T4 reignites the awesome in WAR!

Here there be Dragons...

Here there be Dragons...

If you’re playing Warhammer Online, and you’re like me (a jaded vet who has seen it all), then you probably experienced (or have already experienced) the doubt.  It’s the lingering feeling in the back of your mind making you question “Is this it?  Is there going to be more to it?”.  Let me put your minds at ease!

Tonight a group of us from HFG decided to take things up a notch and go to T4, even though we still belonged in T3 based on our levels (25-30).  We decided we wanted to experiences a few different PQ’s and earn influence, experience, and money for the guild funds.  Since we were already in Saphery/Avelorn area we decided to head down to Caledor and take on a big PQ.   When we first zoned into the region it didn’t look much different from the previous Dark Elf/High Elf pairing.  We continued down the path and approached an enormous tower that looked like it had legions of Dark Elf and High Elf troops fighting.  The entire area is a PQ that requires participants to kill 175 High Elves in the area for Stage 1.  This wasn’t difficult at all for our group (2 Sham, 1 SquigHerder, 1 Black Orc, 2 Magus, 1 Chosen, 1 DoK – We had a mini WB going).  We rounded up 10+ npcs at a time and AoE’ed them all down.  The exp was insane!

When we got to Stage 2 we were all enjoying ourselves.  A few champion bosses spawned around the tower for us to kill and everything felt on par with the rest of the content in the game…. then Stage 3 came along.  When it came up on the screen that our objective was to kill DRAGONS we quickly looked around.  There, on the horizon, came flying in 3 golden dragons – one of which had a rider.  They landed on the tower and we proceeded to attack.  As we engaged suddenly two big black dragons came flying in and we thought we were screwed because every one of these dragons was levels above us and a hero mob.  To our shock, and extreme joy, the black dragons were on our side!  They landed and began fighting with the other dragons as we worked on bringing them down.  The dragons had big AoE attacks spitting fireballs at us and wreaking havoc.  It was completely awesome!  We killed the dragons and received a Gold, Purple, Blue, and several Green loot bags.  The adrenaline rush came for the first time in WAR PvE and I already want more.

We spent the next couple hours roaming and doing a few more PQ’s around the T4 areas, drawing in the greatness of T4.  The T4 zones are much more “WAR!!!” and a lot less “Meh”.   The atmospheres are… heck they have atmospheres compared to T3.  The T4 Chaos zoned (Chaos Wastes) has snow blowing in your face and demon-like big chaos mobs.  That’s another thing, in previous tiers none of the mobs were much to look at.  Now the mobs are getting bigger and more detailed and really packing some feeling to them.

I’m stoked to finish hitting level 30 and moving on to T4.  T3 was “okay” but it has been the low point in WAR for me so far.  Anyone else who is feeling dragged down by the mediocrity of T3 needs to hang in there because T4 reignites the awesome in WAR!

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