a Creepy Valentine from Mythic…

valentinefront valentineback

(Sorry about the photo quality.  The camera was acting up and the memory stick wasn’t being read so we had to use another.)

We received something else from Mythic in the mail today!  It appears to be some form of creepy Valentine with the following words:

“Roses are Red, My heart is black.  If I tore off your head, I’d mail it right back.”

I wonder what it could mean… the first package from Mythic hinted at the Slayer being added.  The valentine has blood splatters, the words, the black lips, and something on the back that could mean absolutely nothing.  The first things that come to mind are the obvious:  “Mail” could hint at something with the mail system; the black lips could be a “kiss” from a Witch Elf; or it could be something to do with a live event coming for Valentine’s day.  If you think about what the words are saying then you might get the impression that if you kill someone you can send them their head back – maybe this means we’ll get to have brags or something to send the people we kill… or something else entirely.

What do you guys think?

  • Russell Gusto says:


  • Cailaris says:

    Live event.

  • Regis says:

    Valentine’s Day live event?

    Noooo, please Mythic. Don’t do a Blizzard.

  • Wickidd says:

    Good one Mythic. This one has me stumped. I definitely think he has something to do with a live event for Valentine’s Day. Beyond that…I am not sure.

    This love letter from Mythic makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.;)

  • Howdy Doody says:

    well if they are trying to fire me up with their cheap ads….Um….ITS WORKING!

  • Chappo says:

    “Roses are Red, My heart is black. If I tore off your head, I’d mail it right back.”

    Could be some sort of live event with a new boss or something because it sounds like a pretty nasty guy talking…live evnt introduces new dungeon????

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  • MAlik says:

    it seams a lot of other people are getting these as well
    and they all have a number with them like keens which is 9/13
    and also comes with a letter “v” someone else was “I” and 4/13 suggesting that theirs 13. each with a letter. which means a 13 letter word? with v in its ninth place and I in its forth?

  • Dastion says:

    13 letter word you say?


    Parse it and figure it out! :p

  • Dastion says:

    Just an addendum to that last bit. It likely isn’t a 13 letter word, more like a phrase if anything. http://www.oneacross.com/ is a good site for figuring out words you only know part of (what can I say, I’m resourceful :p).

    Though, it really does just sound like a hint at a valentines Live Event that will, if you complete it, allow you to play the Slayer and Choppa a week early :p

  • Jeg says:

    Valentine’s Day has 13 letters. Or perhaps its a throw off. Maybe the event starts on Valentine’s Day and you have a month or something to “unlock” an early launch of the Choppa and Slayer. Then on Friday the 13th (March 13th) they launch to the public?

  • Jeg says:

    Nevermind. February has a Friday the 13th too, lol. So yeah, I bet the classes launch of February 13th (since most of the big wigs at Mythic probably have Saturdays off).

  • PQQ says:

    Sending someone his own head in the mail will become the WAR version of tea-bagging.

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  • skalf says:

    well the black lips might be a bitch of a clue, as well as black heart.

    the “black heart coven” are hellebron’s hand picked body guards.
    hellebron is a witch elf and in WAR and is currently set up at
    the “cliffs of vaul.” the V is 9th letter, but only 12 letters so not sure on that…. unless you count the period?

    but some one else posted something about a 4/13 with an I
    .that would have worked if it was 3/13.. hmm any more ideas anyone?

  • skalf says:

    hmm typo .. meant to say “bit of a clue”, guess i was just thinking about how much i hate witch elves hehe

  • skalf says:

    ok i found a few other blog sites with more clues.. im completely addicted to this puzzle. luckily the sights already have the clues somewhat figured out.

    the poems all hint at dark elves with clues like night of murder referring to “death night” a witch elf holiday.

    and a third poem sign by “which elf?” notice the spelling of which.

    and the one here that has black heart in it.. i personally think its referring to the black heart coven.

    i think we are suppose to be looking for a specific dark elf in the cliffs of vaul location that will appear on death night (valentines day).

    there will probably be a live event for the 13 days preceding death night. hopefully the event will be centered around the slayer and choppa with players fighting each day to gather a new clue for this puzzle.

    i think we have a few clues already though
    I 4/13 V 9/13 and some one claimed 7 6/13 .. but posted no screen shot. sorry for the post spam .. just had to share =D

  • Yitu says:

    How about a vampire-kiss on valentine? Or do you think we will all get flowers? 😛

  • GreenT says:

    They will be fixing the ingame mail system! 😀
    This or during Valentine’s Day event Witch Elves finally get what they deserve – nerfed for just one night in a year!

