GW2 Outmanned Buff

"We notice you're outnumbered 4 to 1 in World vs. World.  Please enjoy this magic find buff while you die." I had to laugh tonight when I saw this buff. …


GW2 WvW Tips

I am by no means a pro, but I have been around the RvR block a few times.  WvW is really very similar, and I’m noticing a lot of very fundamental strategies/tactics ignored.


Glumshanks the Ranger
WvW tips from Glumshanks the Ranger, Ehmry Bay Server.

When you take something, please defend it.  I don’t know where the mentality came from to take something and immediately have every person leave it.  All you do is create an enticing opportunity for the enemy to go take it back and gain karma/experience.  Leave a small task for there to guard the location, alert the zone to enemy movements, and upgrade. That leads me to my next point…


Not a moment should go by where your supply camps, Keeps, Garrisons, and towers aren’t being improved. Increase the supply your caravans deliver (and defend them) so that you can use more supply to upgrade your keeps.  Hire extra guards; That way you won’t have an annoying thief sneaking in to the back soloing the camp.

On your keeps upgrade the doors asap, the walls, and get some cannons.  Cannons absolutely wreck attackers.  Don’t forget to place siege like arrow cards in a position where they are protected from Elementalist aoe but can still hit attackers on the door.

Oh, and please don’t take supply from towers.  Take supply from supply camps. Let the supply in towers be used for upgrades.  Once you have a very healthy supply, and sufficient upgrades, leave the supply in the tower/keep to repair the doors and walls.

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