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QuickCast Episode 4: Please Play With Me!

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Episode Notes

In this episode of QuickCast, much to Graev's chagin, we start off by shooting the breeze about some iOS games we've been playing. 

We start by talking about WarBits which is an Advance Wars style turn-based strategy game that I thought came out recently because Graev pointed me to it, but it actually came out like a whole year ago. Anyway, it's really fun and if you don't have it you should get it.

MouseBot -- which DID recently come out -- is a super fun game where you play as a robot mouse trying to collect cheese and escape the mazes created by these psychopathic cat scientists. 

The real meat of the episode comes when I beg Graev to play EverQuest's upcoming progression server with me and he gives me crap about it. That spirals into lamenting the lack of anything else worth playing, and then crashes and burns where we even contemplate importing Dragon's Quest X (which we incorrectly referred to as XI) from Amazon Japan. You won't want to miss this train wreck.

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  • I disagree so intensely with your pvp mmo stinker post and reasons for thinking crowfall will flop.
    It might flop but not for those reasons.
    It’s interesting how you think your opinions on what makes a good MMO are the only right opinion, at least that’s how it comes across to me.
    I follow both crowfall and Camelot with big interest, and I have backed Camelot, but at this point in time I think the game type and mechanics of crowfall pvp sound much more interesting.
    I’m not looking for a large scale open world PvP game, I hate it when there’s no or too high player caps so the battlefield becomes imbalanced in numbers, I much prefer the wow battleground approach to pvp.
    There is persistence in crowfall, just not in the battlefields themselves, and I’m totally fine with that.

    • @Proximo: I’m pretty sure I have never once — ever — stated that my opinions on what make a good MMO are the only right ones. I have my opinions, but they’re mine. I back my opinions up with what I believe to be evidence to support them. I point out how I haven’t seen a single MMO with certain criteria succeed. If you disagree, I think I have opened the door for you to provide evidence for a counter argument.

      I would welcome a discussion because figuring out how to make them not be dismal failures is in all our best interest.

      I think CU stands on the edge right now. There’s certainly no guarantee it will be a great game. There really hasn’t been any proof of concept for a ‘game’ there yet, so I’ll exercise healthy skepticism. Mechanically, Mark and his team seem to be pushing in a reasonable direction.

      Crowfall has already stepped off the edge by choosing to go in a direction that combines ideas that in an of themselves are bad for MMO success.

  • After my last stint on Phinigel and P2002 I really thought I was finally done with EverQuest. But Agnarr is just too perfect. It merges all the things I’d like to see into a ruleset/featureset that suits me perfectly.

    I’m on a single player binge currently but will be ready to jump in with both feet when the server launches. My playing time will generally be 8:00pm – midnight or so PST after the kids are in bed.

    Perhaps I’ve just become that jaded or cynical but I expect these upcoming PvP MMORGPs to flop and flop hard. We’ve passed the tipping point for the genre with a supersaturated market full of clones. I don’t see younger people getting into MMORPGs (at least within my circle of friends/co-workers/family) and I would say easily 90% of the people I used to play MMORPGs with have given up on the genre altogether. I’ve been hearing about the next big thing since 2004 and I’ve yet to see anything that even comes close or gives me any confidence in it being a game people play for more than 30 days.

    See you on Agnarr!

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