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Many years ago I had this idea to make a game where you run a tavern. I think I even wrote about it once or twice here on the blog. It started off as a Harvest Moon style idea then morphed into some RPG’ish management game then turned into more of a MMO-amalgamation of ideas. Ultimately, you had to run a tavern and everything you could possibly imagine that would be related to tavern life. You’d ultimately expand your tavern either by itself into some massive almost casino-like place or you’d become a city.

Like my Dad who came up with the idea for a heated ice cream scoop and my mom who had the idea for a book about a hamster class pet, I didn’t do anything with the idea but someone else had the same idea and ran with it.

I don’t support Kickstarters anymore, and I’m pretty vocal about that. So this isn’t a push toward supporting these guys, but I do like the game idea. They’ve gone with a Tavern RPG / management game, and it looks fun. They’re going with the RPG-management style and sending people out on quests as a roster management game. I’m thinking it might be like a WoW Garrison in that respect.

Neat idea, wonderful art direction, fun music, etc. Worth checking out and adding to my “buy when it comes out” list.

  • There’s a pixel tavern one on Steam called Moonstone Tavern. It reminded me of Stardew Valley and I alllmoosssttt bought it. By the reviews it sounds very fledgling, but it still needs alot of work. I’m being (almost) good and waiting for the Steam summer sale to be in effect before I buy anything else for my libray. ^_^

  • It looks like a wow Orc with a boar on its head. Can they get sued for stealing artwork like you can for stealing parts of songs?

    Other random thoughts.

    I wonder how the wow movie is going to do. My gut says badly but I might be surprised.

    I guess EQ next is really dead now. Well let’s be honest it was just vaporware and all their efforts were in landmark. But the dream is gone now.

    I am really freaking glad I cancelled that purchase of a $1,000 tower in Camelot unchained 2 or 3 years ago. I was under the impression I was going to have my tower within a year or so, and clearly I haven’t heard any more talk of towers since then. Or even a date on a live game.

    And speaking of that, how long can star citizen that has raked in so much money (not mine!) keep people waiting. At some point does the technology they are using to code get too old, and impossible to start over? Not a coder, but guessing yep.

  • The movie is going to do extremely well financially. Will it be any good? Probably not is my guess.

    EQ Next was officially cancelled a few months ago, yeah.

    That’s one of many reasons why I don’t support crowdfunding stuff anymore. 🙂