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Second Generation of SkylandersIt’s been around a year since the launch of Skylanders, and I finally finished collecting all of the first gen. I knew it would take off when it first came out because the game is not only fun but collecting all the Skylanders has a really cool toy/collecting element.  The figures themselves are really neat too.

Both Keen and I are excited about Skylanders Giants coming out on the 18th of this month.  The new site recently went up showcasing the Giants.  They look great, and I’m anxious to see how they’re worked into the game.  There are 8 Giants,  8 Lightcore, and something like 8 new Skylanders plus a few returning.  Lightcore figures are special. When put on the portal the light shines through them giving them a neat luminescent look, and they also have special abilities.  The returning Skylanders are in new poses, and are able to level higher than the cap of the previous game to get new special powers.

All Skylanders Figures
My first gen Skylanders Collection

Even though Skylanders is a game designed for kids, and that’s definitely their target audience, it would be nice if they gave an option for increased difficulty.  While there are some difficult spots, it would be nice to have a little more challenge across the board.  Going along the same thought, I think harder or more complex puzzles would be nice.   We both wish there was an online battle component, or online multiplayer.  It would be really neat to play online, since Skylanders supports co-op play so well.

Given the popularity of the first game, it’s a given that the second generation will be sold out well in advance of the holiday season.  You’ll need to decide quickly between the Portal Owner Pack since it’s cheaper if you already have the first game, or the Skylanders Giants Start Kit which comes with two regular figures plus a giant.  Technically the starter kit makes buying more Skylanders difficult/expensive because you’ll end up getting duplicates in three-packs (which are cheaper than buying individual figures).

Since so many of you showed a surprisingly high level of interest in my posts about the Skylanders, I’ll definitely keep you updated with my thoughts on Skylanders Giants.

  • Our family loved the first game and we own almost every one them. But hearing the news that Series 1 characters can level up to 15 but will NOT contain the new “Uber” upgrades and that you will need to buy the SAME character, only series 2, is a deal breaker. (Unless I misunderstood something from this article.)

    I’m extremely disappointed in this business decision. It’s already the most expensive game by far, I don’t know what they were thinking.

    So I won’t be spending another cent on this game.

    Just a Damn shame! I really hope I’m misunderstanding something.

  • I understand where you are coming from and completely agree that having to buy to figures again just to get their special upgrades doesn’t sound very appealing.

    However, I don’t really know how the tech works with the figures. They store all of your character data on the figure itself, that way you can take it to a friends house, play cross-platform, etc. If they come up with some new power upgrade options or features for the next game it doesn’t really seem like they would have a way to integrate those new things into existing figures.

    Is it convenient for them that it forces people to re-buy almost everything? Of course yeah, but I don’t know what other option they would have if they wanted to keep their same mobile figure schtick while also introducing new game features/upgrades.

    Honestly, I’m going to start off trying to just pick up the NEW skylanders and later on down the road decide if the 2.0 versions are worth it or not.

  • If they offered a “trade in” with an “I’m sorry the tech changed and you will have to level them again, but you will get the new powers” I would give them more of a benefit of the doubt. The fact they aren’t doesn’t give me much faith.

    They talked back when 1 was out that they would be able to be used in future games. Allowing them only level up and THEN have the exact same characters with new powers for sale is just wrong in my mind right now.

    Currently the fact we spent hundreds of dollars it is just really disappointing. Their game was pretty good…..but not THAT good!

  • Think of it this way. When we were kids we collected action figures. There was Batman who had a grappling hook, Batman with a cape, batman with a gun, batman with a punching arm, Batman with a glider, and so on. We didn’t just buy one Batman. I have like 5 Raphael TMNT each with something that made me want to buy that particular Ninja Turtle. I don’t know your situation, but I’m willing to bet you or your kids are the same way.

    I think that’s what they’re going for with these. It’s not a case where you have to re-buy everything. Buy only the new ones. If you liked the old one, you can use that old one and still level him up.

    Graev and I have been discussing this together over Skype extensively and we both conclude that they’re first in the business of making money. Then they’re in the business of making toys. Lastly they’re in the business of making a game. I think their business model is such that if you truly want to collect them all you’re going to end up paying for it as you do anything that becomes a collectible.

  • I’m going to guess by the prices on craigslist that I’m seeing that Skylanders 1 is still too popular to get the figures cheap yet. My g/f wants to play the game, but I rarely spend 60 dollars on a game (GW2 was an exception), let alone 100’s to collect a bunch of figures.

    Any cheap ways to obtain a good portion if not all of the version 1 yet?

  • Toys R Us has an entire aisle dedicated to them near the video game section. You can get many of them for the store price. Some of them will be more rare than others, and you’ll probably pay 25-50% over their MSRP, but you don’t have to have them all unless you want them all.

  • I completely agree with what you all saying and I “get it”. I guess it boils down for me that I was already on the fence about number 2, so this tipped it right off. I was trying to find a way to “want” to play this game and get into again, but now it’s just kinda blah.

    Now to clarify, I’m a collecting junkie (I have hundreds of hotweels in their original packages). So I understand that part of it (which I LOVE). But this just feels like a “lazy” way to cash in. Heck I don’t have any problem with the “glow” version. That feels different. But to only take the same guy, give him a different pose and give him uber powers (which affects gameplay) over your original. Took the fire out of it for me. They could have released “Series 2” with cool new armor set or look and have the figure in a new poses and that may make me want to buy a duplicate.

    When my 8 and 10 year old boys watched some Giants movies about a month ago they were already luke warm about it. They said the game looks exactly the same. I was kind of surprised by their responses. They are both really into Minecraft and building stuff, so I get it.

    When I mentioned to them last night that they could use the old guys, but they couldn’t get the new powers unless they bought the new ones my 10 year old said, “Eh…the game is kind of boring anyway.” Maybe the new game will be better, we’ll see.

    So really this may be a mute point. I think deep down I was more excited for the game then they are. Maybe their target audience is actually the older crowd, ahahah!

    I haven’t ruled it out….I’m just not waiting on it anymore.

  • I think what I like so much about Skylanders is how it has so many angles. Graev likes collecting and playing the game with them. I like playing the game because I find it a relaxing, fun adventure in a cute whimsical world that reminds me of a cartoon — each mission feels like an episode.

    All they need now is a cartoon like Viva Pinata and they’ll capture an even bigger market of little kids (and big kids like me).

  • Have a friend at a Best Buy that told me they have the boxes of Giants figure already in their warehouse, but obviously waiting till 10/21/12 to put them on the shelves. Though was wondering if some stores don’t put them out a bit early Hmmmmm

  • my kids are playing them atm. just picked them up. got the two giants, they light up and the game is pretty much the same as the first one so far. the giants can do different things like break through stuff by walking into it. can’t see the old ones being used anymore now that they have these giant ones. also have way better stats 140 in attack and defense for crusher.