Nintendo Switch GripCase & MaxCarry Case Review

Nintendo Switch GripCase & MaxCarry Case Review

We have another review for a Nintendo Switch carrying case / protector here for you! Yep, we keep buying these things.

This time we're looking at the GripCase & MaxCarry Case from Skull & Co. This is a must-read for any Nintendo Switch owner.


GripCase for Nintendo Switch

GripCase for Nintendo Switch

Ever play the Nintendo Switch with the Joycon attached in mobile mode? I do! Ever think that holding it can feel awkward, especially with larger hands? I do! The GripCase addresses those issues by adding more grips behind the joycan that make it feel like you're holding a pro controller.

SnapGrip and TriggerGrip for GripCase Nintendo Switch

Two grips are included: The SnapGrip and the TriggerGrip. Both grips are made of polycarbonate and are textured. It basically feels like a PS4 or Xbox controller.

SnapGrip is pretty standard. Kind of like your every-day use grip.

TriggerGrip gives more of a 'trigger' shape or like a handle for you to grip onto more firmly. This is our favorite of the two. Bigger hands + firm grip = more comfortable.

These grips come in a variety of colors and can be removed and swapped out any time.

The GripCase itself is made of a soft thermoplastic polyurethane (think almost like a rubbery silicone) that provides extra protect to the switch itself while not causing discomfort. It's incredibly easy to take it on and off, and can't possibly harm your system. 

The cover itself also goes over the trigger and bumper buttons, giving them a more substantial feel. We did notice that our right bumper covering seems to make the bumper feel a little bit sluggish.

Pro Tip: You CAN dock the Switch with the Gripcase ON! It takes just a little applied pressure to slide it into place. However, we highly recommend you use a screen protector. We use these highly rated tempered glass covers on our Switches.

Review for MaxCarry Case for Nintendo Switch

MaxCarry Case for Nintendo Switch

The protective carrying case is seriously awesome. It's not slim by any means, but it's a great size to take on the go. It's a hardshell coated nicely with a texture.

MaxCarry Case for Nintendo Switch Review

Inside the MaxCarry case you have ten slots for games, a triple layer of sandwiched mesh + padding layer for extra protection of the inside contents, and a set of sawtooth rails to act as a stand (at varying angles) while on the go -- super convenient.

Let's talk storage space here. This is always one of our gripes. Most cases don't provide enough space, or efficient use of the space they provide. Completely not the case here. The MaxCarry case has a huge storage space underneath where your switch will go (nicely covered by a flap for the screen). We were able to fit a HORI Game Case (additional 24 game capacity) + a USB-C cable in there.

3DS XL inside MaxCarry Case

This is an actual image of our MaxCarry Case holding a 3DS

Pro Tip: The MaxCarry Case can literally hold a 3DS INSIDE the mesh pocket! Yes, it can hold the Switch, 10 games, USB-C cable, additional game holder case, AND a New 3DS. 

We can't say enough good things about the MaxCarry Case and the GripCase. This is a great product for avid Nintendo Switch owners -- and a must-have for any case collector.