Diablo 3 stuck at “Updating Setup Files” Fix

Graev was unable to play Diablo 3 during the beta due to a problem with the launcher giving an error. After pre-ordering tonight and downloading the client to be ready for Tuesday, we ran into the same problem and thought all hope was lost.  Graev has Windows Vista and could not get past the “Updating Setup Files” little window that came up.  We scoured the support forums for days, Googled, and had no luck until tonight.

Here is the fix that finally worked for Graev:

Fix #1

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Scroll down and find “Secondary Logon”

Right Click > Properties

Change it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Automatic’

Run your Diablo 3 setup as administrator and it should quickly go through Updating Setup Files and bring you to an install screen.  Congratulations, your game now (hopefully) works!   If this solved your issue, spread it around.

Fix #2

Right click on the Diablo 3 setup file you downloaded via the Blizzard Downloader

Select Properties > Compatibility > Check Run this in Compatibility Mode for… > Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3)  (Note: Does not work on Vista.)

Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator.


Fix #3

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Battle.net folder.

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net Cache folder.

Run the Downloader again, as administrator, and see if it gets past the “Updating Setup Files” window. If not, see Fix #1.


Fix #4 (Thanks Ron!)

This one worked for me: try and find the agent application in the battle.net folder (for example C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\battle.net\Agent). Start the agent application manually and after that start Diablo III setup file in your Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer folder. Good luck!

Fix #4a – Clarification for Fix 4 by GarytheOak

1. Run the diablo insall thing… let it get stuck.
2. Close it, and ctrl+alt+delete and end the “Agent” process.
3. Go to C/programdata/battle.net/agent and run the “Agent” executable
4. Run the diablo install thing
5. WAIT! it will get stuck for a min or so and then work


Fix #5 (Thanks SCH)

NOTE: This Fix is experimental. Many are reporting success.  Proceed with Fix #5 at your own risk,

“I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).” -SCH from comments


 Fix #5 Additional Notes: If you get a decryption error it means you probably didn’t finish the download.  Check the folder you downloaded your files into for any that say .PART as the presence of a .PART file means you haven’t finished downloading.  decryption error might also indicate a corrupt download.  Run the downloader in the same directly you chose originally and it should fix the files automatically and/or finish downloading.


I will add more fixes as I find them.  Feel free to share one that works for you.




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Cthreepo - May 13, 2012

Had no problems whatsoever on my windows 7.

Zederok - May 13, 2012

Keen: Off topic but did you get a chance to play TSW this weekend at all? I am a fairly hardcore PvP and Sandbox nerd but this game beats the crap out of SWTOR when it comes to questing with storylines. The questing is seriously some of the best ive seen in any MMO to date. A whole lot of exploring and trial and error reminescent of old school questing where you have to look for the clues within the cutscenes and journal.

sandis - May 13, 2012

Same problem here on Win 7 Ultimate x64. Enabling auto secondary logon helped here.

Toby - May 13, 2012

This helped straight away, thank you very much 🙂

maukka - May 13, 2012

Thanks, I had disabled the secondry logon service myself at some point and enabling it helped.

Keen - May 13, 2012

@Zederok: I did not get in beta.

@Sandis, Toby, Maukka: Glad it helped. 🙂

@Cthreepo: I didn’t have an issue on Win 7 64 myself, but a lot of people are having issues.

Rinvan - May 13, 2012

I have Windows 7 & can’t even install the game. The downloader is always stopped by an installation failure message. I once got within 1 GB of finishing but every time it fails the data is lost, no resuming the download. No D3 for me I guess.

Cthreepo - May 13, 2012

It allways seem like a gamble. I didnt have any problems in D3 beta either, but alot of ppl seem to have

Keen - May 13, 2012

@Rinvan: Technically no one can install yet. To get the installer downloaded properly, the obvious would be to completely disable all security programs like anti-virus running. Run the downloader as administrator and choose the exact location you chose before. If you chose Desktop, choose Desktop again. It should run through a checking phase if done properly and not re-download.

It took me a few times of running the downloader to get all of the files. Sometimes it would just hang and I would open the folder it created and watched file sizes increase (F5) but the downloader showed no signs of life.

Could you tell me the exact error you’re getting and maybe I can help look for a more personalized solution?

@Cthreepo: This is definitely the worst experience we’ve had with getting a Blizzard product to work. Everything else always worked without a hitch.

Bali - May 13, 2012

it works, i did all 3 fixes, thanks man

Cyprus - May 13, 2012

Yeah, wouldn’t let me install the open beta with the same kinds of problems. The error was something like, “You have an outdated version of Windows.” Which is misleading, because what it really means is, “update to the newest Windows service pack.” Did that and several other fixes, but in the end I couldn’t get the thing to install by the time the open beta weekend was over. I probably won’t sink money into the game until that bug is fixed properly.

tldr: Had the same sort of problem, please keep us posted as to how Blizzard officially responds to this bug.

Kalendr - May 13, 2012

I did fix 2 but it didn’t work, then i changed back from compatibility mode to normal mode and it worked just fine (still needed like half a minute or so, to get past the “Updating setup files”).

Keen - May 13, 2012

It may take time for some systems to get past the Updating setup files. You know you have a problem when:

A) It reaches ~2/3 done and loops.
B) It goes away and nothing happens. Agent.exe process will disappear a few seconds later.

Rawblin - May 13, 2012

Ruh roh, Blizzard production quality seems to be dropping as they step further and further into the RMT zone.


micro - May 13, 2012

fix #3 helped me, i had the same problem with the open-beta, and didnt fix it. only when i deleted the folders it worked

thank you

Savvy - May 13, 2012

I had to restart my computer to be able to delete the data file but then it worked gloriously.

I am submitting your name for the Nobel Peace prize.

wil - May 13, 2012


Brazzzuka - May 13, 2012

The first fix works on Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Thanks a bunch!!

Rinvan - May 13, 2012

I will see if I can get the message to pop up again, I have not seen it the last few times the download failed. I did try stopping Zone Alarm & downloading to the same folder, but nothing seems to work.

Shazad - May 13, 2012

Thank you fix 1 worked…cheers

RIckettz - May 13, 2012

Ok… after spending the entire time trawling the forums for fixes, i finally got it working 14/05/12. Basially I did all of the above (original post) then stopped ALL firewall/virus detection programs, deleted the “Battle.net” folder (entire) and ran setup. Make sure to NOT run in compatability mode or you will stall at 90%. Took a while, but if it is anything over 10-20 mins, thats stalled. Win7 home premium sp1

Nick - May 14, 2012

Fix #3 Work ! thanks guys

Brett - May 14, 2012

Do NOT upgrade your graphics drivers to 12.4 if you have an AMD card. Blizzard says they do not currently support this driver.

Cthreepo - May 14, 2012

some times, as you talked about before keen, I wonder if this is a new trend from Blizzard. D3 is going to be a great game, but I just cant help but feel its not really finished. Its hard to tell, since no1 have tested anything after lvl 13. But we know for a fact that they wait with PVP, and it seems alot of ppl have/had problems with the installer and the game. I just dont hope this is a new trend

The Merovingian - May 14, 2012



“We’ve recently identified an issue where some of our legacy graphics products are producing certain artifacts in Diablo III with our latest release of Catalyst™ 12.4.”

12.4a special Diablo hotfix.

Gurth - May 14, 2012

Awesome! Secondary logon fixed it!
Thanks a million!

Nonzagi - May 14, 2012

None of this helped.

Steve - May 14, 2012

Didn’t have any issues getting to the install screen until yesterday. I couldn’t do fix 1 because I couldn’t locate the admin tools. Tried fix 2 and nothing. But fix 3 did the trick! Thanks!

The Merovingian - May 14, 2012

I’m glad I didn’t buy this, not that I wanted it after three months in the beta anyway, very boring game in my opinion (you’ll find me playing GW2 instead =P)… but I must say I didn’t have a single problem during the beta except a couple of crashes to desktop at the beginning. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

Cthreepo - May 14, 2012

i’m installing at this moment

Keen - May 14, 2012

Yep, install unlocked and the game goes live at 12:00am PST (midnight).

