Gotta Free ‘Em All

Pokeballs are cruel!PETA is up to their usual stuff.  I won’t judge their beliefs or their message.  I want to talk about the hilarious game they made.   Pokemon Black and Blue mimics the real Pokemon games, but delivers 100% more humor.  Pikachu gets slathered in cosmetics, disciplined with a bat, all while taking out the evil trainers (some wearing coats made of pokemon fur) and exacting vengeance against his would-be captors.

When I play Pokemon it’s because I like the companionship my Pokemon provide. The thought never crossed my mind as a child, teen, and now man-child that by fighting Pokemon I was doing something wrong. For as long as I can remember my Pokemon have always told me they enjoy their life of battle, and being in a pokeball was a safe and comfortable place. My only Pokemon who didn’t like the pokeball was Pikachu, so he walked by my side.

I think the biggest message throughout all of the Pokemon games has been that we are all equals.  Ash loves his Pokemon and always tries his hardest to help them improve.  There are even some episodes where he rests a particular pokemon or bows out of a match because he cares more for them than the outcome of a battle.

Funny enough, this actually makes me want to go play a real Pokemon game now. In fact, now I’m seriously contemplating buying Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.

It’s clearly over-the-top, but it gave me a good laugh.  I definitely won’t look at a Bidoof the same way again.

You can play the game after the break.  Note: The sound will start automatically but can be disabled in the upper right.

  • LMAO

    PETA fails yet again. I go buy Pokemon White 2 now…had no interest in the game prior to this.

    PETA should watch the show before they claim to know the IP.

    I don’t think Pokemon has corrupted kids. Kids still saw Vick as a bad man.
    Ash didn’t force Pikachu into a ball. Force him to evolve with the Thunderstone. And I still remember when he freed his Butterfree. There is a lesson to be learned after every episode…but I am sure everyone except PETA has already seen the show before, so I don’t need to type anymore.

  • I love how this game actually promotes violence.
    I’m just at the second battle, but I love how shame, protest and group hug are completely useless on their own and you actually need violence to defeat your opponents.
    Couldn’t they have gone full on with reversing the effects of attacks and

    And the way Pikachu dismisses arguments by being a condescending prick “Even you know that’s a bad argument”
    Sure it is a bad argument, but way to explain to kids how to be dicks.

    If they added a Jynx and gave him an attack called “Pride”, I’m seriously considering sendign them money though :p
    They would have the balls to say hard truths, right there! 😛

  • This game shows me how dangerous animals can be, attacking people, using their various powers. We need to stop these violent animals and capture them all before they destroy all of mankind.

    Thanks PeTA; you terrorist, lying jerks; for making a game to show us the danger of animals and to capture them all before they kill us.

  • I am playing this while listening to music from Dawn of War, the effect is ……interesting……..

  • I still can’t believe that PETA really went after Super Mario for wearing fur. How on earth did they miss all the MMO’s where we hack forest animals to pieces?