Server Rulesets

All is right with the universe today, folks! I was looking at the latest poll for EverQuest Next and wasn't expecting these results at all. I was expecting PvP or…


NPC Merchants

Today's EverQuest Next Roundtable question asks: If a player sells an item to an NPC merchant, should other players be able to buy that item from the merchant? I say…


MMO Death Mechanics

Let’s discuss everyone’s favorite topic: MMO Death Penalties and Mechanics.  I have my personal and passionate opinion.  I know that deep down I want the penalty to be bad enough that death is horrifying.  Death should be a penalty — yes, a PENALTY.  I’m not talking a slap on the wrist or a chance to show off the world in greyscale.  Now, let’s talk about what kind of penalty.

I watched the EverQuest Next Round Table video this morning.  Omeed Dariani and Michael Mann discuss SOE’s very, very vague idea of how the death penalty mechanics should be approached without actually saying anything specific.  Don’t be fooled, though.  They might have said more than you think.  Let’s look very closely at their comments.

  • Death is risk vs. reward, enforcing rules, and caution
  • Death should not weaken you
  • People shouldn’t get frustrated
  • EQ Next needs a viable solo option
  • Grouping should be encouraged
  • People can help you out if you die

Read on for my philosophies and ideas in response to what the EQ Next dev team has said thus far.  (more…)