All CoD4’d out

Over the past two weeks I’ve spent a combined total of 70 hours playing Call of Duty 4.  The product of not having a mmorpg to play.  I have always been decent at CoD4, usually scoring in the top 5 of my team and occasionally taking first place when I feel like I’m “in the zone”.  These past 2 weeks I have really gone at it hardcore trying to get my golden Ak-47, golden auto-shotty, golden Uzi, and golden dragonuv.  Sadly I was only able to manage the golden shotty.  I’m a horrible sniper and can’t figure out how anyone can use the uzi (Graev is insane with it.  He Acog scopes the sucker and snipes… ).  The golden AK is within my grasp though; all I have to do is complete Expert 3 on the G3.

Unfortunately I’m drained on the game.  As much as I try, I can’t keep myself playing.  Two reasons: 1) The maps are so small that people have turned them in to fragfests.  Infinity Ward says that they are working on two new maps.  They really need to be bigger and more in-line with what we’re used to from the COD franchise.   2) I swear some people are cheating.  The pure skill of some of these kids amazes me.  This 12 year old on voice chat was going on about his day at school while headshotting everyone.  Maybe he’s just that good.  Maybe.

I’ll be picking up Army of 2 today to enjoy it with Graev.  Once we play that in to the ground I’ll probably pick up Bully for the 360 and Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii.  Look for our thoughts on Army of 2 sometime tomorrow.

  • I love CoD4, but I can only play FPS games in short bursts. One or two hours here or there. That’s part of the reason I like them and part of the reason why I don’t. They’re great from my wife’s point of view because I don’t become immersed, but when I really want to relax and play games for a while an FPS won’t cut it.

    I’m only up to rank 39. Bought it about a month ago. I tend to play pretty cautiously so I have a really good kill/death ratio but not always the most points.

  • I’m the same way with FPS games. I use them as “filler” games. If I’m in the mood for a quick burst of action or need a game to play between games, then a FPS does the trick. Usually when the gap is so large between games (like now) I’m left playing a FPS game longer than I like. My last similar experience was back in Nov. of 2006 when I played BF2142 for about 4 months straight.

  • I got my brother COD4 for Christmas, he liked it ok though he likes Team Fortress more and plays that and dada (a WC3 mod) all the time. The reason I was stoked enough to buy it for him was the 32 player match ups online which was a first for the Wii. Hopefully Smash Bros and Mario Kart will be cool. IMO, filler games are good. I had a nice hiatus from wow and all mmo’s in 2006-early 2007 and it felt pretty good actually. I also got into my current hobby of breeding fish :P, and had parties with friends. It can be good to get away from electronics now and then.

  • >>It can be good to get away from electronics now and then.

    Someone, call a doctor. This man is sick.

  • Nah man, get off of a military game, like CoD4 or Ao2 and go play like Air Soft or Paintball for a bit, get the blood pumpin, adrenaline rushin, mind racin, develop actual strategies, then go online n see if they work there too. trust me, i can go up nearly a full 55 ranks in about 2-3 days (bout 10 hrs. spent playing, i have no real life…yet) due to this. Playing during the day is easier because thats when most of the easier people are on, no offense to anyone, but thats usually because its mostly younger kids playing.