Wii U WiFi Connection Error Fix (103-1001, 101-1002)

We just got home with our Wii U, and during the setup phase received several errors trying to connect to our home network through our router.  We resolved our issue by manually entering the information.  If any of you are struggling to configure your Wii U WiFi setup, try using the following steps we used to fix our problem.

Resolved: Error Code 103-1001, Error Code 103-1002 (and probably a whole lot more since the code is general)

Step 1: On your Wii U go to ‘Connection types’ and press Manual Configuration

Step 2: Input your SSID

Step 3: Choose your security type (WEP, WPA, etc).  Make sure you choose the one your router is using

Step 4: Enter your security key/phrase

Step 5: For IP adress choose “Do not auto obtain”

Step 6: Go to your computer (on the same network) and open up CMD (Start > (in search field type) cmd > press enter (or choose cmd)

Step 7: In CMD type ipconfig and press enter.

Step 8: Look for the first IP addres.  Take that address, add 10 to the last digit (to find an unused IP. Doesn’t have to be 10), and enter it into your Wii U.  Example: should be

Step 9: Enter the rest of the necessary information like Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.  These are available under your ipconfig

Step 10: Hit next, configure DNS, “Don’t auto obtain”

Step 11: Fill in DNS info.  First server:  Second Server:  (These are Google’s public, free DNS servers)

Step 12: Hit Next, no proxy

Step 13: MTU at default value (probably 1500)

Your connection should now go through and work.  If you do not want to use Google fast, free, public DNS servers you can look for your ISP’s DNS servers by going to CMD and typing: ipconfig /all

If you have any questions about how to get your Wii U up and running, we’re happy to try and help.  We’ll add pictures of the process later.  If you solved a problem during setup, please share your fix to help others out.

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Valerie - November 18, 2012

Thank you SO much for posting this. I have several networks available in my building, with different types of routers, and I couldn’t connect to ANY of them with my brand new Wii U- got error 103-1002. This process worked perfectly, thank you so very much.

Keen - November 18, 2012

You are very welcome. 🙂 Glad it helped someone else!

andrew - November 18, 2012

thank u my good friend vary helpful. wish there was more people like u around.
have a great day

harry - November 18, 2012

thanks this helped a ton…

mike - November 18, 2012

Thanks so much!
We where thinking the console had an issue and were going to take it back now we have a connection……your a hero!

Jason - November 18, 2012

These steps helped, but now i’m stuck at connecting to the internet. it was able to connect to the network device now, but no luck finishing the process. please help

bruce - November 18, 2012

Yep, WiiU connects now with Motorola wireless AP, but fails on connecting to Internet. Wow never expected this in 2012 !!

Keen - November 18, 2012

@Jason & Bruce: You might have incorrectly entered your subnet mask or default gateway. There’s also the possibility of simply needing to start over with a new connection. Exit out, start the process over, being sure to enter everything correctly.

We had the same issue of seeing a check mark for the router but not connecting to the internet when we incorrectly entered information.

Dave - November 18, 2012

Bruce go into your router under wireless settings and disable the type N. This is what Nintendo had me do and it connected to the internet.

Jason - November 18, 2012

where can you disable type N?

Shannon - November 18, 2012

Oh my gosh, thank you SOOO much for posting this. worked like a charm! we were going crazy!

Kevin - November 18, 2012

So I had repeatedly followed your instructions, and it wasn’t working. Then I noticed under the clients list of my network settings that the IP address with the last digit added by 10 was already taken and distributed by another device on my network. So I tried adding 11 to the end of the original IP address, and it now FINALLY got me past the connecting to router to check mark. Only NOW it’s been giving me the red X for Internet. And I’ve tried everything, from attempting to correct my subnet mask and gateway, as well as cancel and redo everything countless times. I’m SO frustrated and don’t know what to do. Please Help 🙁

Ben - November 18, 2012

I am having the same problem not being able to connect with the internet. We have a Motorola wireless also. Please help!

Ben - November 18, 2012

I can get the wii u to connect to my router, but it wont connect to the internet. I made sure i typed in everything correctly about 100 times.

Tony - November 18, 2012

I am having the same problem i connect to my network but not the internet i get error code: 103-2002 I dont know what to do. I have redone everything countless times and it still doesn’t work.

Elena - November 18, 2012


Thank you so much for posting this. Tony, I had to delete all of my previous connections, then start from scratch, using the Manual configuration (its down at the bottom of all of the connections).

Its tricky, but definitely works.

I can’t believe you put this up so fast!

Trolazo - November 18, 2012

Muchas gracias!!!

Zyler - November 18, 2012

@Keen What games did you get as well with the WiiU?

Kyle - November 18, 2012

Is this the only way to connect online? My wii and 3ds connected fine, just not this one. Is the google servers secure, can i setup e-shop on wii-u?

this can’t be the only way to connect… launch glitch?

