Wii U WiFi Connection Error Fix (103-1001, 101-1002)

We just got home with our Wii U, and during the setup phase received several errors trying to connect to our home network through our router.  We resolved our issue by manually entering the information.  If any of you are struggling to configure your Wii U WiFi setup, try using the following steps we used to fix our problem.

Resolved: Error Code 103-1001, Error Code 103-1002 (and probably a whole lot more since the code is general)

Step 1: On your Wii U go to ‘Connection types’ and press Manual Configuration

Step 2: Input your SSID

Step 3: Choose your security type (WEP, WPA, etc).  Make sure you choose the one your router is using

Step 4: Enter your security key/phrase

Step 5: For IP adress choose “Do not auto obtain”

Step 6: Go to your computer (on the same network) and open up CMD (Start > (in search field type) cmd > press enter (or choose cmd)

Step 7: In CMD type ipconfig and press enter.

Step 8: Look for the first IP addres.  Take that address, add 10 to the last digit (to find an unused IP. Doesn’t have to be 10), and enter it into your Wii U.  Example: should be

Step 9: Enter the rest of the necessary information like Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.  These are available under your ipconfig

Step 10: Hit next, configure DNS, “Don’t auto obtain”

Step 11: Fill in DNS info.  First server:  Second Server:  (These are Google’s public, free DNS servers)

Step 12: Hit Next, no proxy

Step 13: MTU at default value (probably 1500)

Your connection should now go through and work.  If you do not want to use Google fast, free, public DNS servers you can look for your ISP’s DNS servers by going to CMD and typing: ipconfig /all

If you have any questions about how to get your Wii U up and running, we’re happy to try and help.  We’ll add pictures of the process later.  If you solved a problem during setup, please share your fix to help others out.

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