    Seriously, some bloody celebration instead of sending sweet love-you-pumpkin postcards? – totally Warhammerish! Couldn’t agree more. Now, how does slayer&choppa and fixing of Fortress endgame go with it? 🙂 They’d better come up with those fixes first. Still great game though.

  • jmdw12 says:

    I bet it`s MORATHI the witch queen.
    She will show up in an RvR lake during the death night a dark elf holiday.

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  • skalf says:

    ive decided that think the 7 is actualy &.
    thats what you get when you hold shift and press 7.

  • syncaine says:

    Fun stuff, and good job Mythic.

    Hopefully the upcoming event is indeed a ‘release party’ for the new classes, including early access and all that. Getting a head from a defeated opponent in RvR would be good stuff, reminds me of UO and having a house vendor just for your victims heads.

  • Dream Lane says:

    Maybe it’s a sign they will give us the ability to make male(mail) witch elves? LoL

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  • Bootae says:

    Could it refer to the Dark Elven festival of Death Night?
    There’s an explanation of in the relgion section on wikipedia’s dark elf page…

  • Bootae says:

    bah comments messed up the link, it’s on wikipedia if u use search for “Dark Elves (Warhammer)”

  • Jynx says:

    I think this is a life threatening letter, you should take it to a lawyer and get expertise… then you should sue mythic for harassing you:)

  • logris says:

    death night seems right, witch elves round up every one they can catch slaughter them and bathe in their blood, and yes the fluff does involve morathi in it, for those who don’t know she is the witch kings mother, queen mother of the dark elves.

  • Snowy says:

    I’m gonna Slayer you. And Choppa your head right off. SOunds like the two new classes are scheduled for a Valentine’s Day live event. 🙂 It be massacre time!

  • Darthlawyer says:

    In the Vampire lords trilogy, I believe the “Blood Kiss” is the term for the gift of the undead’s count’s eternal life.

    There is a kiss (lipstick) and blood on the envelope.

  • Edge says:

    Look at the word heart its spelled “hL2rt”

  • Valaya says:

    Edge has a point. Heart is spelled weirdly, as well as the “T” in “tore” and the “A” in “are” and “head”. the “A”‘s in “black”, “mail” and “back” are all regular “A”‘s, so those need to be a clue. As of what it means, I have no idea.

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  • FenixStryk says:

    Are trophies in the game? Maybe it has to do with wearing your opponent’s head as a trophy?

  • Anon says:

    The holiest time of the year for Dark Elves is Death Night. During this night the Witch Elves rule the streets of the Dark Elf cities, capturing anyone they find (whether they are slaves or Dark Elves) and dragging them back to the temples as sacrifice to Khaine. The Witch Elves will even go so far as to break into houses, which has led to Dark Elf families barricading windows and doors during this night. On Death Night, the Witch Elves will also steal away a number of children. Girls captured like this will be trained to become Witch Elves. Boys are tossed in a cauldron of boiling blood. Those that survive are trained to be true adepts of Khaine: the feared assassins. As dawn breaks after Death Night, it is customary for those who lived through the night to make a sacrifice from their own household (usually a favoured slave or elderly relative) as a thanks to the Lord of Murder for sparing their family.

    Wonder if this will have something to do with their event.

  • Darandragon says:

    I used a crossword answer finder and searched for an answer that would be 13 letters long and have an I as the 4th letter and a V as th 9th and these results came up.

    ciliary veins, groined vault, nominal value, and variola virus; if you are counting the spaces

    If you are only considering words without spaces you would get indissolvable and vesiculovirus.

