WAR 1.01 Patch – What did it break? What did it Fix?

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Mythic has patched Warhammer Online a few times now but none of the patches or hotfixes have been significant or changed the version number until today.  I won’t bother listing all the changes because you can see them here on the Herald.  I do, however, want to bring up a few points that I have observed after playing the game for several hour today.

What did it break?

  • “R” No Longer Works – Looks like in the chatbox update they broke the reply feature. This has lead to a few really interesting mistells!
  • Texture Resolutions – They’re borked.  Seeing a lot of blurry textures, clay-man effects, and a complete texture draw distance scale back in capital cities.  This was, to my knowledge, undocumented…. unless this was the “improvements to client stability and performance” lol.
  • Morale Abilities – Okay, it didn’t break them but they’re still having issues being unresponsive due to what I think is an interface issue.
  • Pets – Reports are coming in from all over that pets are actually behaving worse after the patch, not improved like the notes state.

What did it Fix…really Fix, not just say it fixed?

  • Mob Pathing!  Mobs are being even more responsive now and actually running away.
  • Pounce – That nice bugged exploited annoying ability that the White Lions have that made them able to abuse scenario terrain and a whole lot of other things.
  • Chat Box – I actually like the improvements, save for the breaking of the reply feature.  Nicely done here.
  • Healthbar fades – I’m liking the fix here.  As a healer this caused quite a few deaths when healthbars would fade making me think people were full HP when in fact they were dying.

Now the biggest change in the patch – the Nerf the AoE Grinding (or exp gained from killing mobs in rapid succession).  Actually, it’s not a nerf at all and anyone who claims it was a nerf is just sore that they can’t abuse it anymore.  Plain and simple, the ability to AoE mobs in WAR as a Marauder, Magus(sometimes), Sorc, or other heavily AoE based class was astonishing.  Marauders in our guild were in their late 30’s early last week and everyone was shocked asking “how did you level that fast?”  People were making incredible EXP and even gold off of this AoE frenzy and it was to such an extreme that it was more than eclipsing the level abilities of other classes – it was obviously broken.  No one should be able to level that much faster than someone else regardless.  Now, I’m not referring to the bug where mobs instantly respawned and could be AoE’s… Mythic suspended the jerks who abused that one and rightfully so (imo a character reset is needed).

I’m very pleased with Mythic’s change to the exp gained when killing mobs in rapid succession but wish that they would reinstate the exp bonus for killing spree’s.  There some some of us who can’t possibly AoE but can definitely benefit from being able to hit that 10% exp bonus or 20% bonus occasionally.  Perhaps reevaluating the killing spree system and putting it back in, but certainly not leaving it out completely.

Oh, and just a note: Mythic has since removed the EXP Reduction for Killing Mobs in Rapid Succession (Or “Overkill” Reduction) because it was actually griefing legitimate players.  Hopefully we’ll see it put back in quickly to prohibit anymore people from bursting to the top.

While I’m talking about EXP, I just want to throw out there that Mythic needs to seriously address the exp curve in the game and consider lightening it slightly.  As it stands now people are able to finish all the quests in all pairings, grind PQ’s, and participate in Scenarios and still not be high enough level to move to the next tier.  In a bizarre way, Mythic has almost encouraged people to abuse the AoE grinding by giving them little alternative.

Overall, the first ‘major’ patch was alright.  I’m glad they came out of the gate strong.  They showed that they make mistakes but at the same time they’re giving us the opportunity to see how they go about correcting mistakes.  That will illustrate quite nicely what we can expect for the future of WAR patches.

  • The texture thrashing and low / blurry texture bug seems to have been made worse. I’m not experiencing it much on my own PC, but on two of the PCs here, it’s bad. It’s performing worse than AoC ever did (after release) and that’s not an exaggeration, it’s actually much worse. =(

  • Good call on the exp curve. I hate questing in this game. Don’t know if its the slow exp gains or just completely lame and boring quests. In a way it encourages RvR since doing the unimaginive quests sucks much ass. Winning a T2 scenario is easily worth 3-4 quests for exp gain in about the same time it takes to complete 1-2 quests.

    Either way, leveling feels very grindy (starting at about level 10).

  • I really can’t beleive people think this is a grind feast. I am already 40 and got it in 7 days played. If anything I think leveling is too easy. Granted, they might need more quests to fill in some blank spots but the game really doesn’t need easier leveling.

  • Not easier to level but smoother. It’s definitely not a “grind fest” but there are parts where the content gets thin or drops out.

    Contrasting the current state of the leveling curve to what it was in beta it’s really different.

  • Ditto, on the questing sucks. Always looking for RvR or PQ. This game has no atmosphere compared to WOW or even LOTRO. Very nihilistic game, go kill stuff, nuff said. PVP is ultra-fun and superior though.

    160+ hours played in just over 2 weeks? IMHO that’s a grind feast 😉 At least you enjoyed it. Congrats! Let us know when you get RR80.

