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The troublesome trio of WAR Bloggers (Keen, Snfzg, and Syp), are back with another episode of ChaosCast!  This episode is packed to the last second with round-table discussion about Warhammer Online.  The game has been out for ~3 weeks now and we have a LOT to say about release, what we’re playing, what we’ve observed, and what we expect from the game in the coming months.  We also had the opportunity of recording this episode on the same day that Mythic patched in the 1.01 patch so expect lots of impressions on how Mythic did with their first major patch as well as our commentary on various changes.


Show Notes/Outline
Round-table Discussion:
Open-forum of random discourse!
– What have we been playing? Likes? Dislikes?
– Launch
– Server Queues
– Scenario Queues
– Is there Open-RvR?
– How much will the game change once we start getting a decent rank 40 population?
– Collector’s Edition – worth it in the end?

1.01 Patch – First Major Patch to the game (part of the Round-Table discussion)
– AoE Grinding Nerf
– Bugs/glitches introduced in the patch
– Additional thoughts on WAR’s first major patch

Welcome to the Community

The Blowhole
Our listener mail section where we take the questions YOU submitted to us on our blogs and do our best to answer them with a discussion.

– Jakad asks: I would like to hear more about the PQ reward system.  How does a tank or healing class stack up to the DPS classes when trying to rank #1 Top Spot on the PQ Participation. It seems that the pure dps like the Squig Herder will always come out on top.  How is healing implemented into PQ Participation?
– Odius asks: The interview w/ Carrie Gouskos was awesome for insight into the ToK at the time. Since the game has been out for a few weeks now, how do you feel it adds to the game, and do you think you will find yourselves maybe going back to collect the titles for some of the more “strange” unlocks?

We apologize for the late arrival of this episode but such is life and its complexities!

If you have any questions you would like to see featured on the next episode of ChaosCast please leave them in the comments section of one of our blogs. We also welcome suggestions for topics and any other feedback you might have regarding our show.

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    seriously i nor any of my aussie mates can get it to load what gives?

  • @James (or Keen if you can email James):

    You are not the only person to complain about this. It’s my web host’s fault, honest to goodness, and I’ve tried several times to get them to fix it but they can’t seem to get it right…

    Here’s what you can do to help me figure this out:

    1) Find out your IP address (
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    I will forward this information to my web host and they will try resolve the issue. Please get all of your frieds to do this as well. I am extremely frustrated that my site is unavailable in many Oceanic/Asian regions and want to fix this issue ASAP.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • I think Snafzg just hates the aussies. True story.

    @Gondus: As Kodo pointed out, it’s the song from Mercenaries 2. You can get the full version here. Graev listens to it at least once a day.

  • I just wanted to comment on your guys thoughts on the lower tiers as the game ages and queue trends I noticed.

    I did not pre-order in time to get into the head start(apparently june was not soon enough) and most of the tier ones were already a ghost town on my server. Granted its a medium population for most of the time only going to high on the weekends. But on my shaman(main) and marauder(primary alt) I have had to solo my influence up to chapter 10 on each character. I never once had or have even seen other people doing PQ’s in tier one. But my other alts I might have gotten a duo or trio for one section of the pq in tier two but they usually leave after one round.

    Also on the queues for scenarios at least seeing how it will be a while before my server will see a log in queue. I notices that order on our server seem to refuse to play scenarios that don’t give a slight advantage in their favor. I cant stand Nord but its the ONLY tier 1 that has ever popped up. I have actually never played the green/dwarf tier 1 scenario. I deleted and alt that was lvl 12 to remake it to try to catch the Gate scenario at least once but it has 18 hours played already and it has not popped up once.

    Sorry for the wall of text just what I noticed that was off the wall compared to your pod cast.

  • A comment on the Open RvR servers. My friends and I started on Wolfenburg (as Order) and found that it wasn’t all kittens and daisies as Keen alludes to. In fact, RvR was impossible in T1 unless you were in the high teens and the ganking in Troll Country was getting really bad, to the point where we couldn’t quest to get to the high teens and have a fighting chance. So, we left and started over on Grimnir, a Core server. It was the best decision we’ve made. The server population isn’t nearly as high, but we have a small, active guild and are having a lot of fun.

  • @Keen:
    Please, please pretty please with sugar on tops, could you make it easier for us to download the podcast as MP3? I don’t use the iTunes virus and would like to transfer the podcast to my portable so I can listen while travelling to/from work.

  • best one yet listen to it 9 times already!!!
    what class in you mind does have the best knockback in order

  • @Keen: Yeah I know I can find the download links over at Syp and Snafzg blogs, what I meant was could you please add the link to your posts so I don’t have to go over there to get it when I’m already reading your post/blog. Long live the laziness. 😛