Pokemon and Lego Marvel: Best Day Ever!

I came home from class today for my lunch break, hopped on Skype to chat with Graev, and was promptly inundated with an enthusiastic proclamation this this was the “Best day ever!”  You see, among the many things that bring Graev pure pleasure are Pokemon and Lego games.   To have major announcements for both land on the same day sent him into a whirlwind of excitement.  His Tweet (retweeted by Design Director of Tt Games Jon Burton) says it all:

I was totally shocked to learn that a WB owned studio is making a Marvel game. And boy does it look good. I thought one comment was particularly insightful during the trailer. It was mentioned that Tt has to make 20+ steps forward for people to notice even 2 or 3 of them. I had a good chuckle when “Hulk” was one of those steps forward. Both Graev and I thought the Hulk would be lame like Bane was in the DC game: a normal Lego sized character. Turns out, Hulk is huge and awesome looking!

I was equally blown away by how awesome the new Pokemon X & Y looks. I have something shameful to admit… I haven’t exactly finished the last couple of Pokemon games. Graev hassles me all the time about it. In fact, he heckles me. They are great, I love them, and I want to buy (and catch) them all. I guess I was just waiting for something new to come along and change the Pokemon formula. Well, that moment has arrived.

Gameplay is now in 3D and looks to be taking a relatively gigantic step forward for the franchise. I can’t wait to begin my adventure in a full realized world with my Froakie.

Yeah, I’ll have to agree with Graev on this one — Best Day Ever.

  • The new 3d pokemon has a refreshing new look. I am curious to see what they will do with it, but I can not say the starters look that interesting to me.
    Just give me Pikachu as a starter and I’m good.

  • They could add a Pikachu, but it would not be THE Pikachu. I think without his personality it wouldn’t be the same pokemon. I’m anxious to see how Chespin and Froakie evolve. I always have evolving my pokemon to see them look tougher/meaner.

  • I liked pokemon yellow best for the reason it let me start with pikachu. If i remember correctly he walked behind you as you traveled?
    Hey in my mind its always THE pikachu when i finally obtain one. imagination is good.