Healing and DPS are pretty great too…

Following up on my last post where I talked all about how I love Guardian Druid tanking, apparently I really enjoy all of the specs for a Druid.

I grabbed my Balance and Resto artifacts, and I’m having a great time.

I’m tanking Mythic+3’s on my Druid, and Healing/DPS Mythic+1’s already. Pretty incredible rate of advancement on my Druid.

My decision is made: I won’t be playing Hunter as my main.

Druid will become my new main, with Boomkin spec replacing my Hunter’s slot as a ranged DPS in our raid, with my Heals being an “as needed” spec for the team. My Druid’s ability to tank is more than enough to casually fill in tank spots as needed…. though main tanking is definitely something I’ll jump in and do if the team ever lost a tank.

I’m happy that I actually enjoy my class.

One feature of WoW that made this all possible is how the gear works. Swapping from Healer to Tank, all I have to do is replace my jewelry. My armor changes main stat when I change specs!

Artifact power is still holding me back a bit. I’m well into Guardian spec, but only 13-15 on my other two. I’m really trying to focus my world quests on AP, hoping to progress enough to catch up.

  • Best time to start dumping AP into a second artifact is when you hit AK 5 or so(275% boost to AP @ 5) and are at or around your 2nd gold trait on your first. That’s the point when AP costs per trait get really expensive, upwards of 100k when you’re getting 1500-2k AP per quest on the top end, with ~800 being more the norm.