Research: Gold Sales and You

I mentioned last week that I would be raising several questions to you over the next few weeks as I begin researching and gathering information to write my research paper on MMORPGs and their effect on the players and our society.   The purpose of posting this on my blog is to gather real player and developer feedback regarding the topics, questions, and ideas that I propose.  The comments left here can be anonymous if you choose.  I will use this feedback to help shape various parts of my paper and anything written here should be done with the knowledge that it may or may not be used in my research paper.  Note: Any examples provided with the questions are purely to get you thinking and not to set the tone or provoke a certain response from you.

Okay, on to the questions.  As the topic indicates, it’s about Gold Sales and you!  I want to know:

1.  Have you ever purchased gold, items, or other virtual goods?

1a-1. If yes, why?  (Example:  “Because it’s easier to buy it than to earn it myself” or “Because I needed the money for my mount”.)

1a-2.  If no, what do think of those who purchase gold and other items?  (Example: “I don’t care what people do with their money” or “I think they’re the lowest forms of scum on the earth!”.)

2.  If buying gold was allowed by the developers of the game you are playing, would you feel more or less inclined to purchase gold?

3.  How do you honestly feel about the companies that sell virtual goods?  How do you feel about the employees of the companies that sell virtual goods?

3a. Does the fact that many of these companies base their work force out of Asia lead you to feel any racial animosity?

4.  Have you ever been “spammed” with gold-selling advertisements in-game?

If yes, please expand upon your feelings towards this form of advertisement and include how you feel when it happens and what lengths you’ve gone to to stop future “spam”.  (Example: UI Mods to block)

Please feel free to expand upon these questions as much as you wish and include any other feedback pertaining to the sale and purchase of virtual goods.  Discussion amongst yourselves, and even a little healthy debate, is encouraged.

I appreciate your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and time!

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