If anyone is still having issues with their download let us know. We’ll try to help.

Auden - May 14, 2012

I was at 6.70GB downloaded. My downloaded stopped and when I restarted, it said I only had 3.6GB after checking and began downloading from there. It did this today, telling me that I only have 63mb downloaded. I checked the actual file and it says the same. And it shouldn’t be because that downloaded stopped cause I have a slow connection do it has stopped a few times and restarted fine until yesterday.

Pingu - May 14, 2012

The third fix worked for me !!! The rest did not work.

It is very easy, just search the computer for those two folders and delete them (if you can`t delete them because they are being used by the computer, just End Process “agent.exe”).

Rizzobb - May 14, 2012

Hey just wanted to say thanks a million. The patcher was updating setup files last night when I went to bed. It was still stuck on that when I woke up. I knew something was wrong, clicked here the top of my search on Google. The first fix worked for me instantly. I didn’t even have to restart my Diablo 3 patcher or anything went straight to install screen thanks a lot.

Anthony - May 14, 2012

I tried fix 2 first, didn’t work. Fix 1, didn’t work. Tried 3 last and it works.
Thank you Keen, for sharing your solutions.

You have saved me from hours of frustration and I’m sure you will help hundreds, if not thousands more over the next few days.

Dirk - May 14, 2012

Fix One worked perfectly. Thank you sir

Ron - May 14, 2012

This one worked for me: try and find the agent application in the battle.net folder (for example C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\battle.net\Agent). Start the agent application manually and after that start Diablo III setup file in your Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer folder. Good luck!

Keen - May 14, 2012

I’m glad so many people are getting it to work!

Nakitaa - May 14, 2012

So, when I installed the Beta I had this exact problem, I did fix 3 and it worked fine. Now, I’m installing the Live version, same problem- only this time I tried all 3 of the fixes and none of them worked.

So frustrating. If any more solutions come up, let me know.

Henry - May 14, 2012

Fix 1 saved my day!

Nakitaa - May 14, 2012

I think, MAYBE, Ron’s fix of finding the Agent program and then running the setup might have worked for me.

Lanz - May 14, 2012

I was having the same issue running windows 7, starting up the secondary login (fix #1) worked like a charm, thanks guys!

aymoon - May 14, 2012

Fix 2 seems to have worked for me. Thanks very much 🙂


Ryan - May 14, 2012

Tried all 4, none worked for my Windows 7. Changing it back out of compatibility mode then moved it from haning up at 60% to hanig up at 95%. Still stuck. Been working on it for over 2 hours now. sucks…

justin - May 14, 2012

just wanted to post a thank you, spent all morning getting frustrated with blizzard’s support page and all around hating life for ruining my D3 plans but fix 4 worked for me 😀 now back to fidgeting clock watching

Jake - May 14, 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for helping. As blizzzard site dident offer any sulution. Activating Secondary Logon help right away 🙂

Lexxington - May 14, 2012

#1 worked for me, thx

Bentus - May 14, 2012

Hey All

Just wanted to let you know, installing it on another partition than the one with Windows can solve the problem. At least it did for us 🙂

// Bentus

Derek - May 14, 2012

Fix #3 worked for me! Thanks again guys you saved the day!

Sanctified - May 14, 2012

I’ve gone through every fix… Fix #3 and #4’s file paths don’t exist on my computer. I did search app data though run on windows (7), nothing matched the files you where talking about.. I was able to get setuping files to 90% in the installer and after fix 1 and 2 only about 40% then stays there for way to long.. Arg I have much more important things to be spending money on then something that doesn’t work. I fail :(.
Can you assist?

SCH - May 14, 2012

I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).


Ogeday - May 14, 2012

Hi all,

First 2 fixes didnt solve but, when i apply the 3 and 4 it worked out great. Thanks for the great post. Will share at my FB. You are the best.


Serg - May 14, 2012

Tried all three but it still won’t work. What do i do ???

Wermine - May 14, 2012

Fix #3 worked for me. Win7 64-bit ULTIMATE. Huge thanks for you.

Kkhr - May 14, 2012

I love you man!!! Ive got windows 7 and problem fixed with #1.

Even the DVD was failing.

Thanks a lot!

Matt - May 14, 2012

Solution worked for me; I love you so hard.

doobydude - May 14, 2012


Martyna - May 14, 2012

fix 1 + 2 + 3 = problem solved.
thanks alot!

Keen - May 14, 2012

Keep in mind that these are not guaranteed fixes. I’m looking for verified fixes to include in the list, so if you come across one that works that’s not on the list please let us know!

Lumini - May 14, 2012

fix 1 worked, i love you so much

Xerion - May 14, 2012

What I think finally worked for me was disabling all network adapters except for the one on my actual network connected to the internet. I had a dial-up adapter for some serial communication and a virtualbox network adapter. Suddenly got a dial screen after trying some of the other fixes. After disabling all the unused adapters it jumped straight to the launcher.

Doc - May 14, 2012

Fix #1 worked great for me, thank you!

LaunchDay - May 14, 2012

Was have the same issue on the official launcher for the Digital Pre-Order.

Fix 1+2+3 worked for me, Win 7 x64

Gwilloc - May 14, 2012

4 worked for me, Cheers for posting!!!!!

garytheoak - May 14, 2012

Fix 4 works but is quite confusing as he has it listed there.

1. Run the diablo insall thing… let it get stuck.
2. Close it, and ctrl+alt+delete and end the “Agent” process.
3. Go to C/programdata/battle.net/agent and run the “Agent” executable
4. Run the diablo install thing
5. WAIT! it will get stuck for a min or so and then work

Keen - May 14, 2012

Thanks Garytheoak, I updated Fix #4 with a note to clarify.

visitorQ - May 14, 2012

I played the D3 Beta and had this same issue when I tried to install the MoP Beta. I tried all of these fixes for the MoP Beta and none of them worked. Today, much to my chagrin, I had the same issue with the D3 intaller. After hunting around the internet and not coming up with any new solutions, I started combining some of the workarounds and finally succeeded.

Here is what worked for me:
(running on Windows XP)
1. Remove all beta data files. (Both D3 and MoP)
2. Delete C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net.
— You may need to end agent.exe in the task manager to delete this folder.
3. Delete any version of the installer you have on your computer.

Here is the magic part that made this work and is the only thing I did different than the other 18 times I tried this with no success…
5. Re-download the installer from battle.net and cross your fingers.

Hopefully this works for you as it did for me.

Yallah - May 14, 2012

I can’t find the folders for fix 3 or 4. Are thoose only avalible if your have downloaded it? Cause I have bought a CD.

good - May 14, 2012

“Fix #2

Right click on the Diablo 3 setup file you downloaded via the Blizzard Downloader

Select Properties > Compatibility > Check Run this in Compatibility Mode for… > Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3) (Note: Does not work on Vista.)

Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator.”


good* - May 14, 2012

OOOPS, mistake

“Fix #3

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Battle.net folder.

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net Cache folder.

Run the Downloader again, as administrator, and see if it gets past the “Updating Setup Files” window. If not, see Fix #1.”**

THIS WORKED ON VISTA 64 bit for me

Dan R - May 14, 2012

Fix number 3 worked perfectly for me. Thanks.

Alec - May 14, 2012

Trying the
1. Run the diablo insall thing… let it get stuck.
2. Close it, and ctrl+alt+delete and end the “Agent” process.
3. Go to C/programdata/battle.net/agent and run the “Agent” executable
4. Run the diablo install thing
5. WAIT! it will get stuck for a min or so and then work
But i cant figure out how to get into the programdata/battle.net part.

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Battle.net folder.

Delete your C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net Cache folder.
Is this just meaing ur general Program Data folder? or is this inside something???

Is this inside ur Diablo 3 setup thing? If so how could i get in it.

Also, I think that Vista 64 thing doesn’t work for the comment above me, because they have no Service Pack 3.

Alec - May 14, 2012

Hmm how do I reword the above… HOW do I get into the Blizzard Entertainment spot or anything.

