WAR Guild Transfer Debacle

I’ve mentioned the situation surrounding my guild’s failed transfer to Dark Crag.

Cliffs Notes: The transfer was supposed to work.  It didn’t. Petitioned November 26. No response.  Updated petition. No response. Made a forum post.  No help there.   Last resort = Blog post to make noise about it.

Long version/forum post:

My guild transfered off of Wolfenburg to Dark Crag on November 26. I went through the transfer process, following all of the procedures to the letter, and the guild was disbanded on Wolfenburg accordingly. The next step was the create a new guild on Dark Crag after transferring my character. Upon creating this new guild my previous guild’s level and renown should have transfered to the new guild. Well, it didn’t. It created a new guild without the renown or the level. I promptly relogged, refreshed my UI, asked other guildies, and reread the transfer process several times. Nothing on my end went wrong or should have gone wrong.

When I exhausted all self-troubleshooting I sent in a petition. There wasn’t a reply so I updated my current one and still have not heard anything. It’s been over a week now and my guild is rather agitated that we don’t have our guild heraldry or scrolls, or any of the other perks we spent time earning from launch until this point.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I heard from someone that this happened to other guilds during previous transfers and the issue was resolved. Does anyone know how I would go about getting this resolved? Obviously the petition isn’t doing anything.

Help is appreciated.

So now I have posted this here on my blog because, honestly, I have no other place to turn. Do I call CSR’s and complain or hope that one day my in-game petition is answered?

Someone in the forum post that I made had this to say:

“Our guilds petition for them to fix it was in the hands of CSRs for over a month(we were rank 19). They didnt help us and around when our “new” guild hit rank 9 — every single officier we had quit the game. They do not even have a category for guild issues on the appeal thing.

My best advice to you to avoid heartache is to merge with another guild NOW and count the old one lost.”

I’m trying to be cool about it, but honestly it’s killing my desire to log in. I don’t want to get nasty or start throwing out wild accusations about customer service’s performance. I’ll simply leave it at this for now: Please help, Mythic. (Character name: Morkeen // Guild name: Happy Fun Guyz // Server: Dark Crag)

Update December 5th – I received a response from Andy (Community Coordinator) and hopefully should see something fixed here soon.

“Howdy MKL…

It’s an issue that is usually correctable by our CS team. If you’ve submitted an appeal regarding this issue it should have been escalated to a supervisor, if not go ahead and PM me the following information and I’ll forward it along:

Guild Name
GM Name
GM Account name


I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens.

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Hav0k - December 4, 2008

Pretty bad on their part to mess up on these transfers. I don’t think it’s too serious if it doesn’t work out, the advice that guy posted is a good secondary option; Merging with another guild that is.

Neil - December 5, 2008

What has happened to your guild is unacceptable. The guild concept is one of the fundamentals behind the game and such issues should be treated in professional manner.

However, if you carry on with these dark thoughts, it will ruin the game and is the really an ideal outcome. No. So I think its best to just get on and level from scratch. You will get there in the end.

Werit - December 5, 2008

Strange, ours worked perfectly. Hopefully this works 🙂

syncaine - December 5, 2008

Yea no issues with ours, so you must have hit a rare snag. Hopefully they get back to you soon (I would not trust the cesspool that is the forums for advice)

Cochese - December 5, 2008

Another instance of Warhammer not trying their hardest to right the ship. Seeing as they lack polish, you would think they would make up for it with great customer support.

Howdy Doody - December 5, 2008

See this kinda stuff really upsets me. When you know they have a log on the other server showing what your guild was. So why not just add a new record in the new database. Even if you lose all the other stuff setup in the guild, at least let you start a new guild at the correct rank.

The fact it has taken that long is just stupid.

Keen - December 5, 2008

Updated the blog post to reflect a response I received from Andy (Community Coordinator). Looks like I should get some help.

Nevare - December 5, 2008

Now all he needs is your GM’s account password… ;P

Longasc - December 5, 2008

Really, they need to improve their guild transfer system. You are for sure not the only case.

It is great that the CM Andy is going to help you. But on the other hand it is bad that one needs a blog and some renown to receive that kind of help.

Malik - December 5, 2008

Longasc has it exactly right you get an answer now after you make some noise what about the people who cant make any noise?

Ludo - December 5, 2008

I hope this gets resolved: I’m totally crossing my fingers for ya. I must say our entire guild transfer went without a hitch when CoWs went to our new server. Good news: you’ll love the new sever if it plays anything like ours. It’s like On-demand ORVR all day/night. I Logged in at 3am EST and would you believe I jumped right into a warband and starting skirmishing and taking keeps til work the next morning!

Russell Gusto - December 5, 2008

WAR is a debacle in general I think. Keen have you been keeping an eye on Darkfall? If they pull it off watch out! Wish you could get in the beta and post some videos. I still think your AoC videos were the most hillarious ever.

Good luck with your guild transfer.

Stefson - December 6, 2008

I agree with Russell.
If DFO pulls it off, gets a nice launch and some decent exposure, WAR is going to feel it.

WOW LK already made a serious dent. It only takes a couple little bumps along the road to be pushed in the AoC direction.

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