Warhammer City Sieges, Siege Weapons, and more!

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In an interview with TTH, Josh Drescher and Lance Robertson were kind enough to give out a few little morsels of newer information. I’m not a fan of how TTH publishes their interviews in paragraph narrative because I always finish reading and wonder how much was verbatim and how much was implied. Nevertheless, some good information was given. I’ll break down the newish and good stuff for you.

Siege Weapons

  • Completely player run
  • First Person viewpoint
  • Can target keep or players

Creating new classes that do not exist in GW’s IP

  • Mythic created the Zealot and Disciple of Khain
  • Game’s workshop worked closely with them to ensure the quality

City Sieges

  • More about the experience than it is about the loot (but the best loot comes from them)
  • Sieging a City requires PvP, PvE, and other elements of mmo gameplay.
  • The longer you hold a city, the better the reward.
  • Parades and other events take place to celebrate your victory
  • Players both attacking and defending have diversified and interesting gameplay

Interesting information. I’m especially interested in the city sieges not just being about PvP. The reference to PvE could easily be slaughtering guards or the King of the city but perhaps there is more involvement than that. Incorporating other mmo gameplay in to the ordeal could make for a lot of fun. I read in an interview or article the other day that Mythic expects city sieges to be twice a week. That’s fairly frequent and leads me to assume that you can hold a city for maybe up to 3 days. Defending a city once taken sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

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