Melinda - May 14, 2012

I have Windows 7 and have tried all 4 fixes multiple times. None of them work. Sometimes if i leave it stuck on Updating Setup Files for ages it’ll come up with an error code BLZPTS00007. I don’t know what to do now.

Keen - May 14, 2012

@Yallah, Alec: They’re hidden folders in your program data folder (which may also be hidden.)

You can go to start and do a search for %programdata% (with the percent signs). You’ll find those folders in there.

kyle - May 14, 2012

thank you so much saved me alot of time and effort.

Remi - May 14, 2012

Thank you guys, you saved my (gamers) life!!!

Ray - May 14, 2012

Mine is stuck at like 95%.. what should i do?

Firstpanda - May 14, 2012

Tried all sorts of fixes,
In the end Fix#3 solved my issues
Many thanks

Melinda - May 14, 2012

Turns out if none of these work it could just be the system requirements… you need 2.8GHz. I was wondering why mine wasn’t working, it only had 1.6GHz. New laptop time I guess..

Keen - May 14, 2012

@Ray: That happened to me twice.

Let it sit for a few minutes. Open the folder it is downloading into and press F5 (refresH) a few times. Are the file sizes increasing? If so, let it work. If not, press the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the downloader.

Re-open the downloader as administrator (right click, run as administrator). Choose the exact same destination you chose originally. The downloader will do a file check and correct any issues it finds, then it will continue downloading. Let it work.

Ray - May 14, 2012

@ Keen,

Hey Keen,

How do i check where the file is downloaded into? It just autoruns and starts the download.

Also i did run it as administrator so how long should i wait before i close the file before restarting it.

ross - May 14, 2012

awesome after i tried the fix it updated literally in 2 seconds if you think ur pc is slow its not you should try the fix!

John T - May 14, 2012

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was so irritated when the updater was F’d up.

Dan - May 14, 2012

None of this is working for me =( i have vista 64 bit. i tried all 4 fixes and nothing still :'(

Dan - May 14, 2012


Rod - May 14, 2012

#4 worked for me thanks so much!!!

Hawu - May 14, 2012


No fix worked for me, but today morning, i deleted “c:\users\myUser\AppData\Local\Temp\Blizzard” folder, and iam installing now 🙂

Otte-o - May 14, 2012

I finally found the problem with my install. If you have a Bigfoot Networks Killer card you will have to disable the service and reset the winsock layer.

1.) Disable Bigfoot Networks Killer Service.
2.) Run “netsh winsock reset” from a command prompt (as admin)
3.) Reboot
4.) Rerun the install and it should work.

Not user if you can turn it back on after you finish the install, but give it a try if you have a bigfoot NIC and are having trouble.

Sanctified - May 14, 2012

woops I was looking in the wrong data folder.. 😛

Found battle.net folder. Deleted it. Then turned off my anti virus and did this.

Tweak your Windows Firewall. Here are the steps:

Go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Windows Firewall and select “Advanced Settings”.Select “Inbound Rules” and click on “New Rule…” (upper right)Choose “Program”, then browse for “Diablo 3 Setup.exe” and select itGo to the next screen and select “Allow the connection”UNcheck “Domain” and “Public”Pick a name for the rule, e.g. “Diablo 3 Setup Extra Rule” and click “finish”.

Ran as admin.

Sanctified - May 14, 2012

Now it’s fixed! Horray!

Jarcin - May 14, 2012

Thank you so much! You have helped me so much and I am so happy to get the game installing finally ^^

DELTA - May 14, 2012

“SCH says:
May 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).


This was the only thing that worked for me, tryd all tips above, but ony “SCH”‘s fix worked, thanks!

LordFrz - May 14, 2012

Got my game install disk from midnight release, and was stuck in this loop. The first fix got me goin, thanks a bunch!!!

Kangaxx - May 14, 2012

Thanks, replacing the whole battlenet-folder worked for me.


Groome - May 15, 2012

MoP beta never worked, D3 beta never worked, D3 game client never work and spend hours reinstalling and what not…..but finally I done all 3 of your fixes together and it worked thank you sooo much.

Kyle - May 15, 2012

I had this problem on Windows Vista. What I did to solve the problem was let the launcher run, then closed out of it, opened up the task manager, went to applications and ended the agent.exe tasks. I had two of them running, and also the blizzard launcher application I ended.

Rawblin - May 15, 2012

Looks like the Blizzard bnet servers died after trying to let the entire world log on at 12am PDT.

Yea, pretty sure that was a brilliant move.

Erocdrah - May 15, 2012

THX THX THX THX!!!!! step 4 fixed it for me, tho my hang time was more like 7-10minutes win7 ultimateN AMD ll x4 BE HD 6870

tartartar - May 15, 2012

fix#4 worked for me update progress, but it didn’t finished the update setup filess..

THANKS SCH & DELTA - May 15, 2012

Hi, I tried all 4 fixes and they did not work. Replacing my semi-installed files with the ones posted by DELTA did fix. Perhaps this should be fix #5. Thanks a lot, 2 hours of frustration solved.

Splinky - May 15, 2012

Yay Fix #3 worked for me, thank you!

James - May 15, 2012

Fix 1 and Fix 4a worked for me! Thanks!

(Windows 7 64bit Ultimate)

Astrid - May 15, 2012

Fix #1 solved the problem – install screen was up within seconds of setting option to automatic (had been disabled). Couldn’t find any other resources to fix this problem. Many thanks to you!

(Vista Business 64bit)

NJR - May 15, 2012

Fix 4 ran for me absolute genius! Thank you so much was tearing clumps of hair out over this very silly problem.

you should work for Blizzard support actually not sure if thats a compliment haha 🙂 Thanks again

Phoenicia - May 15, 2012

None of these have worked for me… i’m on Windows 7 and i’ve never had such a strange problem before! after fighting it for 3 hours i guess it’s time to surrender… i just figured “i’ve been waiting for 12 years, what’s 3 more hours?”

when i wake up i will hope there is a fix for this silliness… i’d be less annoyed if there hadn’t been problem already BEFORE the launch day! XD

John - May 15, 2012

None of the 4 fixes have worked for me. Please post something else i’m over this game already! 🙁

Amberdrake - May 15, 2012

Guys also something that works
Open Internet explorer select tools tab and make sure the work offline box isnt ticked.
Tried everything and this fixed the issue for me hope it helps someone else

Juky - May 15, 2012

Brilliant suggestion! Got me past the loading screen, just gotta make it through the install. Here’s to hoping! Much apprecaited!!

Allan - May 15, 2012

Fix 1 worked here – Windows 7 32 bit.. THX 😀

Leef - May 15, 2012

Fix 3 worked thanks

Greg - May 15, 2012

OK so firstly I want to thank you for getting me to the screen which enables me to Install. I was constantly getting stuck at updating files as so many others of you were.

Problem is now I click install, agree to the terms and conditions and get an instant error that closes the launcher and only gives me the very helpful advice of “try again or contact support” Tried and tried and tried again, losing my mind as to why it isn’t working for me, hope someone can shed some light as I am not very computer proficient.

Thanks in Advance

Fluxache - May 15, 2012

Deleted the Cached Blizzard files | used Fix #1 and WORKING | Thanks =]

pwid - May 15, 2012

Thanks works awesome windows 7

Gloopmonkey - May 15, 2012

cheers guys ! great info !

Tom - May 15, 2012

I am trying to install the game, but every time I encounter the same error.
every time I try to install the game I receive an error message saying:
ERROR: The file ” C:\Program Files(x86)\Diablo III.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp\MPQs.temp\HLSLShaders.mpq.temp” could not be opened.
(OpenRepackTarget:: execute)

I looked online, trying desperately to find an answer, but sadly nothing seem to solve my problem.
I’m installing the game using the game DVD CD, and I already uninstalled the beta from my computer including deleting the battle.net folder and even running the install as administrator, but I still can’t install the game.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I will more then grateful if he/she shares the answer.
Tried all the fixes and none worked for me.

Richard - May 15, 2012

Cheers – Fix #1 Worked for me 🙂

Windows 7 Pro – x64

David - May 15, 2012

Word! use method 1,2,4 all together and managed to make it work,

serg - May 15, 2012

Fix 4 worked for me, as it seems now the program is installing. Thanks for the precious info!