  • Pet behavior has been much improved and working well for my White Lion alt, whether they fixed the occasional disappearance of your pet while crossing certain areas/zones, remains to be seen.

  • Some rumors of Apothecary not working right, and also cannot promote or demote in guild using roster have to use text commands.

  • Another bug is fonts are not saving in the chat… if you have something selected other than the default font size it is reverting back to default next login.

  • “While I’m talking about EXP, I just want to throw out there that Mythic needs to seriously address the exp curve in the game and consider lightening it slightly. As it stands now people are able to finish all the quests in all pairings, grind PQ’s, and participate in Scenarios and still not be high enough level to move to the next tier.”


  • My pets are working much better, in Scenarios at least. I’m actually able to get my squigs to explode without them being out-of-range. I haven’t had one disappear yet today either, although all I’ve done is Scenarios for the past two hours. We’ll see when it comes to PvE.

    Overall though, for myself I’m happier than I was yesterday.

  • Check out the dark elf zones. Theirs so many quests you actually will out level the mobs before you complete 50% of each sections quests.

    I noticed on my shaman that theirs like a total of 5 quests per “town” in the greenskin area yet on the dark elf if you can fill your quest log then once you turn them in they give you 3 more rounds of of quests lol.

  • That was weird I hit enter to make a new paragraph and it went to submit instead.

    Well for me the patch also broke the anonymous and hidden check boxes. Before the patch gold spammers could not search or /who to see you. Unless you were in the city or tier 1 zones with only anonymous checked.

  • I agree with Coppertopper. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. 1-11 pretty easy and quick, after that it realy feels grindy to me. I’ll be honest I almost hate going to the next tier cause your at bottom and have to do quests again.If the quests were more rewarding with decent xp and gear it wouldn’t be bad to mix while waiting in queue.

  • My squig pets are worse after the patch. I keep losing them in PVE. I send it in to attack, and he just pops up at the mob. Instead of following me back, he just sits somewhere.

  • About the textures, it seems that after the patch, some settings were reset, and with them, that Texture Memory Size you can find on the advanced video settings.

    For me, it was just a matter of throttling the memory half the way, and all textures were crispy-looking again.

  • Things do seem smoother on my end. I’m actually able to play a melee class and not lag completely out in RvR. This is also thanks to some of the mods that assist in performance and a couple of tweaks that I found on warhammer alliance. I’m sad that I’m missing the adventures of HFG because destro is 100 person queues day and night… so I rolled order, Level 8 WP and Level 7 Swordmaster at any guild’s disposal on the order side 🙂 See you on the field!

  • I would agree the my Squigs are a bit ghosty right now. I never know where they really are, but they seem to be doing something. Even if I cant see them.

    As for the XP leveling speed, the original expectation was that you should be able to go 1 to 40 in your own racial pairing with out too much “dead” time. That is doing something other than camping mobs.

    Now I made it all the way to T3 doing just the Greenskins, IC quests and the handful of “travel and exploration” quests from the other pairings. (A quick run around the RvR Lake for about 10k). If I were not constantly popping scenarios (yay for the for the cross pairing queuing) I would be hitting the wall now.

  • Our White Lions have reported that pounce is supremely useful now at range. It gets you instantly to your target from a long range. Between fetch and pounce, escaping a white lion will be difficult.

    They do mention that when used at point blank range it sometimes will blow them back from the target like a self knockback, or just not do anything at all for damage or transportation.

    Still kinda buggy.

  • Rather than change they xp curve I think they just need to flesh out the pairings that are a little light on quests, or increase the xp rewards of quests in areas that are short. My Magus has been leveling in the Chaos zones, doing every single quest per zone, and has still managed to run out of quests in an area, only to find the next areas mobs are 2-3 levels above him, making questing slow and painful. I’ve done plenty of RvR too, my renown rank is only 3 levels behind my PvE rank.

    I can jump to another tier, it’s true, but that’s a lot of dead time doing all that running around to find the ‘pocket’ of quests that are level appropriate. If you are supposed to be able to level 1-40 in a pairing they need to do some more work to make doing so a smooth process.

  • Well I play both WL and SH, this patch is my nightmare…

    My pets are disappearing randomly, war lion’s commands are broken(never taunts even if Im clicking it like insane,etc), every 2nd time I try to summon him I get dc, if u use “pounce” 2 times in row you get dc, when I use pounce to jump to target and do dmg it does opposite – it does aoe before i jump and when i get to the target….nothing. Dont get me started with SH… But I belive Mythic will fix this by tomorrow and if they dont I guess I’ll have to lvl with something that is pure melee. They should take WL and SH out of game for now and bring in blah blah knight and Choppa, because they were more fun to play with then WL and SH are atm.

  • Yeah, now that I’ve tried with some PvE, pet pathing with my Squigs is really odd with mobs. Strange, because I’m finding it really improved during Scenarios. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.