William - November 18, 2012

oh my gosh thank you for this!!!

William - November 18, 2012

It says system update but not doing anyhing now? Any ideas?

William - November 18, 2012

NVM hopefully… seems to be doing something now

Tony - November 18, 2012

it worked yeah, i just deleted all my connections and started all over. i was about ready to throw the gamepad at the wall. well, thanks

Ben - November 18, 2012

Make sure that the computer you are getting the ip address from is the one you set up the internet with in the first place. Used the .10 from my laptop, and it didnt worl. had to go off my main computer.

justin - November 18, 2012

Worked like a champ. Thanks Keen!!

Bruce D - November 18, 2012

man, that seems like its not that easy for a non computer guy, I am trying this as of 8:30 on 18th. I have two WiFi, ones an apple router (smaller one) and cant connect, bought the adapter to go right to my modem, wired, NOTHING. I am pissed, now my Iphone 5 with ver6 software is actually updating this POS, if after update this thing doesnt connect, its going back. Heres another real nice thing, it connects to neighbor’s but errors on the update. Iphone quit once, buts only thing that works is my personal hotspot, and at 5 gigs this thing is eating up my data, this better work as I obviously can’t play online via my hotspot.

Kyle - November 18, 2012

This method worked for me.

Internet connections > recommended > wifi protected option. The one beside the AOSS or whatever that option is. You get a pin number on pad screen.

In your router admin page on pc, select > wireless setup > auto > enter your pin and click next, then press the next button on the pad controller.

Easy setup on your network, not google. Hope this works for you too…. Now to suffer the update.

Bruce D - November 18, 2012

hey, worked, did it on IPhone via airport, was able to see all the info thru the app, and added 10, of course I did this AFTER using iPhone data to do whole update, which didnt fix issue’s at all.

Kevin - November 18, 2012

Nothing is working for me STILL :'(

Keen - November 18, 2012

@Kevin: Which error are you getting? Maybe I can try to find some solutions.

@Bruce D: Glad it worked!

@Kyle: Sounds like a good fix for your type of network. Thanks for sharing the fix!

@Ben: Indeed, thank you for the clarification. You need to be on the same network as your Wii U.

@William: it sits there for a long time on that dang update.

@Zyler: ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Scribblenauts, Sonic Racing, and Nintendo Land (came with it). We’ll post up our thoughts on all of them asap.

A few general notes:

– The Google DNS are secure, free, fast, and public. They’re great. Use them! Google provides an awesome service.

– If adding10 didn’t work, try a different number. The idea of adding 10 is to find an IP that isn’t in use. 10 hopefully gets you past all the phones, laptops, and devices on your network.

Glad this helped so many of you. Nintendo needs to link their error codes to solutions a lot better. Our small blog shouldn’t be at the top of the search results for tech support. 😉

robert - November 18, 2012

Any way to find the gateway and other needed stuff without a computer? This issue is bothering me and I have no idea what to do. I know my ip and subnet due to my ps3.

Kevin - November 18, 2012

Good news, I just got it to work because apparently I had the wrong gateway number put in. I was under the impression that the gateway was this series of number that was on my Belkin setup page labeled: Default Gateway, when in reality it was just the router’s IP -.- lol Glad I finally got it

Kyle - November 18, 2012

@Zyler/Keen – ZombiU is fantastic. I have only played the first intro task but this looks to be one of the best launch games I’ve seen in a long time. It controls very well though the controller is big and takes some getting used to, also looking down at it when you need to takes some coordination but I found I was able to hit the flashlight on and off 9/10 times without looking down at the screen.

Has campagin and survival mode, multiplayer (have not tried yet), uplay connection, ‘make yourself a zombie’ bonus.

good fun.

Meghan - November 18, 2012

This worked! Thanks a ton, I was fighting with it all evening to connect!

Karim - November 19, 2012

Thanks so much for this, worked perfectly!….I remember the Original Wii was stubborn too..

Frank - November 19, 2012

This worked magnificently. Thank you very much.

Gregg B - November 19, 2012

Thank you so much got me up and going!!

MisterMo - November 19, 2012

Thank you very much. This saved my life. I got back from work to participate in welcoming the new generation of consoles, only to be faced with this… Gah! I was so frustrated.

Jenifer - November 20, 2012

Thank you SO MUCH. This worked like a charm 🙂

Jdakid - November 21, 2012

Thanks for the info! helped out a lot!

Oukan - November 23, 2012

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

I’m bookmarking this so I will remember. This helps a whole lot!

remi - November 23, 2012

Thank you SO much for posting this!! You truly are a lifesaver! Definitely helped to also delete all connections and start all over, and to triple-check that all numbers matched exactly. Thanks again!