Robert Spithoven - May 15, 2012

Hello, FIX#1 dint really work, neither other 2, But, i did FIX#1 + addition i whent to taskmanager right clicked agent.exe propities /Run as admin, in adition i changed the prior to above normal, and BAM after 2 min it WORKED!!!!! in case for any wanna give it a try Go for it. otherwise Just download the XXL 7+ GIGS XD cheers

John Smith - May 15, 2012

Fix #4 worked for me. I did exactly what it said, walked away from the computer for a couple of minutes because I was afraid to look, came back and the installer was up! Thanks for the fix!

Cyprus - May 15, 2012

I’m happy that people are getting this problem fixed, but shouldn’t we talk about the issue where this is supposed to be a “released” game with a bug that makes it impossible for (clearly) lots of users to play the game? Blizzard is usually well-known for releasing things in a great state (“when it’s done”), but this feels like a -huge- oversight. Did they finally cave to just ship the game this time around? Are there other bugs within the game that people found in the beta that still remain in release? I know they aren’t going to catch all of them, but I feel this game has been in development long enough that things should have been caught by now.

Have our standards for how buggy a game is at launch gone down? Are we really more willing to just find our own fixes and workarounds than go to the developer and demand better quality from the get-go?

Ben - May 15, 2012

Here’s an EU installer that worked for me instantly. I am on Vista 64, none of the above fixes did anything good for me. This one just starts up and runs without any worthless frustrating fucked up errors or crashes. Excuse the language, I just think they’ve done a shitty job about this, and their customer service is also just a bummer right now, so I’m utterly disappointed. But finally after 3 hours of trouble-shooting, I found this link to a *WORKING* EU installer. Hope it is helpful, enjoy your D3!


B3rg - May 15, 2012

I have the same problem with the panda beta, and ive got no Battle.net Folder-.- pls help

durantula35 - May 15, 2012

Got the installation to work via Fix#1 & #4


hurja - May 15, 2012

thanks really much for the help.

kenny - May 15, 2012

cant get it to work im stuck with it going to 95% and then back to 66%

AB - May 15, 2012

Tried everything and it still doesnt work 🙁 Thanks for sharing the tips tho.

Rinvan - May 15, 2012

Still no luck, going to just wait for the first patch for the game at this point. Hopefully the downloading/installation issues will be ironed out by then.

ViktorReznov - May 15, 2012

Non of them worked for me sadly.

And my secondary logon services are already set to automatic.

kenny - May 15, 2012

okay so i deleted the original battle.net file then downloaded the one from this site : http://www.gamefront.com/files/service/thankyou?id=21699449

then downloaded the win wip free version just select download for free install open the file move it to the original files place and then run the installer again and there you have 5 secs and its done you downloading the game thanks for all the help i hope it helps all of you

AJ - May 15, 2012

i did all FIX 1 and 4 and it works iam instaling now 3%…
Thank you 😀

ador - May 15, 2012

THank you so much combatibility worked like a charm

anonymous - May 15, 2012

THANK YOU!, fix 4 made everything work after 3 hours of agony!
its like magic

Issues Installing? by Vermouth - TribalWar Forums - May 15, 2012

[…] kept getting stuck, i eventually figured it out. if you're having problems, check this out: Diablo 3 stuck at ***8220;Updating Setup Files***8221; Fix | Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog […]

sevos - May 15, 2012

Thx a lot. Fix #4 works perfetly.

Rawblin - May 15, 2012

Haha, one hour emergency maintenance turns into 4 hours emergency maintenance. Cool.


Bomberharris - May 15, 2012

Tried it all was closest to wrok with #4 cause i worked all the way and it said launching installer when i removed the agent then after 10 sec it automaticly starts again and goes back to updatig install files.. im getting really really angry at this shit soon.. if u buy something it’s supposed to work

Intox - May 15, 2012

Started installer like 5 times it started to install on its own!

Brandon - May 15, 2012

Fix #1 worked for me. Compaq w/ Windows 7. Thanks for the help!

Brandon Greer - May 15, 2012

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Fix #1 helped me!!!!!

Zetsu - May 15, 2012

Finally i can FIX IT !!!!! 4 Hr. of fixed this problem

I tried from above all Fix1 – Fix4a and i still can’t fix an “updating setup files”

This is how i fix it.

1.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMQ4wWkURBY << Watch this.

2.load and unzip D3launcherfix.zip to agent folder

3.double click to folder agent.868 and right click to properties on agent.exe

4.Set compatibility "ticked run this program for compatibility mode for…
(I'm use Win7 , Ticked what window you used.

5.Ticked run this program as an administrator.

6.Do the same with 4,5 on Diablo III set up.

7.open folder agent.868 and run agent.exe as administrator.It;ll show you Black CMD

8.run Diablo III set up as administrator. Wait for 1-2 Min. It'll INSTALLED !!

Bomberharris - May 15, 2012

Ok! A big tip to u guys if u have friends that got it to work Have them copy the full Battlenet folder, pack it into a rar have him send it to u someway extract and replace ure current, this worked for me!!! fast and easy way to skip that horrible “checking for update” thingy


Paul - May 15, 2012

Thanx guys, fix 2 worked for me like a charm! Lets hope I can logon battle net next because I heard there where major problems there too 🙁

Gray - May 15, 2012

I used tskmanager. Right clicked on Agent and went to open fil location. I backtracked to battlenet and there were 3 different agents to choose from including one with a blueish logo wheras the others were red. I clicked the blueish one and then ran it and it worked perfectly

Nick - May 15, 2012

Ok guys im on windows vista 64bit ok the worst windows os ever. Anyway this is how I did it. I was stuck at 77% like everyone else on update files. Ok what you do is this. Try to run you’re file ok you’re stuck I know now Ctrl + Alt hit delete now you’re in task manager go to processes and you see agent.exe running. Ok now right click it and hit Open File Directory. Now you’re at the Agent.exe file what you do is keep the update on in the background and you keep opening the agent.exe file and it will slightly push the update through you will need to open around 8 or more i opened around 10. On when I say open around 8 of them I mean keep them all running there will be about 8 agent.exe files running what this did for me was push the update through to the install and froze me on install but guess what! you made it through the update files portion. Ok now that I was stuck all I did was end all the agent.exe processes I had up and exited the install. I opened the install file back up and it starts at the install screen now, no more update files portion. So at the first try it started installing and now im at 100% install after finishing this. Good luck it must work it worked on Vista…… Good Luck!

Vadim - May 15, 2012

[b]I have disc[/b]. ->

Same as many I have tried deletting [u]C:\ProgramData\Battle.net[/u] and [u]killing agent.exe [/u]
process in task manager.

Tried disc again and again. Switched off firewall and antivirus.

Than I plugged off scanner and all unapropriate devices.

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
Scroll down and find “Secondary Logon”
Right Click > Properties
Change it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Automatic’ – DONE!

Than I found someone was telling to go for IE (I already had all those options on 9.0.8)

but I even can not download digital ukSETUP – after checking installer
it is still green but when its telling “downloading diablo III enGB istaller” – tracker not responding.

I got windows 7.

HELP ? :-/

Nick - May 15, 2012

Vadim try what I did keep opening Agent.exe’s while trying to update the files. Run like 8 of them see if it pushes through

RagStar - May 15, 2012

Fix #3 worked after trying everything else…. windows 7
Thanks a lot!!

Tudu - May 15, 2012

Thanks a lot, this worked right away. I used FIX and are playing.

BATTLENET1985 - May 15, 2012


fix#1 should work for most, if not try the rest. Make sure you have all updates for direct x, firmware, bios, graphics card, etc, run a defrag, restart and install.\

if you haven’t done any of these things. then that’s why you’re here reading this.

wilson - May 15, 2012

fix#1 worked for me. thank you lifesaver!

James - May 15, 2012

Fix #1 worked right away, thanks a million! I was waiting around for that setup for half an hour.

fanser - May 15, 2012

fix 1 working!

poot - May 15, 2012

Right click the download client. Click properties. on the bottom of the first window that opens is a section that says “security” and next to it a button that says “unblock”. I clicked that and it now goes past the dreaded updating setup files screen…only to lead me to errors during the actual instal. Still progress though!

