Level 50 in FFXIV

level 50We finally made our way to level 50 in Final Fantasy XIV!

The journey was actually pretty dang good for a themepark.  You know how we feel about Fates and quests — they are ‘okay’.  Fates are a bit of a exp pinata grind, and quests are the typical fare.  There were many distractions along the way such as a Hunting Log which allowed us to gain experience for killing specific mobs, plenty of dungeons, and a really interesting story woven into all of the above.

I would say the leveling experience — -judging FFXIV for what it is, all things considered — gets a solid B+ from me.

What is there to do at level 50?

Like most themepark MMOs, a lot of the game in FFXIV technically begins at the max level.  Now it’s time to complete the relic weapon quest, which is actually closer to what I would consider a true quest than any other quest in the game.  This requires finishing the main story, completing a few dungeons, gearing up to the point where we can tackle the primals on hard mode, and obtaining a special weapon.

Lots of dungeons open up, and a minor gear treadmill begins.  Dungeons can be run for a sort of currency that is used to purchase items — a system I much prefer over random drops.  This gear looks great, and will allow us to advance into even harder content.

FFXIV’s end-game because more like Final Fantasy: Kill really big bosses.  Sounds fun to me.

What’s coming next?

The first big patch is on the horizon.  In patch 2.1 the following things are being added:

  • God King Moogle Mog XII – Primal
  • Extreme Difficulty Primals
  • Pharos Sirius – A New Dungeon
  • Hard modes for two existing low level dungeons
  • The Crystal Tower – 24 man Raid
  • Player Housing
  • The Wolves Den – PvP arena
  • Treasure Hunting (New feature)
  • Daily Quests

That’s a significant boost to the game’s feature list, and I love how there seems to be a little bit of everything.

Our Keen and Graev Community Guild, Rhotano Company, is doing extremely well.  We have a great spread in levels ranging from level 10 to 50.  We’re running dungeons together, saving up tons and tons of Gil for a guild house, and have some fantastic plans for our future in FFXIV.   We’ve played a lot of games together over the years, and our group hasn’t been this settled into a MMO in a long time.  That bodes well for our future as a guild in FFXIV.  If you’re looking to join a community enjoying FFXIV, we are recruiting.

We’ll keep you all up to date on our progress through the FFXIV end-game!

  • I am having a blast. Just been playing the market/making money and the crafting system is much more involved than any game ive played in the past. once you have enough gear/skills from different classes you can HQ things reliably using NQ mats and make some real money. Its fun to map out the most profitable items and try and corner/make a market.

    Housing and pvp items will make it even more so. I am really excited for housing/FC housing for both the market side of things and the actual housing itself.

  • I have not been able to enjoy this game like I thought I would. I didn’t like starting out in a massive city and wandering around talking to npc’s for an hour until I finally started a quest to kill monsters hanging out right outside that die in 3 hits from level one spells. The kill quests I did get were also to only kill 3-5 of each monster so the quests were over in like 5 minutes then back to getting lost in the city again.

    I am sure it gets better, but I much prefer games where you start out in a small village on the frontier with lots of monsters and countryside and open spaces to explore.

  • i bought a copy from the local ebgames here and yeah i am enjoying the game most of all the game is just bloody beautiful the characters are just stunning the world is just amazing … and im taking my time playing it and enjoying it.

    Only level 11 but yeah its great.