PUBG: My first Battle Royale Experience

PUBG: My first Battle Royale Experience

On a whim I decided to pick up Playerunknown's Battlegrounds because I had to figure out what to play during those downtime moments when I didn't want to play on the Switch and no one else was online. I'm also waiting on EverQuest's next TLP ... so the timing was right.

PUBG is a Battle Royale style game where you win by being the last man standing. I don't know the story behind its development at all, so I'm going to speak from a pure outsider perspective here. PUBG reminds me of Arma's Battle Royale game​, DayZ, Arma 3, etc.

PUBG World

Here's the gist:

You spawn in an airplane set on a trajectory to cross this island. You can bail and parachute out wherever you want in that line and sorta choose where you go. There are 100 other players doing the same thing. When you reach the ground, it's a mad grab for weapons, ammo, and other gear. From there, you kill each other until only one (or more if playing teams) are standing.​

​It's stressful. I land and I practically scream like a gear as I sprint for the nearest weapon. My hands shake while I load the thing then I slowly inch around corners until I find better guns. When I feel secure.... I do this....

PUBG Camping

Yeah, I camp.

I can't help it! I get terrified when I hear guns in the distance. Seeing someone run into a nearby house practically makes me have to hit escape and quit. 😛

Camping landed me in 4th place a few times.

In general, I guess I'm not bad until it comes down to having to really test my skills and having to out-shoot someone. In other words, I'm great at shooting people in the back.

I get frustrated when I shoot someone point blank a few times with a shotgun and they turn and cap me once and I die, but I tend to have those experiences in every shooter I play -- therefore I won't blame it on PUBG.​

One feature that puts a little damper on my expert camping strategy is that the playable area shrinks every few minutes. If you stay outside of the play area, you'll take damage until you die. That's why it all inevitably either comes down to initial luck where you're camping, or straight skill.

I enjoy PUBG. Is it an amazing game? Nah. It has plenty of bugs and performance issues. Gameplay is painfully simple, yet dynamic enough that I don't feel like I'll get too bored playing for 1-2 hours at a time. More often I end up quitting because it's too nerve-wracking. 

  • The feature of dropping from the plane and trying to aim for spot to land is a nice addition. It adds just a little bit of ‘strategy’ to the game in that you have to ask yourself if you should jump out early to get to a weapon right away or if you should wait for a better lz for a chance at more weapons but also you will be dropping into a spot with potentially more players. Personally I like to bail out as fast as possible but everyone has a different approach.

    • I’ve tried bailing at the first possible chance. Usually ends up being the most action and the most fun. Many times it ends in a fist fight with 6 people.

      Bailing later, my strategy is to go ‘central’ on the map so that when the first area restriction happens I’m in a good spot to camp and kill incoming players.

      Last strategy I use is to land in an area I know usually has good weapons, but won’t be overpopulated.

  • Good review!

    I’ve wanted to buy this game, It looks good. I’ve been reading articles and listening to streamers. I played Arma 2 back in the days. I guess this game is similar to it.

    Anyways thanks for the sharing your experience.

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