Quick Conglomoblog

Sorry for the silence lately.  It’s been a busy time for the RL and overall uneventful for gaming these past few days but I wanted to give you guys a quick update on what’s been going on.

Classes start again for me today.  It shouldn’t be too bad.  I’ve kept the schedule light with 12 units due to the subjects and the work load associated with these specific classes.  I think the most interesting class this time around will be Microecnomics.  We shall see.  My schedule is decent as well.   On Monday/Wednesday I have class from 7am to 1:47pm and on Tuesday/Thursday from 11:40am to 1:53pm.  Out in the early afternoon and no classes on Friday this time around.

I’ve leveled my Ironrbeaker on Phoenix Throne to level 37 and some exp.  He’s a powerhouse that struggles very little to kill anyone 3-4 levels above him.  In RvR his damage is a bit low but his survivability is pretty good with a decent healer.  I’m bored out of my mind with the questing, but I still enjoy scenarios and open-rvr when they’re more than RvE or blowouts.   My Shaman on Dark Crag was dusted off this past weekend.  After hearing about the Shaman and Archmage mechanic undergoing a complete overhaul (the details of which are still unknown) it made me want to make sure I still enjoyed playing him.  I do.

Call of Duty 4 has seen a lot of playtime from me lately.  It’s my go-to game that I always play when I’m bored of everything else or wanting to hop in and shoot some terrorists for a few minutes before heading out to class or to a meeting.  I had to level a new profile which hasn’t been too bad at all.  I’m almost rank 55 and the game is proving to still be the best shooter I’ve played.

Darkfall launches on the 25th.  Looks like it could actually make the deadline this time given what all the leaks are saying.  The only thing that concerns me is that we’re seeing zero developer communication, save for an interview with MMORPG.com that said they’re going to make the launch date.  Given Aventurine’s way of doing things, I would not be one bit surprised if they really do launch on the 25th with absolutely no heads up.  Tasos did say that pre-orders would be available and that the game could be downloaded early… but again, no info.  Aside from these details or lack thereof, the game looks great (read: great enough) and it should be a very interesting (read: different) approach to MMORPGs – hopefully one that sticks since I’m a fanboy of the ideal outcome of a PvP Sandbox.   K&G’s Darkfall community is going strong.   We’re ready for launch.

  • I forgot to include Battleforge in there. I’ve been playing the occasional battle here and there and getting better at the game. The game rocks from a gameplay perspective. I’m just concerned about the investment of real money and how it absolutely gives an advantage.

  • Ironbreakers are overrated. Until you break the magical strength barrier, running as a DPS IB is rough. And who knows what 1.2 is going to do to the whole mess 😛

    CoD 4 is meh. I would fall back to CoD 2 if I had to, but I have Left 4 Dead which is my bore-o-meter game o’ the month.

    Or Maple Story… yes Maple Story 😛

  • Its funny but COD4 almost immediately displaced TF2 for me as a Multi-player fragging fix yet now a year later I find myself going back to TF2 more often. I still think that COD4 is a superb game but perhaps the bare essentials of TF2 have more longevity. I am not particularly good at either game but I actually suspect that TF2 is a harder game to play well.

  • I fail to see what is good about Darkfall online, you make it sound all glamorous but if its releasing on the 25th, it must have fail marketing. I have heard very little about it, the game play from what I have seen looks AoC-ish. But in Australia, and most of the internet, does not look like many people know about this game, therefore will have a low player base to begin with.

  • I don’t think I have once made Darkfall out to sound glamorous. It has potential to create MY ‘ideal’ sandbox experience, but it’s going to be FAAAAAARRRR from glamorous. You’d have to be insane to think that.