Adventure Log: Darksiders 2, Mann vs. Machine

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another Adventure Log where we update you on our gaming for the week!

Keen – Minecraft, TF2 Man vs. Machine

I continued my Minecraft Tekkit’ing this week.  While playing I’ve streamed my gameplay live to our channel and shared my creations with over one hundred viewers every day.  It’s been awesome!  I made an Ice Shop that sucks the snow balls out of a snowman, processes them in a singularity compressor, then stores them in chests.  Then I set out ot make a Coffee Shop but in the process turned it into a Cake Shop.  There’s just one problem… it makes too much cake.  So much cake that I can’t run it more than a few minutes before having to shut it off.  It’s too good at making cake.

I tried the TF2 Mann vs. Machine update briefly.  It’s a lot of fun!  I haven’t played TF2 in a really long time, and I was shocked to see the extent of Valve’s free-to-play implementation.  Not that it’s bad (that I have seen anyway) but it’s different.  The Mann vs. Machine update is quite challenging.  I think the gameplay was put best by a friend who said it reminds him of Orcs Must Die! without the towers.  It’s a defense against waves style of play that requires adaptation and teamwork.   With a bit of tweaking to the queue system, this could be TF2’s greatest update yet.


Graev – Final Fantasy XIII-2, Darksiders 2

FF13-2 is standard fair for a Final Fantasy sequel meaning that it doesn’t quite live up to the first.   It’s odd.  The presentation is strange.  It’s about time travel, and that’s a weird direction to take the game.  I’m still playing through, but I’m not feeling the urge to complete it in one sitting.

Darksiders 2 released this week.  For the uninitiated, the first game was almost like one of the 3D Zelda games.  Darksiders 2 adds a lot of RPG elements like random itemization, levels, stats, and feels like an action rpg instead of being just straight up action adventure.  During the portion of the game I’ve played so far, I’ve seen dungeons, explored, killed bosses, and I’ve had fun.

  • Not tried the coop mode in TF2 yet, while I do play TF2.
    Guess I just like the pvp bit better.
    I do like the way the robots look.

    I own ff13-2 for the PS3.
    Somehow about everything in it turned me off.
    I did not even get past the beach.
    (Played ff13 did not like it, but I heard 13-2 was better in many ways)

  • Anyone noticed how Darksiders 2 UI graphics design is similar to GW2? Those black brush drawn lines…