Alex - November 23, 2012

Hi. Some people have been having problems downloading the Day 1 update or accessing the nintendo eshop (myself included) but we still have inetrnet access even though the error message says otherwise. Any thoughts? My guess is that nintendo’s servers are overloaded or down.

    Keen - November 23, 2012

    @Alex: if you we’re able to get your connection set up just fine, but can’t get the update then it’s Nintendo’s issue. Took a while for the update to complete.

rey sdot - November 23, 2012

Dude….you are awesome man…I owe you a lunch buffet!!!!

chris - November 23, 2012

I’ve tried all of these steps pretty thoroughly. Issue is, my router requires me to go into my web browser to login with a password before it connects and lets me use the internet. So no matter what I’ve tried so far, I can get hooked up to the network device, but can’t connect to the internet. If the wii u had an internet browser right off the bat I think I could have done that but I need to do the first update before I can even get the browser. Anybody else have an issue like this?

pkd - November 26, 2012

Your post worked wonders just when I was going nuts with something simple on an existing wifi router which had the new 3ds xl connected yesterday flawlessly. Nintendo dropped the ball on doing the software QA where the user experience starts on the new console. Who would have imagined that it was not getting dns or the resolution via the router supplied dns.

shawn - November 27, 2012

i just got my wii u yesterday. connection is working fine. i can browse the internet fine. everything else gives me an error – youtube, miiverse, amazon, netflix.

Any suggestions?

Mat - November 27, 2012

If you knew how much I loved you right now…you would call the police for sexual harrasment.

George - November 29, 2012

Hi have a MAC book and I did everything you said it’s not working. It connects the network device but it won’t connect to the internet….I Get Error Code: 103-2001

Nick - November 29, 2012

i can connect to the WiFi or router i can see it followed the steps but i cant seem to get the internet part going is it just bad lucky or is my Wii U not working the error code is always 103-2001 or 2002

Justine - November 29, 2012

I cant thank you enough for your help!

Killkong - November 29, 2012

Thank you so much for this post.

Marc - November 29, 2012

Many thanks for this. Picked up my shiny Wii U from the midnight launch in the UK and it was being incredibly annoying but this guide worked a treat! Amazeballs.

James - November 29, 2012

Hey guys, I have a Motorola and using this guide I was connecting to the network device but not the internet. I had been trying to work it out for hours and was ready to have a breakdown I was so frustrated.

I found the fix here: http://www.allthingsgaming.net/2012/11/quick-fix-wii-u-wont-connect-to-router.html

Hope that’s helped people and saved innocent gamepads from being thrown across the room like I was two seconds away from doing.

Nick Tucker - November 30, 2012

Legend! This was doing my head in. A great step by step guide for someone who is rubbish on a computer. thank you.

Howwy - November 30, 2012

FAIL does not work complete lies im still no closer to getting my wii u connected whatsoever.

Ceefax - November 30, 2012

Thanks for this, worked a treat!

Jeroen Netherlands - November 30, 2012

Thnx dude…. Helped me a lot!

Fail Nintendo, this isn’t the year 1996

Theycare - November 30, 2012

even here from the netherlands on the relase date europe
thx 4 your post, couldnt do it without it!!!
u rock

Andy - November 30, 2012

Thanks so much, worked great. You’re awesome.

yanseine - November 30, 2012

merci, enfin sa marche!
thank you, finally it works!

Wii U; unboxing • Duimschroef - November 30, 2012

[…] zelf maar een nummer. En vul meteen ook even het subnetmasker en de gateway in. Voor tips, kijk hier maar even voor de fix. Het schijnt een bekend probleem te zijn onder Ziggo/Cisco gebruikers die een Wii U […]

Simon Jonsson - November 30, 2012

I love you! <3

Ed - November 30, 2012

Thank you, this worked for me !!

john - November 30, 2012

thanx from holland

Anna - November 30, 2012

We are in the UK, after trying and trying again, we added 11 to the end of the IP address instead of 10 and 3 hours later IT WORKED

Thanks guys

john - November 30, 2012

thanks you just made my year

Vampirou - December 1, 2012

Still not working over here. Did everything right and now Wii U connects to Wifi Access Point but wont connect to Internet. error 103-2002….

Sammy - December 1, 2012

Thanks heaps for the info, really excited about my WiiU then I spent 10mins trying to connect to the internet. Got pretty frustrated but came here and with your help got my WiiU connected to the internet right away. Thanks again! =)

rob - December 1, 2012

Hi there, I bought the wii u yesterday, in Italy, and after having followed these steps, it is able to connect to the router, but not connect to internet.

I don’t know if it is a console problem, a server problem, or I don’t know

FreddyFastworks - December 1, 2012

Hi guys, great piece of advice. One small comment which took me a full night to find out. You need to get rid of OpenDNS. Go to the router and set DNS to automatic instead of pointing to OpenDNS. Unfortunately these things dont work together!!!!!

