Adventure Log: Minecraft Tekkit

These week’s Adventure Log focuses entirely on an awesome mod pack for Minecraft called Tekkit.  This mod pack adds so much to Minecraft  it’s almost like a different game.  There are two sides to Tekkit: Industry and Alchemy.  Industry focuses on building items that make things, or automate activities.  The alchemy side turns one thing into another, and utilizes energy.

Since I can’t possibly tackle all there is to say about Tekkit in one go, I’ll just tell you all what I’ve been up to in-game.  I built, with the help of friends and viewers of our live stream, a processing and storage center.  The facility houses machines that make, sort, cook, extract, compress, etc.  To power those machines I have wind mills and solar panels feeding energy into batboxes.  Outside the compound are automated quarries that use diamond drills to automatically extract blocks in a 16×16 square block.  The ores and goodies are sent into a special teleportation tube that I attached to it, teleported to the processing facility, and automatically sorted into the proper machines for processing.  Once processed, they are teleported again and sorted into the proper chests for storage.

The other side of my factory turns solar energy into items via equivalent exchange.  This is perhaps the most controversial part of Tekkit — a part that is often disabled — because it trivializes the creation/finding process.  I’ve chosen not to replicate ores or items I can go find.  Instead, I replicate the more complex items like dark matter.

Another side I have to bring up is Computercraft.  Computers, built with stone, glass, and redstone, can be used to script programs in-game.  I’ve programmed locks for doors, traps, and I’m working on making a game to be played on the big-screen TV in our Batcave.

You have to see the video for it all to make sense.

To top off a great week of Minecraft, I did it all with my viewers.  Graev and I are going to take our live streaming from something we casually do to an every day interactive way to game right along with us.  We’re finalizing our schedule so that we can get it posted, and we’ll make a more formal introduction to our stream later this month.  Head over to our channel, press that follow button, and tune in!

  • I see myself playing something like this, but eh… is it really to much to ask for someone to make a game where I do not see pixels? Better lightning and shadow effects?

    I understand this is an indie game. Still it been years ago this game became popular.
    Feels like we are still stuck in quake 2 engine graphics.

    Does seem fun. I kind of played the same thing in 2D. (terraria)
    I do like the mod. Being able to make your own factory is a good idea.

  • In the early days of development, the pixel style graphics were a major draw for many. There are mods you can download that cause photo realistic textures.