Logitech interviews Josh Drescher

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Move over Paul, Josh is the new poster child for Warhammer Online.  (Jk, much love Paul, gimme a beta invite ty).

Logitech recently interviewed Josh Drescher.  Yes, another interview with Josh.  What’s new in this interview?  Nothing.  No wait, come back and keep reading!  There’s nothing new but in the interview one of Josh’s answers explains perfectly why the RvR in WAR sounds so appealing.

Josh on RvR: “You’re fighting on massive battlefields, laying siege to enormous keeps and castles. You’re literally struggling to move the battlefront forward in the persistent game world. And your success or failure will decide whether your beloved capital will be gutted, and its citizens slaughtered and then finally burned to the ground, or whether that fate will befall your enemies instead.”

If that doesn’t get you excited about RvR – check out Age of Conan.

Read the rest of the interview, it’s a good read even if it’s the same fluff.  Josh compliments WoW and gives credit where it’s due.

  • This part was new to me:

    QOne of the cool things about the Warhammer tabletop game was the unique weapons, such as the Gretchen and the shock attack cannon. Can you give us some examples of the more unusual weapons in WAR?

    AHell Cannons are pretty crazy. They’re sentient, techno-organic war machines that use the liquefied souls of the enemies (and sometimes the allies) of Chaos as ammunition. Then of course there are Orcapults. Which are… well… catapults that fling Orcs at you.

    And you obviously have your walls of fire and weaponized murders of crows and orbital strikes from the Chaos Moon and so forth. Ya know. Standard stuff like that.

    I think I need some “alone time” after reading that.

  • DAOC was the only pvp (via RvR) that I have ever really enjoyed. Having RvR in WAR plus the entire Warhammer mythos from GW should make WAR THE game as far as I am concerned. DAOC was the only game that could steal me away from EQ1 at the time, WAR will probably do it for EQ2 for me.

    Honestly, I hope a whole bunch of the 1st timer MMO folks in WOW stay in WOW. I played it for a year or so and can honestly say I enjoy the people in EQ2 much more. Hoping WAR will have a better community.