The Realm Online is Being Revived

The Realm Online is Being Revived

I was definitely surprised to see one of the first MMORPGs still alive enough for a company to obtain the licensed rights to manage the servers. The Realm Online has changed ownership in the past, which is no surprise for an older game like this -- especially when the parent companies no longer exist. For quite some time they've been owned (and still are) by Norseman Games.

This licensing deal allows for Rat Labs LLC to basically manage the game and continue its development.

Rat Labs plans to make some improvements.


"You can expect frequent Quality of Life (“QoL”) updates, and new additions to the existing client in the near to mid term (6-12) months. As announced the long-term goal is to develop a multiple platform solution to cover all of the major platforms."

From what the Wiki says, there will be a new engine built in Unity, as well as new servers and potentially a restart of characters on the new server. I suppose that does warrant the label of 'reboot'.

The Realm Online has always been a game with fond memories for me. I began my time playing back around 1995 when I was alpha testing the game alongside my friend. He had his parents sign the NDA for him, and then he somehow got a second copy that he gave to me. Those were definitely the days.

From there we were both playing for about a year. I continued to play for a few years past that, and even played right up until EverQuest launched. That's quite a run in a side-scrolling turn-based game!

I'll probably check out this revival project and see if they can bring back that old-timey feel! Heck, no game has ever been able to capture that magic of 'living the social game' quite like The Realm Online.

  • The Realm was also my first game and something that just blew me away. Until I got dragged into EQ. Which blew me away even more.

    But you just can’t revive a 2d, screen by screen game by making it multi platform. You will keep your hardcore audience for triple the cost.

    Too bad too because I miss my baldrics.

  • Unlike Keen and Sanz, I didn’d hear about The Realm unter after I’d started playing EQ. I wanted a less intense MMO to play when I needed some time out from Norrath. I tried pretty much all the ones that were out there at the time – there wern’t many – but the only one I ended up subbing to at the same time i was subbing EQ was The Realm.

    I never played a lot and I didn’t make much progress but it made for a great change of pace at the end of the evening or on a weekend. I think it could be a good fit for mobile but whether it can attract a new audience we’ll have to wait and see.

  • I would advise anyone interested in getting their Realm fix to search out a private server versus giving Rat Labs or NG your money as both companies are filled with some questionable characters.

  • Rat Labs is aptly named as it was formed by rats and terrible people. NG is the same as it ever was, charging cards and 0 customer service. Good luck with this but I’d stay far away from anything to do with either of these “companies”.

  • Ignore dumpster fires comment please. A truly inaccurate representation of what you’ll find should you look into the realms reform.

    Sincerely yours, a long term fan of the realm

  • I have played the realm on and off since 1997, RL has given an old title a new life and they have the best customer service to date of any of the owners andor developers.

  • Truly pleased to find MW/ The Realm again when I did, awesome development team, very communicative with the player base and extremely active regarding changes and player feedback. If they can keep up the quality of work they’ve been putting out I see no reason why this relaunch will not be a success.

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