Happy Fun Guyz claim a keep and rip it up!

Posing outside our keep!
Posing outside our keep!

Tonight the Happy Fun Guyz reached a huge milestone by claiming Ghrond’s Sacristy Keep in Avelorn T3!  It’s been our goal since the beginning to be an active part in the Realm vs. Realm of our server community and this was on the top of our list.  Taking keeps in Warhammer Online is the bread and butter of gameplay.  According to the information that we have (will be verified soon) it costs 144g/day for a T3 keep and 240g/day for a T4 keep.  These costs have meant a lot of dedication from our members to donate and work towards building up guild funds and I’m really proud of how so many of our community have stepped up and donated willingly to the pot.

Teamwork = Win
Teamwork = Win

On top of claiming a keep, tonight we participated in a very well coordinated defense.  When the announcement went out that a keep was under attack by order (automated spam) we were able to spread the word quickly across our Alliance Chat and began to mobilize our forces.  Being part of an alliance is a fantastic thing.  Our alliance is called ‘Axes of Evil’ and was formed with Executions at Dawn and Happy Fun Guyz.  We’re currently in the process of bringing on other guilds who have expressed interest but can’t until after Mythic fixes a bug with the system.

During the call to arms we were able to mobilize about 24 people within 10 minutes to get to the keep and stop the enemy from taking down the main door.  We pushed back Order and managed to reclaim all three battle objectives as well as route them a few times while they tried to regroup.  During the defense we met some other great people and began forming the first bonds of realm pride.  I felt it, I really did, for the first time tonight.  Realm pride is strong in WAR and it’s only going to get better.

Finally, I wanted to share another awesome experience HFG had today.  We were in a scenario (one guess which it was… *cough* Tor Anroc *cough*) and had a full HFG group in vent.  Working together we were able to pull off a crazy win of 500-0 and I credit the entire win to how well our guildies and the rest of the realm-team worked together.   We usually get stomped in TA but a little teamwork, strategy, communication, and effort went a long way.

Overall, it was an amazing day in WAR.  Having good experiences like this keep me going.  I’m level 27.5 and hope to be in T4 by the end of the weekend.  I hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am!

  • Looks like things are shaping up pretty well for WAR. If they can find solutions for the remaining bugs, glitches, and class/population imbalances, they’ll be safe from sudden collapse after that free month is over.

    Keep on keepin’ on. …in-game.

  • Nice one! I think keep claiming is going to make the end game very interesting because I’m expecting that guilds will tend to try to stick to holding the same keep if they can.

    And that means if you go assault a keep, you are also attacking a specific guild (so we’ll get to build up some grudges!)

  • Oh wow, I was wondering which guild captured the keep in Avelorn. Unfortunately I missed out on the action 🙁 Oh well, I still need to grind a few more levels on my Magus to become useful anyways.

  • Thats really awesome ! Congrats guys !

    You’ll be a powerhouse guild on that server in no time ! “p

  • Nice job on the keep! Our guild claimed one earlier this week but only had the funds to hold it for a couple days. By the way what are you guy’s guild taxes set at?

  • @Rumsy: 25% when we don’t own a keep, 50% when we do. Even with the taxes, to hold a keep right now we require additional donations.

    @Jaspr: Increased leveling speed for the guild rank is the main one that I’ve heard about. Also, there is rumored to be a merchant that appears after 4 days in the keep.

  • Gratz guys, well done.

    I am a bit disappointed, but not surprised at the high cost of Keep maintenance, it pretty much locks out our own small / medium sized guild.

    Happy to see that the siege mechanics are working so well tho. =)

  • Yeah owning a keep is expensive. What I do is (since I’m level 19 almost) when I have enough money for a mount I set my tithe to the highest. I still get money through selling items though so its not too bad.

  • Tithe currently just takes a portion of coin during looting and it’s been sporadic when it works too (I think this last patch has made it more consistent tho). It doesn’t add up to much, even if you set it to 50% you’ll still get most of your gold from selling items (assuming you’re questing, it would probably be a bigger chunk if you’re just RvR’ing your way up the Ranks).

    I’m guessing Taxes work in much the same way.

  • Taxes and Tithes work 100% the same way. The only difference is that players set their tithes and the guild imposes the tax.

  • im mounted in this picture….but in reality i wasnt. ive seen this a couple times now. last night grinding the pqs keen and bartlebe both were fighting on their mounts.