Bob - December 1, 2012

Thank you so much! It finally works… =D

Enrique the frustrated but not anymore - December 2, 2012

Thanks Keen,..it took some time to get the right things to do,..but now the Wii U is downloading,..damn..I’m happy,..my kids are happy,..even my wife is happy!!!…

meneer guggenheimer - December 2, 2012

Thanks for al the info but still does not connect… while my wii and 3DS do… what a fuck up by nintendo!

adam - December 2, 2012

iv started following these steps but when i got to enter my IP, once its typed in and i click accept it adds a lot of 0000’s randomly and says its incorrect, i try to delete the 0’s but it just adds them back straight away, anyway to stop this?

Rick - December 2, 2012

Thank you very much for your instructions. Followed it and worked perfectly.

Rick - December 2, 2012

Make sure you input the dots (.) as well in your IP.
For example: If your IP is,
you should type in:
192 (dot) 178 (dot) 1 (dot) 196 and click accept. (6 was the random number I chose)

System should default that to:

Hope that answers your question.

adam - December 2, 2012

i put the dots in eg but when i entered it it changed it too 192,178.000.190, it seemed to fill the whole IP box on the wii u screen, any blank space was filled with 0’s even after i entered the dots

David - December 3, 2012

Dude, thanks a lot!!
It worked!

Guirao21 - December 3, 2012

Thank you so much man, it worked.

Chickencole - December 5, 2012

Having spent 2 hours trying to connect the Wii U so that there would be no issues come christmas day, your posting was a godsend. I wasn’t sure that I had used the correct numbers, but obviously I had because we now have connection.

A very grateful Mum, thanks!

Werner - December 5, 2012

Dear Keen,

I hope you can help me out in The Netherlands!
I have a cisco modem connected with a Sitecom 300N XR Gaming Router.
My brand new Wii U wont’ connect! I have been working on it for 13 hours….please help me out!!


Keen - December 5, 2012


I assume you tried the instructions in my original post?

What error are you getting?

Peter - December 5, 2012

Thanks Dude! worked like a charm here in the Netherlands.

Werner - December 6, 2012

Hi Keen,

Yeah I tried everything. Now Nintendo(gs) say that the problem is that Cisco modem which a lot people use over here.
Also I do not have a windows but Apple laptop but the info you need I also get out of mij Apple, right?

I have a Cisco EPC 3212 modem and a Sitecom router.
I do not know a lot about computers etc. but I managed to do all the steps you said.
Might there be a problem between IP adresses from the Sitecom device (that connects with Wii U) and those of the Cisco modem? They are different from eachother.

Kind regards,

Werner - December 6, 2012

Just bought a Wii Lan Adapter to solve my problems!
Fucking Nintendo(gs)!!!!!

Long live PS3 and XBOX360!!!!


Keen - December 6, 2012

Great to hear Werner. I was going to suggest something along those same lines since others have suggested that as a fix.


Pete - December 7, 2012

Hey Keen,

Thanks for the info, I’m now managing to connect to my network device, but unfortunately still not to the internet! I’m using a Virgin Media Super Hub router, I’ve tried using the Google DNS servers you suggested, and also my own with no luck. Also tried adding 11, 15, 20 to the end of my IP address with no change. (Error code 103-2002)

Any ideas?



Pete - December 7, 2012

Aha, nevermind. I had initially typed in the wrong IP address for step 8. All is well in the world again, I’m online!! Lol thank you so much Keen, you’ve been a huge help!

Just as I’m typing this, I’m now getting error 108-0144 while trying to download the system update…”Could not connect to server etc etc” Is this Nintendo’s problem or mine? Googled the error code and a lot of people seem to be in the same boat.



Tina - December 9, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Henri - December 10, 2012

Thanks to you mate! Cured my problem.

gazbib - December 12, 2012

thank you very much, great concise advice, very helpful.

maine - December 14, 2012

thank u so much!!!!

Gábor - December 14, 2012

Actually, it worked for me just fine after I set up a fix DHCP lease for the MAC address of the Wii-U. All other things managed to be negotiated automatically. It’s still a bit sad to have to go through this sort of debacle with a mainstream Linksys E200. Thanks for the post!

Doug - December 14, 2012

Thanks man, worked great.

James - December 16, 2012

Fantastic! Works with Eastlink modem in Canada using wpa2

BG Dude - December 16, 2012

Thank you so much for all the post guys!

The first time I tried it worked only until “Connecting to the Network Device”, but did not work “Connecting to the Internet”.

Here is what worked for me:


Thanks again

LNguyen - December 16, 2012

@Keen, thank you so much! It never occurred to me to try a fixed IP address, since up until now, all the Wifi devices I’ve used all worked fine with Auto DNS (i.e. the router will assign an IP address to the Wifi device).

