Why I’m excited for WildStar

WildStar MMO

Over the past few days I’ve had this horrible pit in my stomach caused by an acute lack of MMOs to play.  Looking around to remedy my situation, realizing nothing will currently cure me, and hoping there was something in the future, I turned to a game that I’ve only had slightly visible on my radar: WildStar.

wildstar epic content
WildStar will have episodic, phased, open-world, and undoubtedly instanced PvE.

WildStar isn’t trying to be the next best thing. I don’t get this feeling that the developers are trying to overly-innovate or convince people that WildStar is creating some new reason to enjoy MMOs.  I see a zany unique IP with which the developers are having fun.  All of the videos are just cool — that’s deep, I know.  But seriously, there’s a significant amount of ‘different’ stuff in a ‘cool’ way without really being technically ‘new’.

WildStar will have episodic story content, typical questing, battlegrounds, raids (I read there will be 40-man raids), and supposedly open-world leveling on top of customized content that I think is being handled with phasing. All of these can be fun if done right, but what I’m truly excited for are the Warplots and housing.  Build up a base then taking it into a battle against another guild that has built up a base sounds really fun.  Customizing a house to the level of what’s been shown in WildStar is something I have always loved.

wildstar housing
Amazing housing and base building are the driving force behind my excitement.

I don’t need every MMO to reinvent the wheel, but I demand that every MMO at least try to do something better and different than their competition/predecessors.  With a zany new IP being really driven home by over-the-top stylized gameplay, and what appears to be a team embracing the themepark mechanics in their own way, I think WildStar shows great promise.

To sum it all up, we can analyze what WildStar does right, and what it gets wrong, later.  For now, it just looks fun.

  • Also along with 40 man raiding they said the raid encounters will change weekly.
    Like every week that same boss may have differnt adds, or differnt mechanics such as a chasm opening in the middle of the floor that wasnt there last week etc..

    So the raid encounters will keep you on your toes. They wanna keep bosses from becoming “farm status”

  • I’ve actually checked out some of the videos for wild star and the game does look cool. Nothing huge in the way of new innovative gameplay, but it looks like its going to go on my list of MMOs that I’ll spen some time with.

  • “raid encounters will change weekly”

    Little things like this, essentially inclusion of a bit of chaos, can help keep things fresh. If one week’s iteration is a bit too easier or difficult it really isn’t a big deal as it is only transient.

  • The more I play mmorpgs, and play the new releases, the more I realize I want to play a game that makes me 10 years younger, and that ain’t gonna happen.

  • I’d love to get into the Beta. Been following this game since it was first announced. I never get into Betas, so I’m really hoping my luck will change this time around.

  • I’d love to get into the beta as well. I think more than anything I just want to know whether or not any excitement I have — at all — is a waste of time.

  • @Keen Eh, I don’t think excitement is ever a bad thing, so long as you temper your expectations 😉

    Really curious about Wild star and some of the ideas they’re rolling into the game.
    The seem to be borrowing heavily from a number of other MMo’s / Games.

    I don’t think it’ll be the second coming.. but then what MMO is these days. People didn’t think WoW would influence the genre at launch. Who knows when the ‘next big thing’ will come along 🙂