Arc - May 15, 2012

“SCH says:
May 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).


This was the only thing that worked for me. Thank you so much for that post.

Casshern - May 15, 2012

“SCH says:
May 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).


This worked!! I tried all the fixes I could find online, read so many forums, submitted a ticket and everything! Just had to replace the battle.net folder with this one and now it works! Thank you so much!!!!

Nick 1981 - May 15, 2012

Great!!!!! fix 4 worked for me guys!!!! i have win 7 64 bit. thanks Ron!!!!

*** Official Diablo 3 Thread *** - Page 12 - CycloneFanatic - May 15, 2012

[…] through some hoops to get this thing installed. First had to google and try these suggestions: Diablo 3 stuck at “Updating Setup Files” Fix | Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog Then I was getting all kinds of crash logs while downloading the files. Disabled my anti-virus and […]

cheesetactic - May 15, 2012

It worked! Thanks brother, love to find such helpful instructions for a game I’ve waited a decade for.

William ahlberg - May 15, 2012

The problem most of people don’t know about which is making the updating files getting stuck is that you have to remove the diablo 3 beta then try to press the diablo 3 normal setup again

MT - May 15, 2012

Fix #1 workded for me. Thanks for the info!

SA - May 15, 2012

Step 1 worked for me. Thanks!

Brando13 - May 15, 2012

Thanks casshern downloading his folder fixed my problem

DanroGHS - May 15, 2012

I have tried all of the fixes without resolve.
I am running Windows 7. I have tried combinations of the fixes, multiple restarts, even waiting several hours while it simply remains stuck.
Any ideas?

V3rGiL - May 15, 2012

“SCH says:
May 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I followed all of the posted fixes and none of them were working for me. An user on the battle.net forums posted his version of the C:\ProgramData\Battle.Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).


OMG THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! i even tried to combine all fixes together and it still couldn’t work but this is the bouse this is epic.. its finally installing !!!!!!! 😀

Arcex - May 15, 2012

OMG – Thank you, #5 worked for me. I was going stir crazy for 2 hours trying to figure out if the issue was somehow server side, that I possibly missed a blizzard file, I even copied the entire contents of Diablo 3 to my HD since that was the problem I was finding with Starcraft 2 Installation. Kudos!

Thomas Truong - May 15, 2012

Fix 5 finally worked for me, thanks SCH.

Archbalrog - May 15, 2012

#5 fix causes a decryption error. Help!

Blurge - May 15, 2012

Tried all the steps and the updating setup files was getting further along with fix 4, but didnt seem to fully work. I just kept trying, giving each try about 5 mins at the spots it was freezing. Eventually it completely loaded, so KEEP TRYING! dont give up hope!!

Howl - May 15, 2012

Has Blizzard even responded to this?
I spent $60 on a game that doesn’t even install… it’s pathetic.

Hecarte - May 15, 2012

#5 worked for me also. All you have to do is copy and replace the battle.net folder in program data. You don’t have to updating ftw … it pushed you straight to the setup. Thanks SCH so much :X

Xayden - May 15, 2012

Thank you SCH for Fix 5 i <3 you 😀

Richard - May 15, 2012

Deleting battle.net and blizzard folders worked for me, windows 7 x64

Daniel - May 15, 2012

Thank you so much!! Fix #5 fixed me after 2 hours of trying several different files and “fixes”. I just checked this page about an hour ago too and #5 was not posted yet 🙁 Thank God someone else on another forum linked back to here 😀

Amanda Seevers - May 15, 2012

FIX 5 WORKED!!!!!!

Daniel - May 15, 2012

Scratch that. It installed, but it won’t play. Other people warned this would happen if you used another person’s Battle.net folder >.<

Keen - May 15, 2012

@Daniel: Can you delete the battle.net folders after installing? Let me know. If not, I’ll remove Fix #5 unless others can confirm they got it to work without issue.

JFKWT - May 15, 2012

Combination of fix #4 and #4a, as well as a painful windows SP2 update worked for me =)

Daniel - May 15, 2012

Yes you can. If you do, when you try to start the game is goes right back to Updating Setup Files just like when I tried to install the game. I can get all the way up to where I can press Play and it says “Launching…” with a gray PLAY button and 100% progress bar. It never launches though.

I tried tricking the game into using the default launcher with this foreign Agent, but launcher won’t let you manually start it. Starting the foreign Agent before launching the game makes no difference either.

I’ve tried every “fix” I can find on the Internet, and after 3 hours I still cannot get in 🙁

Keen - May 15, 2012

Anyone else having the same issue as Daniel?

Simmetrion - May 15, 2012

Today I successfully installed DIABLO III on 1 WinXP/32bit and 3 Win7/64bit machines, some from the DVD, some from online download and then, on machine#5 I got stuck with the problem you guys describe. None of the solutions you suggested worked for me. However, from my prior experiences with Win7 I know that, occasionally, problems of this nature could be related to protection modes / ownership of the files. What’s described below is a dirty hack that worked for me, please make no assumptions whatsoever that it would help you. Playing with file protection / ownership could be quite dangerous, once I had to remove system disk from a desktop and change protection /ownership flags on system files using another computer. Once again, I assume absolutely no liability for the info I provide below, however, the described solution was the only one that worked for me. I DESCRIBE A DIRTY AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS HACK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. PROCEED WITH CARE. EVIL GODS HELP YOU, COMRADES.

some background: Win7 64bit laptop / DELL Precision M6500 (one of earlier ones), 8GB RAM, M620, Symantec installed (could be causing problems) but “disabled”.

Symptoms: Setup hangs/waits for whatever for HOURS, no progress. Killing Agent.exe helps Setup to advance, but it returns back to the same state in a few seconds.

All my Windows machines have CYGWIN installed. I do most of my hacking using CYGWIN.

I went to c:/ProgramData

Checked ownership of Battle.net files and their protection modes:

All Battle.net files were owned by SYSTEM:SYSTEM

I didn’t like it and changed them to Administrators:None:

chown -R Administrators:None Battle.net

Then I noticed that, according CYGWIN, all files in Battle.net are rwx by the owner only.

I changed them to rx by everyone and rx by the group:

chmod -R 766 Battle.net

I had to do this several times while Setup was running, because I noticed that Setup was creating new files whose flags were rwx—– (i.e., rwx by the owner only).

This is the actual algorithm I used:

I was waiting for Setup to hang, then I was doing
chmod -R 766 Battle.net

then Setup was advancing, I waited until it would hang again.

I had to do this chmod at least 5 times. Setup completed in a few minutes.


To have any confidence in using this hack for your purposes you must have a rudimentary knowledge on unix (ok, if you like, linux) and so CYGWIN.

My apologies about this very long post, but I hope this is useful for at least some people. After I “fixed” Setup using my dirty hack/kludge, installation started and successfully completed.

What’s going on? In my opinion, most likely, on this particular laptop, I have a bad mix of Symantec and some file ownership/protection screwed up (a little bit).

Brandon - May 15, 2012

Fix 5 worked !!!!! Finally !! No luck with fix 1-4

NightTiff - May 15, 2012

thank you thank you thank you fix number four worked for me but i had to end the program agent then restart it like five times.. then suddenly boom it works!

twesterm - May 15, 2012

It made me feel pretty uneasy but fix #5 did the job for me.

Josh - May 15, 2012

You are a legend. tried everything to get the to install and nothing worked.
Number 5 did it for. LEGEND!!!!!!

Max - May 15, 2012

I have been struggling for past 24 hr. I have to say its absolutely annoying

Fix #5 works for me ..

