was a 32+ gig download.

    But I plan to definitely try out the game this weekend. I believe the free time starts thursday at like 10 am.

  • @Kamuka
    The last I checked, the PC version did not have native gamepad support. Has that changed yet?

  • PC does not have native controller support STILL. I use my logitech F310 with pinnacle and after taking about 30 minutes to set it up as I like I have never had any issues. It is kind of sad though they still have not gotten support for controllers set up.

  • Yeah, you have to use a third party emulator to rebind keys. It’s sorta crazy that the game was clearly designed for consoles from the beginning, but doesn’t natively support controllers on PC.