Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019 Remake)

Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019 Remake)

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We were watching the Nintendo Direct the other day for the Nintendo Switch, and while the games list was decent, it was coming to a close without any 'wow' moments.

Then something familiar made its way in...


Anyone else remember playing Zelda: Link's Awakening in 1993? I sure do. I remember playing the first 20 minutes probably a dozen or so times. Why so little? Well, it's because Graev was the only one to actually own the Gameboy. I think he somehow got that as a present one year and I was too dumb or too uninterested to actually ask for my own. So I was constantly begging him to let me play, and he would tolerate me touching his Gameboy for about 20 minutes before taking it back.

Despite only playing for brief sprints, I did watch Graev play most of the entire game. He was always playing. Family vacations through Washington DC, state parks, literally across the country and he was glued to his Gameboy playing. He knew all the secret glitches and shortcuts, and was always telling me about his progress. I feel like I know the game by heart.

Now, Link's Awakening is being re-imagined and recreated for the Nintendo Switch.

The graphics look gloriously true to the spirit of the game. Everything about this remake meets with our approval. While we were watching together, Graev could hardly contain the excited scream of his childhood meeting his favorite contemporary device. 

The Switch is exactly the right home for Link's Awakening and so many other games. We completely support and enjoy that so many great games are being brought back -- some, like Link's Awakening, even remade.