Holiday Buyer’s Guide [2016 Edition]

It’s that time of year again! Our turkey is still digesting, but Christmas music is already playing and decorations are coming out of the garage. That means it’s time for our annual Video Game / Holiday Buyer’s Guide!

I’m very proud of how it turned out this year. I’m still adding items to the guide, but these represent the “can’t go wrong” selection of this season. We own all of these items, have written our ‘formal’ reviews (or are in the process of writing), and would happily say to anyone that these are must-buys.

As always, if there’s something you feel absolutely must be gifted this year then please leave a comment letting everyone know.

Additional FYI’s for Black Friday / Cyber Monday shoppers:

Please share any great deals you find!

  • I liked last years guide, had a varied assortment of games. The layout this year is really nice (although read our review part could be a bit better visible). Other than the layout though, it is 2 pokemon games, 2 FPS and an ipad, with only the 2 fps games having reviews at the moment. 4 games that represent 2 genres. I really hope you massively extend the page to included a more varied assortment of games, so it can become a real guide.

  • I’ll be adding four more games tomorrow. The goal is to expand this out to be a guide of what we recommend for games released somewhat near this holiday season. Games released earlier this year, like around February or March, probably won’t make the shoppers guide. Additionally, only games we truly recommend are going to be added. Several games we’ve played in the last 4 months aren’t games we would run out and buy.

    Appreciate your feedback. 🙂