Black Ops 2 Zombies = Awesome

I may end up buying Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  I skipped MW3 because it was all just more of the same.  I played MW2, Black ops, and just couldn’t bring myself to play in a frag box again.  Now I see that Black Ops 2 has this amazing looking Zombie gameplay.  Not just the zombie mode from Black Ops, but several different modes.

The Zombies Reveal Trailer looks pretty awesome:

“Tranzit” and “Grief” are the two modes I think show the most promise.

In Tranzit your group of four roams the large world map in a bus, visiting your choice of locations.  It’s like Left4Dead in a way, but more open.  You even get to craft.

Grief mode is all about “4Z4” where your team of 4 goes against another team of 4 all while having to deal with zombies.  This mode sounds like it will turn out to be quite competitive.

The zombie modes seem like a game all on their own.  Plus, the regular BLOPS2 single-player and the traditional multiplayer (which is apparently receiving some improvements) make this a value-driven purchase decision for me.

  • Watched the video.. and I’m not sold.

    The last call of duty became boring quickly to me.
    I guess I’m just done with the whole call of duty thing till they reinvent themselves.

    Playing borderlands 2 for my fps fix and looking forward to the Xcom enemy unknown game in a few weeks.

    Also still hoping to acquire a planetside 2 key. Speaking of [;ametsode 2. I know you play that game. Have they fixed the blurry texture problem and the occasional person floating on the ground bug by now? (as far as I know the nda was lifted for the game)

  • I agree that the CoD formula is now dry, but the zombie modes sound quite neat. I haven’t played a game like it.

    For PS2, I don’t think think so.