Ask K&G: 38 Studios, GW2, Minecraft

Sorry for getting this up a day late.  We lost track of time yesterday and forgot to publish!  Here’s our Ask K&G for this week.  If you have any questions you’d like to see us answer, contact us!

What do you think about Rhode Island owning 38 Studios’ assets?

We can only guess at this point.  Obviously they’ll sell the assets, but what does that mean?  How will they sell them, and who will they sell them to?  It’s one thing to make a successful MMORPG — it’s another to buy something  incomplete and make it successful.  Some company in China might buy Copernicus and make it a F2P nightmare.  EA might pick it up at a discount, toss it to one of the Bioware studios, and it still turns out to be a nightmare.  Honestly,  regardless of what happens, -everyone- loses.

Do you have a guild I can join for GW2?

Yep, check out our awesome community for GW2.  We’ll be playing on Ehmry Bay and hope to meet lots of new friends!

Can I join your Minecraft Tekkit server?

First off, it’s not ours.  We’re lucky to have awesome members of our community buy/host servers and let us play on them.  Shout out to Krigare and Blargh for being awesome guys.  Second, head over to our Minecraft board and read the sticky.  You’ll find everything you need to know in there.

What are you doing to pass your time until GW2 launches?

Stay tuned for another post coming today!


  • Mostly playing League of Legends, Blazblue CS:EX, Minecraft, Borderlands, and TSW until GW2