So Many Games. So Little Time.

I hope you all had a great [Labor Day] Weekend whether you spent it gaming up a storm or spending time with family. I managed to do a little bit of both. My wife and I did the family BBQ thing on Saturday, then went to Disneyland yesterday and managed to get into the park an hour early during their “Magic Hour” that is supposed to be reserved for Disneyland Hotel guests. A sweet elderly cast member let us in saying, “They usually don’t let us do this, but come on in.” We went on 5 rides before the gates opened and the apocalypse was upon us.

In terms of games, I haven’t been in this good of a spot in years. I have this anxious happiness about me now that was previously filled with this “ugh” feeling. The days of having nothing to do are like a distant memory. I now have a massive onset of games that I am trying to wade my way through.

SoraKingdom Hearts -> I’m playing through for my very first time. I probably won’t get to any formal writeup on this, unless enough people express interest, so this is where I’ll deposit some thoughts. KH is hard. Not necessarily in the fighting mechanics or beating bosses — though those can be a challenge — but in the ‘figuring things out’ kind of way. Just finding our where the game wants me to go next requires exploring guessing.

My wife and I are playing through this together, and as huge Disney fans its doesn’t get much better than this for gaming. The story is complex, nonsensical at parts, but slowly coming together. If you like Disney, Square, and a good RPG/adventure game of sorts then give the series a try. Warning: It starts slow.

Some other games I’m playing:

  • Diablo 3 – Currently able to solo T9 GRifts in Season 4 with absolute ease. T10 is doable, but a challenge. I have all of the items I need for my build, and now I’m just trying to get lucky and find better versions of them.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 – Lots of write-ups coming your way for this one, and a few videos too. I’m even doing some Let’s Plays.
  • Rare Replay – So many games…. so little time.
  • World of Warcraft – I’m level 98 and leveling faster than I would like. I’m still in the 3rd zone and will be 100 long, long before I come even close to being done with quests. Mobs I’m currently fighting at 4-5 levels below me. Having a great time with the story.
  • Mario Maker – Not yet playing but will be in 3 days. Make almost any Mario level, play levels other people make? Oh yeah.

Reviews Coming Soon

  • Disney Infinity 3.0
  • Mario Maker

This might be the first time I have ever had games going on this many consoles and the PC at the same time. #FirstWorldProblems

Lots to come on my experiences. I just have to find time to take a breath and come up for air every once in a while.

  • I hit 100 last week at the end of Spires of Arak which left me with the whole Nagrand left to do. I relied mainly on quest XP plus rare and treasure hunting with a sprinkle of XP from garrison missions. I’d say your pace seems about right based on my experience. I was also never able to run out of rested XP. I agree with your assessment of the story, it’s well written and consistent, that’s all I’m looking for in a MMO. I can’t really compare with previous expansions, it’s really the first time I actually read the quest texts !

  • I had a really odd thing happen to me in the last year or so. I basically quit playing all multi and single player games after decades of non stop playing in all my spare time after work. I’m still reading because in my mind I’ve only stopped for a little while. Perhaps I’ll find a game tomorrow and dive right back in. And I’d miss this blog so I stick with it.

    But because I used to spend all my time either leveling or thinking about leveling in games, it was kind of dull there for a while. So I started leveling at work instead. And the results have just been ridiculously good and stunning. Two promotions. Etc.

    I’m only posting here cause who the heck else would I tell? I’m not even suggesting you try it, but I sort of wish I had 10 years ago.

  • @Maljjin: I’m 98.5 and still only in Talador. I have ALL of Spires of Arak and Nagrand. Yeesh. I kinda want flying now.

    @Baa Baa Black Sheep: When I was getting married, and the transition shortly thereafter, I ended up spending less tie gaming and a lot of time thinking, “I need to provide…” and I increased my income by 60%. I hear you.

  • So far I’ve managed to focus on a handful of games. Really got sucked in by season 4 on Diablo 3. The cube is neat, and builds are fun. Uliana set on monk is pure madness. =O Healing monk looks pretty ridiculous for groups too.

    Other than that, just puttering around in FFXIV and GW2. =)

  • Healing monks are great. I’ve grouped with a few and they make it really, really tough to die — you almost have to try to die once you get geared and group with one. I’m enjoying my Demon Hunter with multishot build, but I have a feeling I’m towards the bottom of the totem pole this season. Barbs, Monks, and WDs are just incredible.