The odd part is this:
1. When we first set up the Wii U, I chose Automatic DNS assignment, and it worked to the point where the Wii U pulled down its first update (which took a while).
2. A few days later, my son reported that he could not use the Wii U to go to the eshop, nor update, etc… Anything requiring the Internet would not work.
3. Re-entering all the info for our Wifi access point would show that it could access the router, then the internet. But something like news.google.com would not work.
4. The odd part was that I could use my smartphone as a Wifi access point just so I could test the Wii U’s internet access. AND IT WORKED with Auto DNS !!!

Tonight (15Dec2012) I found your blog, and thought: AHA! Using a fixed IP address! That’s something I haven’t tried, so let me try that.
Sure enough, now the Wii U is accessing the Internet via our home Wifi access point just fine. So THANK YOU AGAIN !

For the other folks out there, when you enter the digits that Keen is asking you to do:

1. The IP address and Mask have 4 subfields separated by a period (.)
2. Each one of those subfields consists of 3 digits.
3. The max value in each one of those subfields is 255, but 255 is ‘special’…

So when you enter those numbers, it might help if you padded the short fields with zeroes in the front. For example:

I entered and for those Google DNS server addresses.
For the IP addresses of home networks, they mostly start with 192.168.000.* (where the * varies from 1 to 254 (1 and 255 are special values, do not use them for your Wii U), or 192.168.001.*

The Default Gateway is typically or, depending on your router setup.
And the Netmask is typically, again depending on your router setup.

Good luck to the other Wii U owners, and thank you again Keen !
My son is very happy now.

Janelle Ow - December 17, 2012

This got me to connect to the first part but still couldn’t connect to internet. I did a specific search on problems with connecting on the internet with a Motorola modem and got to this site http://techforums.nintendo.com/thread/18064. There are a few things you can do with the modem that solves the issue if you are still having problems. I recommend doing a specific search for your type of modem and the problem or visit the site as the directions may work. Hope this helps!

Bezer Kaye - December 19, 2012

awesome. Thanks.

Hejiru - December 19, 2012

I had the same problem; couldn’t connect to my home network. This worked like a charm. Thanks!

Pankoala - December 21, 2012

Ughhh! I’m suffering ’round here!

I just CAN’T get connected. I already followed each and every step ’round here.

I have turned on/off my modem, i have written the adresses as detailed, but it’s all no use.

It connects to the device but not to internet.

Any help here?

    Keen - December 22, 2012

    @Pankoala: Have you tried clearing out all previous connections and starting from scratch? A lot of people report that even following the steps above do not work unless you’ve cleared everything out.

Pankoala - December 22, 2012

Hey, Keen!

Yeah, I have also already cleared every connections and started new one from scratch. I’ve tried in auto obtain, as well as not auto obtain and following the instructions above and it’s still no use :<

I'm getting reaaally frustrated u,u

Keen - December 22, 2012

What router do you have?

Pankoala - December 22, 2012

Modem’s a Motorola SGB900 Surfboard Gateway.

Also I’m in Mexico (dunno if that affects but well.. just in case .__.)

Thankyou for your help!

Keen - December 22, 2012

This thread on the nintendo forums deals specifically with your router:


Try the steps in there and see if they help.

Pankoala - December 22, 2012

Already tried… ~

Won’t let me reserve any new IP. I’ve already tried soo maaany variations. From + 2, +5, +10, +15..

Just won’t let me reserve IP… 🙁

Al - December 23, 2012

If you use Netgear’s (LPC) live parental controls check out the following link on how OpenDNS may cause problems.

Rob - December 24, 2012

Didn’t really work for me, it connected to my Wifi but will not connect all the way to the internet 🙁 Need help fast before I return it and get my daughter an Xbox

Jeffrey - December 24, 2012

You Rule!! Thank you so much your tutorial resolved all my connection problems.

The first update takes a while though….it just passed 50 percent in 25 minutes time….luckily i have my ps3 so i am just going to play a few games of pes2013 hehe :D.

Thanks again and i wish you a Merry X-Mas from the Netherlands!

lenatjhu - December 24, 2012

it doesnt work
DNS and
and the DNS and

Jarak - December 24, 2012

tried everything on your guide, got a little closer to registering, but right after I enter my state, it goes to the loading screen then I get error 102-2124. And this rarely happens, usually as soon as I try to get an i.d. I get the error. Any suggestions?

Joel - December 25, 2012

Plz help, I’ve been trying all Christmas afternoon trying to get this working! I’ve entered the subnets and DNS correctly, however, my IP ends with .1.3 what do I do? I’m stuck at internet. =(

Joel - December 25, 2012

my error is 103-2001

Lucassss - December 25, 2012

Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel - December 25, 2012

FINALLY!!! It took me all afternoon, but now it worked!! Now I have to wait for that long update. So close to chucking the Gamepad over the fence. lol THANKS A BUNCH!!!! 😀

Youli - December 25, 2012

Tried, it doesn’t work. I got the same 103-2001 error as Joel. Anything you did specially Joel?