    If I were to place bets on any of the words that came up in the search it would be the results with virus in them, particularly the variola virus which is the virus that causes smallpox.

    If this is true, could this mean that we are getting biological warfare in WAR? Any thoughts?

  • Jester says:

    From the history of Warhammer

    “Witches Night; The night where the Witch Elves run wild after becoming drugged and kidnap anyone they find back to their holds in order to sacrifice them to Khaine, the Bloody Handed God of Murder. No one is safe from these kidnappings, not even their own kin.

    Beware the Witch elves this eve, or you may never see tomorrow”

  • Jaz says:

    Backwards it fits…

    WAR Event Birth

  • skalf says:

    cross word answer finders arent going to work since a lot of warhammer lore is spelled irregularly.

  • Shawn says:

    The 9 is awfully far away from the /13 for me to think it’s even connected.

    If it write 9/13 it’s all jammed up together, this looks like:

    9 /13 to me instead of 9/13

  • skalf says:

    the “T” in “tore off your head” looks like an upside down “F”

  • Kuldr says:

    Vampire, Slayer… theres hints at vampires i thnk just given the blood and the black lipstick kiss… maybe da choppa is a throw off. I havent read too much about warhammer lore so maybe im wrong and vamp cant be chaos… vampire= 7letter word. Slayer =6letter word. Which makes 13… might be totally wrong but you never know 🙂

  • Messenger says:

    – t n i – t n – v e r a –
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

    3 blogs left unamed at this time and Wall of Text blog yet to report his numbers/letter

    Is this what everyone else has or am I incorrect anywhere?

  • Sto says:

    Maybe we’ll be able to loot heads from players we kill, load them into a siege weapon and lob it right back at them.

    It’s likely there will be a live event etc too.

  • Bonegasher says:

    Well, to me it makes sense to read it backward, which could lead to WAREVENT… the question is: WAREVENTHINTS or BIRTH as mentioned above? in my opinion HINTS makes more sense, since it would be some kind of validation that those death knight theories are close or even correct. But as far as i read those cards there is no obvios connection to slayer or choppa. Did i miss the connex? Or is it just hoping and wishing? Greetings from austria 😉

  • Izgreengo says:

    Someone on A wall of text posted.


  • Izgreengo says:

    Guess it would help if I read further up.Sorry for not adding anything new.Maybe try looking at the cards in a mirror,some of the letters seem to be backwards in the text.

  • Pontifex says:

    Maybe they’re telling us that witch elves will finally get nerfed. That IS exciting.

  • oozx says:

    war event ninth

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  • Greg says:

    Add me to the list!!

    Just got my letter today!

    8/13 – L

  • sinprime says:

    Perhaps the valentine is indicating “The Choppa”!

    Think about it: “Tore off your head” is like saying “Chopped off your head” without outright saying “chop” …. Just a thought anyway.

    It would make sense if the 1st hint was indicating the Dwarf Slayer and now the 2nd hint is slating towards the Choppa.

  • Lordan says:

    Not sure why, but seeing the Hl2rt is black. It makes me think of Black Mesa from HL2. Clearly, not correct, but it came to mind.

  • Messenger says:

    The 2 popular answers are that it spells (backwards in both cases)

    War Event Hints (13 letters and matches what we have so far)


    War Event Ninth (same thing)

    I’m leaning towards a War evet starting Monday the 9th of February going thru Friday the 13th (Night of Murder) and all tieing in with Valentines day the 14th explaining the LOVELY valentines you all got.

    Just my opinion.

  • Messenger says:

    They just announced it on the Herald

    several Live events

    live expansion

    2 new classes


  • skalf says:

    well the 13 riddle is all wrong is 8/13 = L

  • Howdy Doody says:

    NEW INFO at WAR site…


    “Exclusive Bitter Rivals siege weapons: Giants and Flame Cannons” … Oh HELL yea!

  • Yeah Giants as siege weapons looks insane! And bring on the Choppa!!! Must Chop more!!! Chop Chop chop chop chop!

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