Thank you guys .. now installing! yahhhhhhhhhh

Aravlar - May 15, 2012

Tried all the others, but fix #5 is what did it for me. Currently installing… We’ll see how that goes…

OyleSlyck - May 15, 2012

Fix #5 worked for me. Once you actually start installing the game, it may hang at 77%. If it hangs for you at 77%, this link may help you out, as it worked for me. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4927284010?page=2#39

Dan - May 15, 2012

Fix # 5 works beautifully! Installing now…

Eric - May 16, 2012

Just wanted to say that i tried fixes 1-4 along with a few fixes from other sites and none of them worked. THEN I TRIED NUMBER 5 and it WORKED!!! Im running vista btw. my comp did the same thing when i tried to install the BETA before as well. THANK YOU

Roget - May 16, 2012

Thanks for FIX #5… works for me, now installing 🙂

Fix #5 skipped through updating the agent which takes forever

Mac - May 16, 2012

I just went to C:\Program Files (x86) and deleted the Diablo III folder and then restarted the installer. Worked first try.

Trioss - May 16, 2012

Man Thank you fix 5 saved my day <3

Peter - May 16, 2012

Fix #1

thank you thank you :), worked for me

jake - May 16, 2012

who ever uploaded fix 5 you are a champion! thanks alot gogo #5

Johann - May 16, 2012

Fix #5 worked for me. Brilliant, thanks a quadrillion! 😀

Galador - May 16, 2012

Fix #3 worked for me, God bless your soul man! 🙂

Alan Baines - May 16, 2012

Combination of Fxi#1 and Fix #5 is working. Installing now.

NM - May 16, 2012

Fix #5 got rid of the updating setup files screen….

Now it appears to be installing… albeit SLOWLY.


Hopefully #5 has no virus or anything… someone should have verified it first… but oh well.

AB - May 16, 2012

I cannot say exactly how I fixed it (because I fiddled so much with the agents ^^) but I hope this can help someone at least.
I tried fix 1-4 but nothing worked so I downloaded http://www.gamefront.com/files/service/thankyou?id=21699449 and replaced it with my battle.net folder and then I fiddle around with the agents…And then after some time with starting/ending the agents I got it to work…After I got D3 installed it would not launch then I fiddle some more with the agents and now it works fine (so far).

Sorry that I cannot be more specific on how i solved it :(.

Blizzard need to step up and fix these things before releasing a game that you pay 60$ for, you should not have to download some files and fiddle with the agents to be able to install the game…

Aurore - May 16, 2012

Had the agent issues and updating setup files problems, as did my cousin. My own issue i fixed after hours of messing about with agent processes, disabling firewalls and pctools. Really unacceptable issues because Blizards torrent based installer looks like malaware to any of a variety of threat assessment software.

Anyway i didnt want to spend all day sorting out my cousin too since mine only worked after some repeated very hit and miss process stops and restarts. So i went for fix 5 which i would not normally do as downloading files from random internet users is asking for trouble.

But it worked. Copying the battle.net folder from the kind user who uploaded it solved the problem. I am grateful to the user, but i am not happy that blizzard makes something as risky as this necessary.

aceofspades321 - May 16, 2012

thank you so much sir! I love you with all my penis.
All homo
#5 worked for me

Maruz - May 16, 2012

Great.. Fix #5 Works! Save my bandwith!

Yao - May 16, 2012

Thank you so much!
#1 worked for me

Ninjakees - May 16, 2012

Thanks allot! #Fix 5 Worked for me !!

lee - May 16, 2012

FIX#5 worked for me! Thanks a lot!

Tom - May 16, 2012

Did anyone manage to solve the shader.mpq problem?

jules - May 16, 2012

help guys FIX#5 works for me but i got this message

ERROR:The folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III.Temp” could not be created.

Alec - May 16, 2012


Hiyame - May 16, 2012

I did numbers 1 and 3. Worked for me. Thanks so much.

coolhwip - May 16, 2012

I have windows vista and i tried fix1 and it didnt help. The problem is i dont even have a battle.net folder? (My installer is stuck at 0% and it said i required an updated operating system). Im not getting the diablo 3-folder created at all so the installation really isnt working at all 🙁

Wes - May 16, 2012

Thanks man, Fix #5 worked for me. Finally hours of searching are over!

Cyprus - May 16, 2012

Well, I feel -kind of- dumb after all my complaining, but my points above still stand. : /

Info: I have Windows Vista 64-bit. I was getting an error that said I needed a newer operating system to run Diablo III. I was like, what? I used Windows Updater and all of the other fixes to no avail.

Fix: Manually install Windows Vista Service Pack 2. I visited Microsoft’s official site, and manually downloaded the 64-bit Service Pack 2. Without opening Windows Updater, I tried D3 again, and sure enough it worked just fine.

Eric Stalsworth - May 16, 2012

Keen you are awesome!!! ive been dealing with this for 2 days and number 5 worked for me….
that shitty game client they have is fuck all… damn useless the the bloody thing…. I bought the digital version from battlenet ofcourse….
thankyou so much…

redherring - May 16, 2012

Fix #5 did the trick. I did 1 2 3 & 4 first. Perhaps they contributed but when I did 5 it worked instantly.

Ashley Kemp - May 16, 2012

I have it on windows 7. Stuck at this point any tips? I tried fix 4 didn’t work for me. Fix 1 is there a way for it to be done on W7?

Oscar - May 16, 2012

fix #5 worked for me!

marcus - May 17, 2012

None of the fixes you listed (tried all of them) worked for me…

I went to Blizzard, and saw a post that mentioned that you had to set a rule for the Windows Firewall in order for the setup to fully install.

That made sense to me, as I have Windows Firewall, and it’s not that surprising (but in some ways it is) that Blizzard MIGHT miss auto-detecting this, though it’s a bit unfortunate this couldn’t pick up on these settings for you and give you a better heads-up…:(

Cribbing from Battle.Net:

-Go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Windows Firewall and select “Advanced Settings”.Select “Inbound Rules” and click on “New Rule…” (upper right)

-Choose “Program”, then browse for “Diablo 3 Setup.exe” and select it
-Go to the next screen and select “Allow the connection”

-UNcheck “Domain” and “Public”
-Pick a name for the rule, e.g. “Diablo 3 Setup Rule” and click “finish”.

For me, I had to also make sure the Secondary Logon Service was enabled. Some people may have to restart Windows in order for this to fully take.

And for those idiots saying that you need to DISABLE your anti-virus: please, just be quiet. There is NO reason for you to drop your anti-virus shields, but you DO need to make sure you connect up your firewall so that the Diablo setup can do a proper update check and “SEE” the Internet connection, otherwise it will hang.

BTW: Copying the files on the CD locally to the hard drive doesn’t work. For me, downloading the copy of the ProgramData/Battle.Net folder also didn’t work.

Make sure you point your firewall to whatever Diablo Setup.exe file you have. If it’s on the CD, point your firewall rule to that, or if you DL’ed, then point it to the one you have on your HD.

Some additional tips:

1. Make sure you turn OFF your Windows GADGETS. Many of them require Internet connections and will slow the upgrade process down. I wasn’t able to get things going until I shut ALL of my gadgets down.

2. The setup (initial) process should take anywhere from about 3-10 minutes before it kicks into the final Diablo installer. For me it took about 5 or 6 minutes, but that was mostly because my gadgets were likely slowing things down.

After the initial green bar hits 50%, check to see if the Blizzard Update Agent (agent.exe) is running in your Task List.

If it is, things should be working smoothly at this point. The only thing that should stop you or slow you down at this point would be either slow or patchy Internet connections.

Once the initial setup finishes, it will launch the Diablo installer, and also connect you to Battle.Net, so you can log in to your BN account and create your Battle Tag identifier.

You will also need to activate your game using your license code. You can do this while the Diablo game is installing.

Once the game is installed, you’ll have a Diablo 3 shortcut on your desktop, allowing you to launch the game and begin adventuring! 🙂

Hope these extra details help.


Ian - May 17, 2012

hmm….agent.exe isn’t showing up in the task manager, any bit of help would be appreciated. BTW I run windows 7.

