PUBG Duos Are So Much Better Than Solo

PUBG Duos Are So Much Better Than Solo

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I have to admit I’m having a ton of fun playing PUBG in a duo. I bought the game a while ago, probably around the time it came out, and only put a few hours into it. The past few days, my friend and I started playing in a duo and the game became so much more fun.

Playing solo is okay, but I tend to get bored running around by myself. In duos, there’s just this whole new dynamic of clearing buildings together, watching each other’s backs, and being able to gun fight against 2 other people.

I find that in solo play people tend to camp more and get the jump on you. In duos, it’s way easier to spot people because they’re typically running around… well, together.

Today we probably played 5 hours of PUBG duos. Several times we were in the first 20 to die, but several times we came in team #3, #5, #9, and #12. That’s a pretty great accomplishment for us.

For the uninitiated, PUBG is a survival king-of-the-hill kind of game where you drop out of an airplane and parachute to a spot on an island. You’re pretty much naked and you find gear and weapons to equip and use to kill everyone else. About 50% or more of the game (sometimes way more) is spend running room to room inside houses to find guns. Sometimes it’s a frantic dash to be the first one to pick up the pistol if several people land in the same area.

Overall, it’s just a fun game to jump in and play a 20 minutes match and jump out… or play 5 hours worth of matches and pretend you’re being all tactical as you clear towns and race off to the next in your motorcycle sidecar.

If you haven’t tried PUBG, I highly recommend it — especially if you have someone you can play with in a duo.

  • Squads is basically the fun of a duo times two. Highly recommended.

    Also I’d strongly suggest playing FFP. It removes a lot of the dumb cheese in the game (peaking behind walls with the camera vs your actual character), and just feels more true to what PUBG is trying to do (which is kinda odd considering the 3rd person was the first mode released)

    • We tried FFP and I liked it a lot. It’s definitely more difficult than using third-person to peak. I think I’ll play it a lot more.

    • Nothing, if they manage to get into the same game together. Definitely not a guarantee with so many people queueing.

    • It’s a bannable offense, and if you blatantly do it, odds are good someone is going to report you and you might get hit with a ban (temp or perm).

      • Must be to stop the unfair advantage of teaming up in a solo match, and to encourage duos or squads to play in the duo/squad modes.

  • Yea I don’t like the game solo but love playing it with my friend, mostly because he yells a lot and we can tease each other whilst working together