Youli - December 25, 2012

Nitendo website is recommending to try google DNS Server. But I still not able to get it working yet.


Youli - December 25, 2012

Wii U works just fine with my iPhone5 HostSpot. But not my home Netgear. Still need to figure what is going on

Youli - December 25, 2012

Now figured out why Wii U is not working with internet. It has trouble with Netgear OpenDNS Live Parental Control. Disabled it, then everything works.

Joel - December 25, 2012

Well, it was a thing of surprise, because I saw it said it was Successful, but I just kept repeating every step for the whole afternoon. I’m sorry I’m not much help but I’ll check my settings, ok 🙂
Now for the Update. Hope you get it running Youli, trust me it was very stressful. Wish you luck!!

Kez Kat - December 25, 2012

Me and my brother were lucky enough to get a Wii U each. However, only could get one to connect (after hours of trying). Would I need to have a different IP address than the one previously used?

Joel - December 25, 2012

Boy, my Internet sucks at this update it hasn’t even loading a bar and it fails :/

Liz - December 25, 2012

Thank you! For DNS servers I didn’t use the ones you listed, I used the ones listed under the ipconfig and it worked just fine. Kudos to you for giving a fix that Wii should have had from the get go.

Joel - December 25, 2012

A little bar loaded, but that’s as far as I can get as of now. Why can’t it be packed in?

Frank - December 25, 2012

What a BIG help! Erase all previous saved connections and start from scratch using these recommended instructions and it will work as expected.

Pietro - December 25, 2012

I’m on a Mac, what do I do at step 6, please help me!

Keen - December 25, 2012

Welcome new Wii U owners! I’m glad to see so many more of you getting help here with your Wii U’s. I’ll do my best to help you discover workarounds for your problems. I don’t have all the solutions, as I am only a guy who wrote a few tips to help others experiencing the same problems I solved on my own. Here are a few helpful reminders:

1) Delete all previous attempts and start fresh. If you don’t the above solutions may not work.
2) Enter the IP and addresses in exactly. One wrong number will cause a problem.
3) If you have a Mac, see what I typed below. If you have any additional tips for mac users, please post them.

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy your Wii U.

@pietro: I’m not big on very knowledgeable about Macs, but I think you can obtain the same information in the following places.

– Go to Terminal, type “cat /etc/resolv.conf” (should give you the DNS)

If that doesn’t give you what you need…

– Go to the Internet tab of the “Airport Admin Utility” and you should be able to find the info there.

freewolffe - December 25, 2012

i love you… bleeping nintendo was very unhelpful and if i were any less incompatent id have a useless wii. thx again, merry christmas btw haha

Flare - December 26, 2012

Hey I Did everything and it worked but now I’m getting error code 103-2001 Now i don’t know what to do 🙁

Kev - December 26, 2012

Thanks for the guide, worked first time, although the system update failed!!
All went well on the 2nd attempt, strange thing is I have a USB ethernet adapter
that works fine on the Wii but the Wii U refuses to see the router at all (this router is set as an access point) maybe its my strang network set up?

Main cable router/modem is hard wired from loft to living room router (access point)
then to 1gbit power lan to dining room connected to another router (access point)

although the Wii/PC/Laptop/Xbox 360 will all connect via LAN?

any ideas on how to get the usb ethernet adapter to work with the Wii U?


Greg - December 26, 2012

Thank you so so much, this will help with getting the software for the Wii data transfer!

Lukas - December 26, 2012

still does not work… >.<
tried everything… still the same error!

Rod - December 26, 2012

Thanks for the help, online Santa!

Kelly - December 26, 2012

I have tried everything under the sun to get this piece of junk to connect to the Internet. It took hours just to get it configured to acknowledge my router. I managed to get it connected to the Internet by making my laptop a hotspot, but that’s incredibly slow and unreliable. I thought that if I could do that and get the update installed that maybe my wifi woes would be fixed, but alas – still nothing. I have done everything I can find online – manually entering the info, changing the DNS, messing with my router settings. The only thing I haven’t done is buy a LAN cable (well, I did, but it wasn’t recognized as one) to try it out wired.

Is there any other suggestions at all – anything – that anyone can think of? I have a Motorola SBG6580. I even turned off all other devices in my entire house and moved the Wii U to sit right next to the router and it still doesn’t connect. I get a different error code every time I try again (103-2001, 103-2004, etc.).

Wii U User 2012 - December 26, 2012

Thanks, perfect work around. Too bad Nintendo botched the software to begin with.