AB - May 17, 2012

I had start all agents by myself to be able to start the D3 launcher when I had the http://www.gamefront.com/files/service/thankyou?id=21699449 folder. Then I took my friend´s (he installed D3 with no problems at all) battle.net folder so now when I start D3 the agent will not start by itself so I have to start agent 954 by myself to get the launcher up, but it is better than before (still annoying tho). So if you know anyone who installed it with no problems, copy that persons battle.net folder and see if it works better.

steffo - May 17, 2012

Fix #2 works for me! 10x mate 🙂

Ilay - May 17, 2012

Fix No. 1 worked for me just fine, but first clear all of the WoW and Diablo III beta folders. Thanks

Sir - May 17, 2012

Thank you kind sir! Fix#5 did it

Elle - May 17, 2012

Fix #5 worked great, thanks for posting/sharing 🙂

Hecticity - May 17, 2012

#5 worked for me I tried everything else but that was the winner

Ayslan - May 17, 2012

“All you have to do is replace his version with your old version”

What did you mean by that? Could be more specific?

Mine installer is showing “decryption error” and I know it completed downloading.

Brian - May 17, 2012

Fix #1 then #4 did it for me. Thank you!

Gryat - May 17, 2012

none of these worked… i’m still stuck up. and it’s not cuz of battle.net server are being hammered. i’m actually running this thing “Updating Setup Files…” for two days and it didn’t moved, not even for one milimeter.

Leah - May 17, 2012

Yeah, my brother has this very frustrating issue, he has tried EVERYTHING posted,nothing is working for him, and still no response from Blizzard, I must say I love this game very much (I am lucky…I have no issues) but I am very dissappointed that I can’t play the game with my brother.

prophecy - May 17, 2012

I agree with Ab posting did it and it worked all others failed

Rabbit - May 17, 2012

Tried all fixes (except 5) twice, and restarted my computer numerous times. Still nothing. Currently hating life … help!

Jamie - May 18, 2012

#3 Worked for me, tried all others before hand thinking #3 is the least likely to works aswell! Thanks alot! xD

Tony - May 18, 2012

1-4 hadn’t worked for me, but #5 works. Thanks!

VEICHLE - May 18, 2012

i have been trying for hours and no luck till i got to this site 😉

Patrick - May 18, 2012

After two days of scouring the internet looking for a way to install my copy of diablo 3, fix number one worked for me the first time I used it!! Foreshame Blizzard.

mike - May 18, 2012

You sir are amazing!

luc - May 18, 2012

I Completely and Absolutely agree with mike

Keen - May 18, 2012

Glad to be of some help. Have fun playing!

Clemtornado - May 18, 2012

None of these fixes worked for me on win 8, but all I did was create a new administrator account for windows and installed with no issue right away, dont know if it works for other win versions but it’s an easy fix if it works

bob - May 18, 2012

Fix 5 worked for me

Lee - May 19, 2012

Fix 1 worked a treat, thanks!

bluem3.05 - May 19, 2012

thanks man fix 5 helped out !

Joeant - May 19, 2012

Win 7,

fix #5 worked for me.

Note I tried 1-4 first, so it may be some combination, but ultimatley doing #5 worked.

Keith - May 19, 2012

Thank you so much for posting this fix; I scoured the official forums and several different places, nothing worked until I tried the simple fix #1 that you posted and it works like a charm.

Jack - May 19, 2012

Used fix 1-4, all in sequence and then ran the installer as admin.
Worked like a charm!

Thanks for the fixes, and fix 5, is there any diffrence beteween the EU and US version? If so, which version is that file?

Shuhei - May 19, 2012

I just wanted to say I’ve been trying to install from the CD with no luck, tried fixes 1-4, no luck.

FIX #5 WORKED! All you do is download the Battle.net file and replace yours with it, got me to the install screen almost instantly. THANK YOU!!!

Ben - May 20, 2012

None of these are working for me. #5 is the closest I got it to working but I just get the decryption error and no the file was 100% downloaded and without error.

    Keen - May 20, 2012

    Try running the downloader again, Ben. Usually that means there are still .PART files needing to finish.

Reel - May 20, 2012

You cant download it from Fix #5 anymore, maybe its just me but I tried it from multiple PCs.
i tried all the other fixes too… (DVD Diablo)

silver6kraid - May 20, 2012

Okay, here is my situation. I bought a retail copy of the game and I’m trying to install it through the disc. I haven’t installed the game yet so there is no trace of it on my system because I can’t get past the first road block of them updating the setup files. I’m running windows Vista 32 bit and I do not have a battle.net folder. None of these solutions work at all. I can’t get it to work. I’m very upset that I cannot play the game I payed for, so please, let me know if there is at all a solution that will actually work. I’m sick and tired of it getting stuck and just staring at a game I can’t do anything with.

f0t0s1nt3s1s - May 21, 2012

[Problem Solved!!!]

Ive used every method its not work..
until ive realize on this thing*which work for some crack ive used before


you may also want to change this setting as it help to decrease the update timing
~In IE, internet option>Connection>LAN setting>UNTICK the ‘automitically detect setting’ option

Zaladari - May 21, 2012

I combined Fix 1-3 and it just worked for me. Thank you very much <3

Omega - May 21, 2012

Fix #5 is great

grace - May 21, 2012

fix #5 worked for me

Gabriel - May 21, 2012

Wow i fucken love you

Kimroth - May 23, 2012

Fix #4 did the trick, tanks a lot !

Mads - May 24, 2012

Where do you find ” C/programdata/battle.net/agent ” ?

Keen - May 24, 2012

Go to Start and in the search bar type %programdata% (with the percent signs) and you’ll find the folders.

david - May 24, 2012

imn on windows vista 32bit and fix one doesnt work it was already set to automatic,fix 2 doesnt work for vista, fix three i must not have those files or i just cant find them and searching for “%programdata%” my search finds nothing,fix 4 dont have “C:\Documents and Settings” or cant find it, fix 4a i tried ending the agent and it got me to launcher but then it goes right back to updating agian.. and i cant find or dont have “C/programdata”, fix 5 it wouldnt let me download the link it got to the very end but it didnt work… im thinkin im sol wut else can i do? i just upgraded my ram to 2.5 cuz it was only 1 ram b4 and when it was only 1 ram it had no problem with the updating bs but it wouldnt download because of the lack of ram

david - May 24, 2012

well i found the battle.net folder deleted it and tried again now it says failed to run a required program (agent)…

david - May 24, 2012

06:10:54.8583 Torrent Resumed.
06:10:54.8585 Finished checking files.
06:13:36.7523 Hash failed for piece 3!
06:14:39.8565 Hash failed for piece 3!
06:15:14.8688 Hash failed for piece 3!
06:15:34.7905 Hash failed for piece 6! is what the agent download note pad say if that means anything

david - May 25, 2012

i noticed the agent wont even stay open it closes hella fast but managed to see that it says “failed to create a agent matrix” the one time it stayed open it always said something about shutting down…and i dont remember wut else it said except a bunch of numbers from there on out

david - May 25, 2012

07:05:04.6273 Request Issued: GET /update/client

07:05:04.6275 Response: 200
“state” : 1001.000000,
“progress” : 0.028292
07:05:04.7434 Request Issued: GET /update/client

the agent says thas over and over when the updating freezes

david - May 25, 2012

now it just says “Request Issued: GET /agent

07:26:59.0249 Response: 200
“update” : {},
“install” : {},
“backfill” : {},
“pid” : 6452.000000,
“state” : 1007.000000,
“version” : “”,
“type” : “retail”,
“authorization” : “1BC049B316F864597C01D79359063571″
07:27:00.7081 Request Issued: GET /agent
” this is driving me crazy i cant get it to work this is 7hrs straight of trying..

StaticGrazer - May 25, 2012

Thanks a bunch for the fix. I think mine was a little of 4 and 5. I noticed I had a good 4 agents running.

harold - May 27, 2012

The first fix worked for me on windows7.Thanks for the tip

Dark Knight - May 27, 2012

For those on windows 7 have been able to make it work , can you tell if your windows is Home, ultimate, etc and if is 32 or 64 !

It can help !

aqeeL - May 29, 2012

Fix 4 worked 4 me, TY!

