Diablo 3 Season 4 & Patch 2.3

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Whew, what a weekend. Season 4 came out Friday night which of course marks my usual seasonal return to the game. I’m playing a Demon Hunter this time around; Actually, this is the first time I have ever in the history of Diablo 3 played a Demon Hunter. Can you believe D3 came out in 2012? Has it really been that long? I was using Windows Vista (remember trying to get it to work on Vista?) and the game was almost complete garbage.

Kanais Cube
Permanently gain abilities stripped from Legendary items.

So much has changed since launch, but the greatest changes to the game, for me anyway, come with the Kanais Cube in patch 2.3.  The Kanais cube is D3’s much improved version of D2’s Horadric Cube. The Kanais Cube (KC) allows you to do several things:

  • Upgrade a rare (yellow) to a legendary or set item. This means you can take a crappy level 70 ring and get a chance at turning it into a best in slot ring, or if you’re like me and can’t get your set items you can toss in a bunch of yellow gloves and hope for the best
  • Re-roll a set item to a different piece in the set (non-ancient). If you’re like me and keep getting shoulders to the same set, just re-roll for a chance at the item you need. Pretty good early on.
  •  Apply item abilities to you permanently. Yep, this is the best feature. Essentially you take an item like a Ring of Royal Grandeur and absorb its power into the Kanais cube allowing you to toggle that ability on you permanently. You can do it to any item you can use in the weapon slot, armor slot, and ring slot. Really awesome and pretty much the crux of patch 2.3.
Kanais Cube Materials
New materials obtainable for Kanais Cube recipes. Find these in Bounty Caches.

Those are just a few of the neat things you can do in the KC. Worth checking out.

New seasons are always a slow roll for me. Some of my friends rush right out of the gate and shoot up to Torment 6-8 on day 2. I seem to take a little longer. There’s a mix of bad luck on drops and not playing for 10 hours straight, but overall I take a little bit longer to find my groove. I definitely think that in Season 4 I’ll go quite a bit further than I have in the past, mainly because I’m liking how the DH plays and how the KC has made getting gear easier.

As for my DH, I’m going for an UE build, aka spamming multishot. it’s a great build for me because I won’t have to work too hard to get the farming results I’m looking for, and I sorta like sitting back and melting everything offscreen. Barbarians and Monks are definitely more powerful this season, but completely opposite of what I’m wanting in terms of playstyle.

If you’re on Battle.net and want to team up for some rifts shoot me a message!

  • P.S. I’m going to record some video tonight of my Demon Hunter. My build is currently a bit gimped due to items, but I’m working my way up!

  • This has been so far a good season. I like that I now know that regardless of how much I play I’m always working towards a goal. In prior seasons I’ve had the trouble of feeling aimless after getting my 6 piece of gear. Now I feel at the very least a small amount of control with the cube.

  • I hopefully will start the season soon, kanai’s cube definitely looks good, and I had a lot of fun playing around with it on the PTR.

    I am planning on going wtch doctor though I think as their updated sets and new set look amazing. One of their sets has a passive that when you hit it certain skills does a dot that ticks for 1500% weapon damage A second (not total for a number of second, A second) which just sounds crazy to me, and the list of skills that proc it includes dogs and gargantuan so I can go with the minion build I wanted. I hate the fetish minion builds, I like my dogs and giant lol.

  • The new cube has definitely improved things a lot. The number of possible builds has increased a good bit and it’s added another layer of depth to your decisions.

    I’ve decided to go with a Monk for this season, as I haven’t ever done one in seasons and never played my normal one much. I think I’m ready for T6 now or very close, 5 pieces of Inna’s and 3 of Sun Woku’s. If I could just get a RoRG for the full set bonuses I’d definitely be set. But I’ve spent a good bit of time playing more casually with friends helping them level and gear up a bit.

    Anyways add me if you like, Whorhay#1882

  • The update looks good on paper, the kube looks to be a good addition, I really wanted to see how the new adventure journal plays out, there’s even a pet for levelling to 70 in the new season… but it seems I can’t muster the strength to play. I logged, rolled a wizard, forced myself to kill the Skeleton King and that’s it. I think I’ve mentally quit on this game a while ago. Not that I’ve played that much, not even 200 paragon levels, I’ve hit the ‘no-longer-fun-wall’ and it looks like I’m still there.

    Let’s call this ‘clickity-exhaustion’ 😉

  • Enjoying my seasonal return as well. Prior to this season I had two of each class except for crusader and wd. Got my crusader to 70, and then a wd today. Going to mess around with both through the season. For whatever reason, I enjoy the idea of starting fresh each season and checking out the new sets and changes to the classes. I

  • Hmm…just Blizz the past few days. Fine by me until last month my hard drive was SC2, D3, WoW and HS. Crazy.

  • This was my first return to D3 since release. My girlfriend is a bigger Diablo fan than I am but she has been working rather diligently to finish her masters in ecology. Playing her favorite game while she was trying to buckle down didn’t seem like the best idea. However, now she’s done so I picked up the expansion.

    I dropped my wizard and am currently playing a demon hunter myself, I like the vast amount of changes. I love that difficulty is no longer tied to level tiers, the new loot system, the absence of the auction house and most importantly, adventure mode. I’m focusing on frost abilities with escape volley. Backflipping away while the enemies are slowed and slipping on ice as turrets rain down on then. Got to level 52 so far and still having a blast.

    For what ever reason it inspired me to pick up my old hunter again in WoW as well. Went marksman and overall am just ignoring the pet.

    Well see how long it sticks though, September is a busy month with Metal Gear 5, Mario Maker and Blood Bowl 2.

  • Decided to go monk for this season as well. I’ve never really spent much time with this class, so figured it was high time I did. It’s been a nice departure from the ranged classes I usually play. So far Exploding Palm = Oh My! Only level 28 at the moment, so haven’t really done much with Kanai’s Cube, but should start delving into it soon.

  • I am also going monk this season though I haven’t used Exploding Palm much. It seemed like kind of a pain to use but I did find a legendary item that makes the Exploding Palm explosion apply Exploding Palm so who knows… That sounds ridiculous. I always loved builds in PoE that had crazy chain reactions.

    It’s kind of basic but I’ve been getting good mileage so far just using the extended range Cyclone Strike with extended range spinning kick.

  • Yeah exploding palm is stupid good. Monks are insane right now. Barbs give them a run for their money, but sheesh it’s insane.

  • @Gringar The nice thing about Exploding Palm is hopping in a big pack of mobs and using it on a weaker enemy. When you kill it the explosion from EP does a ton of damage, and is great for taking down stronger baddies. Whenever I get blue or yellow monsters, I just run to where some weak ones are. After they catch up, I EP the weak ones and it chunks the blues and yellows HP like it’s nobody’s business. =O