Anthony - December 27, 2012

In case you’re still having trouble, check the DNS in your router. I was using OpenDNS to filter my Internet connection (young kids so I prefer to filter our link just in case) and it changed the DNS settings in the router (Netgear WNDRMACv2) to point to the OpenDNS DNS servers. Once I changed those to the Google DNS all was well.

Elizabeth - December 27, 2012

thank you it worked perfectly!

eddie hoffman - December 27, 2012

Will this work if you live in in another country, like Mexico?…

Keen - December 27, 2012

@Eddie hoffman: I don’t see why not. If anyone can confirm that please do.

Joel - December 27, 2012

Thank you so much Keen!! The update is now going very quick. I couldn’t of got the Internet on without you! Happy Holidays! 😀

Sean rice - December 27, 2012

Thank you so much

Cflex - December 27, 2012

I had problems but I discovered it was because my Wi-Fi network name (SSID) had a space in it. I reconfigured my wireless router so that the SSID didn’t have any spaces, and then tried the Wii U network connection again and it worked fine. I hope this helps someone else.

martin - December 28, 2012

i got error 103-1004 and this still didn’t work 🙁

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[…] Wii U WiFi Connection Error Fix (103-1001, 101-1002) – The Wii U launched with issues connecting to certain routers.  We came up with a very quick fix that was linked around the web on dozens of major sites including Nintendo’s. […]

Francisco Maia - December 28, 2012

THANK YOU so much.
I was almost ready to send the unit for warranty.

I think the problem is related somehow with the MTU value that is defaulted to 1400 and should be 1500.
The rest of the settings have no reason to create problems, because they are the same in the manual settings.

Anyway, Nintendo should be ashamed of this…

Sean - December 28, 2012

Thank you very much, I had no problem connecting my wii to the interweb so not being able to connect my wii U was pissing me right off!!!

JohnKIOhio - December 28, 2012

Worked! THANKS! Almost sent mine in for warranty too! Nintendo support blamed it on all my equipment even though all of our other electronics work fine. THANKS!

itsnotme227 - December 28, 2012

Life saver! Entirely helped!!!

ben - December 30, 2012

yesss. finally 😀

Jennifer - December 31, 2012

Thank you. Wasted hours with the errors until we found your solution. Perfect.

Chance - January 1, 2013

I have tried this 3 times no luck.

Clark - January 1, 2013

Thanks alot! Seriously? Manual configuration? Now that’s a hassle. Owe you one 😀

TSA - January 1, 2013

This has been worthless. At first it got me past the “Connection to device” issue, and even got me into the “Downloading update” screen. Then after about 5 min, the connection died with an error (108-0066 i belive, and now it wont even get past the Device connection.

Keen - January 1, 2013

@TSA: I’m sorry to hear that the advice here didn’t work well for you. Perhaps someone who was able to fix the error you’re getting can chime in to assist.

You - January 2, 2013

R Awesome

ladiesmen217 - January 6, 2013

I got the “X” only on internet, but instead of adding 10 to the IP adress. i added 11 and it worked for me, thank’s fot the help

Chris - January 7, 2013

Great post nintendo owes you big time!
I have one question tho. If I am useing ipconfig/all to find my ISP’s DNS server and I only get one address, should I just leave secondary blank?

Chris - January 7, 2013

I just answered my own question sorry about that… Obviously yes secondary is

Robbo - January 7, 2013

Thank you so much it nearly went out the window!!

jean-marc - January 8, 2013

please i need help. my connection works and the browser application works but when i try any other application online like miiverse or eshop (or Cod 2 online for example) it just says “error code 102-something (it varies, sometimes it’s 102-2593) and it just won’t work. i sometimes manage to use miiverse for an instance but then the error code appears again after a while. this never happens on my 3ds or my old wii. please help!!!!

daniel - January 9, 2013

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !!!! have been sat here for an hour and finally got it working with you help thank you. easy to follow steps and work first time

Rob - January 9, 2013

I’ve done everything said and I STILL can’t connect. My Wii U acknowledges that there’s a Wi-Fi connection, but won’t connect to the internet. I’ve followed every step and still nothing. Is there any other way to get it to work?

kim - January 15, 2013

I like rob have had the same result. It recognises there is a connection to the Network but it wont connect to the internet

os - January 18, 2013

Hi everybody, first of all, im spanish, so, sorry about my english. I write this in order to help people who was dessesperate trying to get to the internet like me. I had tried connecting manually, the wii u connected to the router, but there´s no conecction to internet, and there were errors 103-2001 to 103-2004. I had read a lot of posts about things that works for another people, some of them are: clearing all the saved conecctions, and putting again a new conecction manually; put a +15, +30, in the ip (as long as the value is less than 254), each connected device to the router occupies one lot, so, adding the number is to make sure that lot is empty; reset the router; if your device is something like a motorola, search about connections trouble´s in the red (nintendo´s page has something about it); and finally, the one who make´s my nintendo connect to the internet, clear your password in the router, then connect using the manual way, and that work´s for me, you can put the password back when the update finishes.