Norwegian tard - May 30, 2012

Hi, wondring about the Fix 1. I think this is the right sulotion but i cant find the .. location because my computer is in a different language, can some1 please post like.. pictures? or how to find it in norwegian? :p

Alex - May 30, 2012

Yeah i’ve tried all of them and nothing seems to be working. In my agent file for one of the fixes i have 2 agents, with different respective numbers, such as Agent923 and Agent 954. There is not executable file to be run, only applications, logs, ect.I’ve literally tried everything. in the process of trying #5. EDIT: how do i replace his version with my version?

d - June 1, 2012

after countless hours with the tech guys and trying everything under the sun, i finally figured out what was wrong. it was my anti-virus program the whole time. i COMPLETELY removed my anti-virus from my pc(in this case defender pro). just turning off the fire wall doesn’t cut it. then i made sure the secondary login was on automatic, which i think is important. after all that it installed with no problems at all. then i simply re-installed defender pro and by some miracle everything works great.

Meh - June 1, 2012

Thank you, Ron (whoever you are :D) for the #4 fix. Worked for me.

corey - June 2, 2012

Fix five worked wonders! download the files and replace yours with the new ones

Nandjin#2295 - June 3, 2012

Thanks a bunch! #1 worked first trie! Now my GF can finally install! Thanks for the info!

dhernandez - June 3, 2012

im trying to install diablo 3 but, i get a error code: BLZPTS00006. What does this mean?

Brett Widmann - June 7, 2012

Thanks much! Fix #1 worked for me. Damn Secondary Logins! So overrated 😉

Ghoul - June 11, 2012

Updating setup files wont finish. Can’t play game, can’t post in Battle.net forums BECAUSE i haven’t created a character in game!!!! are you SERIOUS! how can I create a Character if I CAN”T install the F***ing GAME!!! Nothing works to fix this problem. setup bar just sits contently at 2/3 full. $64 paper weight. Blizzard is zero help too. I may just throw it in the trash since I can’t return it because I stupidly opened the package when I went to gleefully Install this much anticipated title. I learned my Lesson NOT to buy Blizzard products, this will be the last.

Kattmage - June 13, 2012

After many hours searching on D3forums and the web, I found to this site and Fix #1 worked like a charm, thank you sir! Wish blizzard could employe people that always put effort to fix these stuff with guides, instead of having useless peoples like “GM’s” hanging on the forum and blaming the buyers for doing wrong with installation/patching.

jimmyjimjim - June 17, 2012

FIX#4 worked for me.

Downloading now… will wait and see 🙂

dazchong - June 20, 2012

Fix 1 solve mine. Thanks!!!

castus - June 20, 2012

One and only working solution for non US gamers is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5152415037

byron1848 - June 22, 2012

Just wanted to say many thanks – solution 4a worked fine for me (after trying a lot of other suggestions)

Kyle - June 23, 2012

Fix 4 worked! Thank the lord.

Anonn - June 23, 2012

Thanks m8 Fix one worked perfectly.

R4pp3r - June 25, 2012

Hey Guys I’ve got a new fix, after coming and trying the fixes above with no results i did a few personal attempts to get past it.

Now before anything press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and make sure neither the diablo installer or the agent.exe are running.

Find your agent.exe file (for me it was in: C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent)

Run the Diablo 3 installer, wait till it gets close to being stuck then quickly run the agent.exe .

It should now install and work properly, if it doesn’t then maybe I just have luck.

Joedemadio - June 28, 2012

I bought the digital retail copy and I still have this problem… Non of the solutions worked for me! Please help 🙁

Joedemadio - June 28, 2012

#Fix 1 is not possible for me because I dont have secondarylogon in my service list…

Drew - July 1, 2012

This worked for me when I had this problem

make sure you delete your c:\programdata\battle.net folder and then do the following:

Here are the steps:
1) go to start
2) type in regedit into search
3) click on it and it will open a set of files
4) click on Hkey_local_machine
5) click software
6) click microsoft
7) click windows NT
8) click on image file execution options
9) then just scroll down to “agent.exe” and rename it to agent2.exe
10) close out of everything and run diablo 3.

adi - July 10, 2012

sorry for my english
i just uncheked work offline on internet explorer settings(ALT+F)

and worked

delete nothing

hope it helps

tip from battlenet

CheckNWreckin - July 10, 2012


This totally fixed my problem, been at it for hours trying everything under the sun. Take this file and put it into c: ProgramData/Agent and replace it!

The new problem with this damn program is the patches. You can also find more info on http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6036617445?page=1

diego - July 25, 2012

FIX #3 worked for me

Tman - July 28, 2012

Fix #1 worked perfectly, thank you!

Jurgen - July 28, 2012

I had the problem, using Windows 7 Ultimate 64.
Fix 1 did the job, thanks a lot!

Rei Hino - July 29, 2012

Fix 1 worked for me. my friend irl ended up buying the download copy and the hard copy 🙁 so for me this seems like a serious bug how did it get past there testing as the hard copy is burned into the disk so that mistake from the installer level is permanent.

Erik - July 31, 2012

I looked at the previous solutions and tried the download one, except there is no need to download the zip file. Ok enough of the gibberish.

I opened C:\programdata\Battle.net\Agent\ and then used the backed up version of agent within C:\programdata\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.998 then started installer and all worked fine afterwards.

Also i had the installer set to Windows XP SP 2 Compatibility mode and ran it as Admin.

pgwall - August 1, 2012

I din’t have any problem with my old(er) hard drive. Installed normanly. I just got a new faster hard drive. Will not move passed 0 % on fresh Win 7 install. I’ve tied all 3 solutions.

pgwall - August 1, 2012

It is installing on my second much slower hard drive, weird. does not like 10000 rpm drives?

eltrov - August 20, 2012

Thanks! I was having this problem with Mists Beta and SC2 and switching secondary logon to auto fixed them both up.

Connor Zarky - August 30, 2012

OMG. Thanks man! I thought it was just taking ages, Waited for 1 hour and nothing happened! 😀 Now it works

Wolfsharp - September 15, 2012

Thank you so much

exodus - September 16, 2012

I’ve played since it came out and I’m just now having this problem. I’ve tried every solution and nothing works… Suggestions? If there are any more?

Chaoxx - September 17, 2012

This is stupid wtf nothing works =.=

Flubber - September 18, 2012

I have tried all the solutions i could find on the web including these from Keen and Graev with no luck.
I finally got it to work this way on Win7 64 bit:

Type msconfig in run and choose selective startup mode, then go to the tab Services and choose to hide all Microsoft services. After this unclick all other services so they wont start. Click apply and then restart your PC.
After restart disable your firewall and delete your battle.net folder under ProgramData. Make sure that the service Secondary Logon is running.
Now you can run your install and it will update.
The progress bar in the launcher may not move but you will see that the directory you install (if it is a re-install) will grow. Have patience and wait, after about ½ hour it suddenly says 100% and Diablo is installed.

TriXs - September 26, 2012

Fix #5 worked for me. All the other fixes didn’t work . I even tried to install it on the (hidden) Administrator account in windows 7 but didn’t work.

Gravity - October 5, 2012

None of this is working for me. I end the agent and it goes to Launching Blizzard Launcher, then goes back to updating. I can’t figure out what else to do about it 🙁 Can anyone help? I think I’ve exhausted every option. Maybe I did something wrong or I’m misreading something?

brad - October 23, 2012

#5 worked i tried all the others so try 5 first i would say

stump100 - November 20, 2012

Worked i tried all i could in month and hen you came Thanks alot !!

2012 in Review | Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog - December 28, 2012

[…] Diablo 3 stuck at “Updating Setup Files” Fix – We came up with a fix to help thousands of people get Diablo 3 to install. […]

Mircea - January 13, 2013

My brother works at Blizzard and he said that everything you wrote here is a waste of time. The real problem is:
„The Update Launcher is stuck because of Internet Explorer. I am sure you use Mozilla or Chrome. You have to open Internet Explorer, press ALT + F and uncheck Work Offline. Close the Internet Explorer window and now you can start Diablo 3. The update process will do just fine. The Update Launcher uses Internet Explorer… No need to rename, reinstall, delete or move some files. DO NOT TOUCH ANY FILE! Just make sure that when you start Diablo 3 you have administrator privileges. There is no black magic in this.”
I hope you will get smarter next time and write a letter to Blizzard before you make a shame of yourself. They are pretty serious about their public image. I hope you`ll post this.
Best regards!

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