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Age of Empires 4!



I'm super excited about the announcement of Age of Empires 4! I grew up loving the AoE series and consider it a foundational element of the RTS genre.

There's really no info out there at all about Age of Empires other than it's being developed by Relic Entertainment instead of solely by Microsoft Studios.

For some, the announcement that Relic is participating is a kick in the stomach. Others think Relic is one of the last bastions of the RTS genre. Personally, I don't have an opinion yet. I'll reserve judgement. As long as they stick with the AoE formula and don't adapt it to the formula used by Relic games, I'll be okay.

It would be cynical to say, "Disappointment in 3...2...1..." but the risk is there for such a hypeable title.

I'm excited! Anyone else have good memories playing Age of Empires? Maybe you're even looking forward to the definitive editions of AoE 2 and 3.

  • I’d be a lot more excited about AoE 4 if I had been at all invested in AoE 3. (Or AoM, for that matter.) And a “definitive” version of AoE2: AoK? Don’t we have that already on Steam? Or is that just HD remastered, but not yet “definitive?”

    Anyway, Relic has Homeworld, Warhammer40K Dawn of War, and Company of Heroes on their resume, so they know the RTS thing pretty well. But AoE and AoE2: AoK were pretty special even in that company. We shall see.