Old Screenshot Brings Back Memories of Warhammer Online

I found this picture randomly in a directory on my hard drive and was immediately inspired to share it with you guys and reminisce about the… good old days? Well, perhaps not so good, but they were certainly the old days.

Looking at this screenshot, I’m reminded of a lot of awful things we went through in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Those were certainly some of the worst days due to how hyped we got, and how far we had to fall. That said, I do have some fond memories.

I remember how much I really, really liked that Shaman class and the WAAAGH! magic. The AoE healing everyone did was stupid, especially for PvP, but the class itself had fun mechanics. I’m also reminded of how fun and unique the races and classes looked, and how neat it was to equip trophies and see them appear on your character.

The dungeons were terrible. The RvR was a zerg fest with small maps. The crafting system a complete and utter joke. The balance was completely shot. The world was truncated and linear. The leveling and character progression a grind. While almost everything ended up being a flop, they did manage to capture that Warhammer feeling for me.

Anyone have memories — fond or otherwise — they’d like to share from WAR?

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