Huge Warhammer Online Announcement on the way?!

I just checked WAR-EUROPE (Official Site for Warhammer Online in Europe (GOA)) and saw this:

War Europe Countdown
(Just a picture of the actual timer)

There is a big event in Paris this weekend (or sometime next week. I don’t know the date) and Mythic (Mark Jacobs) has already said alluded to the fact that the Pre-order info will be talked about. However, speculation abounds! What could they be announcing at this event that warrants a big countdown on the official Europe site?

  • Release date?
  • Open Beta date?
  • NDA Info?
  • Or just official confirmation of the pre-order link?

I’m excited. This could be a huge announcement but it could also be something very small and disappointing. It could be nothing more than a countdown until their site changes appearances *laugh*. OH well. I’ll get my hopes up.

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Keen - March 21, 2008

Heh, the site is hosed and won’t even come up in Firefox now. I just checked it with IE and it loaded after 5 minutes. *hope hope hope*

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Bildo - March 21, 2008

Betting money it’s the final release date among other info. Looking forward to it.

Between this and Conan, it should be a very good year for MMOGs.

Knqui - March 21, 2008

I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourselves, this is probably just the Pre-order thing, AoC made a huge deal about announcing their Preorder/CE stuff too.

Graktar - March 21, 2008

I’d guess it’s pre-order info plus a release date announcement. At this point they should probably be able to judge fairly well just how much more time they need.

Bartlebe - March 22, 2008

“WE ARE OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING AN OPEN BETA FOR ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN PLAYING OUR GAME…….except Keen, Graev and that other guy that post on his website.”

Keen - March 22, 2008

Mark Jacobs posted this in reply to some of the hype:


I’ve pretty much said what will be happening on the 26th and it won’t be open beta. I can’t imagine why anyone would think that quite frankly. Some real simple clues guys:

1) The countdown clock is on GOA’s site only

2) There was a leak/multiple threads about possible contents of our CE from a European site

3) In one of the other threads, multiple posters (including a board mod) talked about the contents of the CE being revealed next week in Paris.

So, anyone really want a shot at the title and guess what they are going to be talking about?

I really wish I could say that the date of open beta was going to be talked about but that isn’t the case. There will a bunch of things at the GOA event but the date of open beta will not be one of those things. And I can’t tell you exactly what we are going to talk about there either for obvious reasons.

Also, as I’ve said before, don’t preorder the CE until you are exactly sure what’s the complete story on it unless you were going to order it no matter what. It’s only a few more days and everything will be revealed.


He sounds irritated to me which makes sense, since their big announcement was botched almost a week early. I inferred from this that it’s going to be nothing more than ‘official’ information on the CE/Pre-orders.

Keen - March 22, 2008

From Josh Drescher’s Blog:

I’m off to Paris for our big European press event!

“Sorry I’ve been running silent for a few weeks, but we’ve had a TON of work to do to get ready for the French event and there hasn’t been much extra time for posting. Keep your eyes peeled over the next week as we’ve got a TON of new stuff coming out all over – and not just from Paris!

I’ll be back in next Saturday (my birthday!). Have a great week!

P.S. For anyone curious about the countdown ticker on the WAR Europe site, MBJ’s laid down the facts for you here.”

I’m looking forward to the TON of info. Maybe it will be a release date or maybe just a heck of a lot more info. Perhaps info on the last class (which is more than likely the White Lion).

Any news at this point is welcomed. Regardless if the Paris event is nothing more than a rehash of leaked info, one thing is for certain. WAR is quickly coming.

natalie - March 22, 2008

i read in some site concerning Warhammer and lot of people saying warhammer is not ready for release. i hope its not true, i want warhammer to success 🙂

do you have information about the current state of gameplay in WHO ?

Keen - March 22, 2008

We only have what has been released by Mythic. Most of that you can find by reading their newsletters and watching the videos/podcasts.

Keen - March 23, 2008

I just had to remove two NDA violating comments.

Our blog respects and upholds the NDA’s of others even if we ourselves are not bound by them. As such please respect our wishes and do not post any NDA violations on our blog.

Thank you. 🙂

Bartlebe - March 23, 2008


maiar - March 24, 2008

keen i thought you are not under warhammer nda ? is it against the law to post some info about some nda leak ?

Keen - March 24, 2008

I am not personally under the WAR NDA, but I do not wish for my site to act as a means for others to violate their promise. Whether or not it is against the law or simply breaking a promise, I think respecting the Non-disclosure agreements is important.

Bartlebe - March 24, 2008

…and it increases said chances of getting into the beta.


Bartlebe - March 24, 2008

Oh, by the way Keen.

Remember that website we were chatting about yesterday? Go check the latest post that was made early today. It was written by someone who actually seems to know a thing-or-two about games and isn’t a complete bozo.

Thallis - March 24, 2008

Related to some of the stuff floating about the internetz… I decided to make a lil trek to my local GameStop and preorder… preordering netted me a swanky Warhammer Beta Leaflet that has 3 keys on it….

1) 1st Key is a guaranteed spot in Open Beta
2) 2nd Key is to start playing X days before the official launch
3) 3rd Key is for 2 in game items

Keen - March 24, 2008

My gamestop still doesn’t have those leaflets.


Scratch that! They just got them in 10 minutes ago.

maiar - March 24, 2008

well ken i respect your judgement for not posting NDA link, althought i got the link from Tobold’s site. i believe his posting of NDA breaker site led to a string of attack to this blog’s comment page by some troll.

adam - March 29, 2008

They announced the pre-order in the monthly newsletter – and the delay of the game ^^

checkout some warhammer online videos until the game comes out – http://warhammeronline.tv

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