LEGO Dimensions Dies – Toys-to-Life Dead Too?

LEGO Dimensions Dies – Toys-to-Life Dead Too?

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This morning it was announced on Twitter that LEGO Dimensions, Warner Bros. toys-to-life game, would no longer be in development or producing any expansions. Looks like they’ll keep the servers up and running, though if I had to venture a guess it won’t be much past the new year.

LEGO Dimensions wasn’t a bad game. Graev owns probably 90% of all the characters and expansions (that’s a lot), and I own 3-4 expansions and the base game. There’s a lot of content to play through even in the base game, and I think any kids or adults who enjoy LEGO or the Warner Bros. properties have a lot there to enjoy.

The toys-to-life genre is taking quite a beating. First we saw Disney exit the genre. Then, despite a very popular Netflix series, the Skylanders franchise announced there would be no Skylanders game in 2017. I do think that Skylanders will see a resurgence because of the show, and the series desperately needed a break in order to re-imagine itself and wait for more kiddos who don’t know what Skylanders is yet to reach that 5-year-old’ish point.

Are toys-to-life dead? No, I think there’s more to come. Nintendo’s Amiibo are holding strong, and I don’t think it’s just because of the company’s brand. Nintendo is making a much bigger comeback than most of the analyst predicated. It’ll be a 100 million unit seller and see much greater console home penetration that they thought. That will do a lot for Amiibo, and who knows where that’ll take TTL.

And don’t forget about Lightseekers (which I haven’t tried yet) which looks pretty cool too.

If I had to make a super magic ball prediction, I’d say that toys-to-life will make a bigger comeback with AR. Imagine Skylanders with AR built into console gaming. Gets you thinkin’.