Memories in a Screenshot Part 2: Darkfall

Memories in a Screenshot Part 2: Darkfall

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Continuing with the screenshot memories, I found another screenshot on my hard drive that I want to share with you guys. This one is from the original release of Darkfall back in February 2009.

In this screenshot we are mounted up for the first time as guild and heading out to explore the big open world and see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into as we seek our enemies to level up on and enemy players to chase. It sounds way cooler in writing, because in reality we rode around hours and couldn’t find anyone, then died to a glitchy NPC or speed hacker.

Darkfall had a few really cool things going for it that are always present in a good community and sandbox game:

  1. The need to rely on others
  2. The freedom to make your own fun and adventure
  3. A whole lot of unknown

Darkfall had those in spades, at least for a while.

This game was horribly flawed. There was rampant cheating, awful macroing, exploitable skill gains in a horrendously designed skill system, bad animations and hitboxes, dumb PvE, and an endless stream of things I could say were just bad.  Despite those game-wrecking issues, there was a silver lining.

I met some of my best friends in Darkfall, and you guys are still hanging out with me in voice chat every week and playing games with me. So looking back on a terrible game with a terrible overall server community, I took away some amazing friends. Worth it.

  • Yeah watching a thing on YouTbue called the death of a game and it pretty much stated the history of Darkfall. The only thing that kept me away from it was the PvP I hate PvP in games.

    • I like PvP, but I want it when I’m ready for it, not when it can ruin my fun. When it can happen anytime, anywhere, it leads to toxic behavior.

  • Have you seen the relaunch, from Ubergames? Google Darkfall New Dawn 🙂 A ton of bugfixes, new features, a very good roadmap and so far they are actually delivering on their promises, instead of ‘pulling an Aventurine’…