Allods Cash Shop Prices Come Down

Some big changes have just hit the cash shop in Allods Online.  Prices have dropped significantly yet still remain slightly higher than the Russians pay.  The expected result that players would welcome any cash shop change was immediately apparent within the first minute of the change.  People are shouting their excitement and are now expressing renewed interest in continuing to play.  I too am very happy that right now I can at least afford to continue playing where before I would have had to quit the game altogether.

Some analysis of the cash shop:

Vial of Perfume reduced from 75gP to 25gP
Large Perfume Kit reduced from 1350gP to 300gP
60% Savings by purchasing in bulk, yet still 3x the prices paid in Russia. Let’s put this into a workable number.  Let’s say you want to play for 1.5 hours per night and do a dungeon or PvP or whatever and always be under to effects of perfume.  1.5 h/day, 7 days a week,  4 weeks a month = $12.60 / month.  That’s affordable.  Up that to 2 hours a night and you’re paying $16.80 / month.  That’s a big jump but still affordable.

A level 10 rune costs $1,998.78 now which is incredibly cheaper than it was…. but still, who is going to buy one?  Interesting enough the Russians have patched their runes to now be more powerful than they were which may offer further incentive to buy runes.  Perhaps there is an affordable rank of runes that players will find as a sort of ‘sweet spot’ for cost vs. effectiveness.

The respecs and bigger bags, along with many other wanted items, are still not in the cash shop.  This has some players still bothered but overall the consensus is that people are willing to spend money and now they can.   Lots of people from our guild had put the game down until good news came to pull them back.  Perhaps this will be that good news.

This announcement was going to be my Stay or Go point.  Right now this has me staying and willing to continue investing time and effort.

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