The Pre-Pre-Patch for BFA is Here

The Pre-Pre-Patch for BFA is Here

Wow's BFA Pre-Pre-Patch is here -- at least that's what I'm calling it. This is the beginning of the end for Legion. When you log in you'll get a quest to go to Silithus and speak to Magni. If you don't get the quest, you have to go and do all of the Magni quests you have laying around.

Once in Silithus, watch a short cutscene, then watch as your artifact weapon is powered up to level 126 (with 75 Concordance unless you had higher). 

Thus begins the retirement of artifact weapons. Good riddance!


Each week the concordance level will go up and up and up until I assume the thing explodes. 

Despite my artifact weapon being supercharged, I still can't beat the mage towers. 

The more I "finish up" Legion, the more I realize I didn't really like this expansion.  Compared to Warlords or Pandaria, the expansion was structured and managed way better. The dungeons were better too. Despite being better than many of its predecessors, I'm not leaving this expansion with any warm fuzzies or sadness. I feel more like I can't wait to GTFO of this place and go somewhere new.

While some people are sad to see their artifacts retired... I'm not. Artifacts were too significant. They were your abilities. They were your character in Legion. I don't really like my character being the weapon I hold. Artifacts were this expansions shtick, I get it, but... meh. 

Looks like two weeks from today will be pre-patch.

  • Despite Legion being a much better expansion than WoD, i played it way less because of the artifact weapons. I essentially took the entire expansion off and i never do that.

  • I quite liked Artifact weapons, myself. I’m really not looking forward to losing them. Too much of what they added has just been straight up removed in BfA – mechanics, spells, everything, with nothing to replace them. A lot of classes I’ve played on the beta feel a lot worse than they do on live. And as a relatively casual player I never felt pressured to choose one spec and max out that artifact – I dabbled between all specs.

    I’ve completed 3 mage tower challenges. I’m hoping to finish up 2-3 more before the pre-patch, but we’ll see. I’m really not that good of a player and the 3 I did complete were some of the easiest.

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