Iforgotthename - January 19, 2013

Thanks aloooooot! it first didnt worked when i added 10 to the IP tried 11 and it works Great!

Neil - January 22, 2013

This is a big thanks to Kevin. I entered the default gateway found in my router’s basic settings as the gateway, which was wrong. So for the gateway just input your routers basic IP address. Don’t add 10 or so for this. It worked for me. This will be a common mistake because when looking for the gateway in router settings, DEFAULT GATEWAY was the only option which said anything about a gateway. I have emailed Nintendo about this so hopefully most people will be sorted soon.

Pink - January 27, 2013

Thanks so much. I just just got my Wii U after 2 months of layaway(Kmart, great for poor people) and i couldnt connect to my home Wi-Fi for anything. This worked instantly, and now i can finally….wait 2 hours for it to update HA! But still, this helped so much.

Justin - January 27, 2013

Thank you SO much. This saved a lot of frustration in trying to set up my Wii U’s internet connectivity. It was an easy to use guide and I pretty much ran around my basement cheering when it worked.

Benjamin - January 28, 2013

Excellent. Thanks, worked like a charm.

We have tow routers, and so two ip addresses, the one on the other side of the house (Which my business uses) my WiiU would connect to fine, but the one where all my consoles and such is, not at all… It does now though, so thank you again. 🙂

RaVVV - February 4, 2013

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WOW THXXXXXXXXXXX

Iowajames - February 7, 2013

Worked great, thanks!

Katie - February 17, 2013

It took me two nights to figure out what was wrong – I could connect to the router but not to the internet. Turns out my Gateway Surfboard was not liking the IP address I chose (I used the above instructions and chose 23 at the end). I went to my router settings and tried to add the MAC address myself but it wouldn’t allow me to use any number over 20! Luckily 12 was open and it allowed me to add the Wii U and then it connected just fine. I’m so happy, I was getting ready to take this thing right back to Target! Now if it will finish updating I can finally have some fun!

Derek Coleman - February 18, 2013

I am a gamer and yes i go so fustraded thanks for breaking it down so i can understand how to do i i will give it a try onece i get my modem prob fixed.

Derek Coleman - February 19, 2013

if i can offer a sugestion here. my bro helped me out with this we changed the router channel to the higest channel witch was 11 and setted the router from n to g so give this sugestion a try too. so far i havent had a prob.

Huangwei - February 27, 2013

Hey it still doesn’t works for me. I am using fibre optics, model number of my router is DVG-N5402SP

Nick - March 2, 2013

Thank you so much.. We were searching for a few Days to get solution. And finale The connection is working. Thanks

kay - March 4, 2013

Thank you so much you are a rockstar worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott - March 8, 2013

Thank you. These instructions allowed me to connect to my router, but not to the internet. So I read on a different forum to try this. In step #8, it tells you to add 10 to your ip address. I did that. Well, it connected to my router, but not to the internet, so this other forum said to try not adding 10. I changed it back to the original ip that was in my ipconfig, now I have “the connection test was successful”. So yeah, this is going out to whoever can connect to their router, but not to the internet. Anyways, great instructions, thankyou so much!

Jonathan - March 12, 2013

Ok, after a frustrating morning, I found your blog and this worked right off. Device is ‘Downloading data for update…’ now! I couldn’t get it to connect to my router, even though it could see the SSID. Manually plugging in the addresses worked. Thank you!

Waffles - March 14, 2013

Got it! thanks for your help. I also had no connection, then network device but no interent. Finally went back and did the whole process from step 1 and it connected to the internet! thanks!

Miguel - March 19, 2013

I can’t connect to network device. Nothing is interfering with my signal, I tried adding ten, adding a random number, Using the same number, and I tried the Google DNS and My DNS… Help?

Miguel - March 19, 2013

Didn’t auto obtain either settings. When I erase all my connection settings and try to connect to my router, it says can’t connect to network device… :/ still an error 103-1001

leah - March 22, 2013

thank you so much. my poor husband was just devastated, the wii u would hook up to the android no problem, but not the internet. this totally helped. thanks. I also had to disable ‘n’, and change the security format, I think the techy who installed my internet was not considering the wii

Jovek - March 22, 2013

Hey it works! Thanks for all man!

David - March 29, 2013

Wheres connection types, system settings?

Rich - April 4, 2013

Just wanted to say what a helpful post this was. Really appreciated it. Thankyou

Armando - April 8, 2013

I got the connection to router and internet but then it ask me for an update and when i say yes it comes error: 103-1004 :/

Leonard - April 11, 2013

Thanx so very much. A Valuabla bit of information !!!!!!!

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