Final Fantasy X “To Zanarkand” on Piano

My wife has arranged another video game song! You guys requested “To Zanarkand” from FFX, and she happily put my EverQuest requests aside. Grumble…. Nevertheless, “To Zanarkand” is a really pretty song. Such a calming, almost haunting melody. I’m honestly not very familiar with FFX, but listening to the song and looking at pictures I can surmise that Zanarkand felt like a once great city, and now lies in ruins.

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If you have more requests let her know! She’s actually reading your comments. I’m expecting my EverQuest next (no pun intended for those paying attention)…

In somewhat (loosely) relataed news, I have started playing Final Fantasy Explorers. Initial impressions are very favorable, and I can tell you now I’m already liking it more than the Monster Hunter series. Much more my pace and style.

  • To me, this song is about stumbling upon something new and unexpected, building up as a struggle to understand it, a sort of discovery process, and then losing it as soon as you realize you have it, during the climax. The softer ending represents the memory.